Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 539


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When Ivan pronounced the last word, this chair hit the magic barrier built by Shield Charm at an amazing speed.

Shield Charm is not very good at the protection of the physical level. After being hit hard, it lasted for less than half a second, and it broke into pieces.

Grace, who had just reacted, was unable to escape, and was hit in the back. Although she didn’t lose her battle strength, she was still awkwardly rolling a few times on the ground.

“You’re so nervous, Grace! So much so that I put all my attention on me and didn’t notice the possible risks around me, which is a big deal in combat!” Ivan without the slightest Hesitation pointed out Grace’s mistake in the battle.

When I watched her fight against the wizard, Ivan had already seen that Grace’s spell level was okay, but she had insufficient combat experience.

If you change to Sirius, you will definitely make such a low-level mistake.

But this is not a problem for Grace alone, but most wizards of Magic Circle lack combat experience!

Frankly speaking, as the only school in England, Hogwarts’ main task is to teach students how to use magic to facilitate their lives. At most, they can learn how to crack dark magic and deal with dark in Defense Against the Dark Arts. creature!

As for the battle between the wizards, it is rarely involved in the classroom.

That’s why when Lockhart held the Duelling Club, almost all the young wizards of the school came to participate.

Because simply doesn’t have many chances to practice!

While Grace and the others have stayed in Knockturn Alley, they have experienced some battles, but they are all born of unorthodox after all, and the fighting skills are basically pondered in the battle.

Maybe it’s usually enough. If you deal with some powerful wizards, it’s easy to get caught in weak spots.

Thinking of this, Ivan secretly hooked the head. This may be what the Ministry of Magic wants to see. The weaker the battle strength of civilian wizards, the better their management.

It’s just that Ivan didn’t want his subordinates to do the same, so he turned his gaze to the onlookers and explained.

“As I said earlier, Shield Charm is actually not difficult to deal with. It can only rebound a specific type of magic spell. If it is replaced by a physical attack of the magic power trend, it will be difficult to play its due effect!”

“So if the timing of releasing the spell is well controlled, even an Accio spell can defeat the enemy!”

“I believe there should be no one even Accio mantra will not?” Ivan added.

After listening to Ivan’s words, the onlookers laughed. The Accio mantra is one of the most basic spells. The difficulty of learning is not high. Those young wizards can use it freely.

However, using the impact effect of the Accio spell to drive the object to crack the Shield Charm is indeed a very new idea. Very few people usually think of using this magic in combat.

As Ivan was explaining, Grace had climbed up from the ground, with a red face.

She originally wanted to take this opportunity to perform well in front of Ivan, but did not expect that she would be easily defeated by an Accio spell.

This makes Grace very reluctant. It’s just a momentary mistake that’s all, and her strength has not been fully demonstrated.

But soon Grace reminded herself that she didn’t surrender at all, that is to say the battle was still going on, she looked at the front to explain, Ivan, who had no precautions, she gritted her teeth, her heart was fast ‘S waving wand.

“Expelliarmus! (Expelliarmus)”

A crimson beam flashed through the air.

Ivan turned his head when he heard the sound, waved wand gently without panic, and the beam of the crimson close by disappeared and became invisible, and finally looked towards Grace.

This young witch was scared that the scared wand was almost unsteady. She just shot the sneak attack but she was dizzy for a while and was anxious to pull back a round. Now that she calmed down, she found that she had just The act is a serious offense.

Ivan’s reaction was beyond Grace’s expectations. Not only did he not care, he even praised it.

“Grace…does a good job! Since one side did not surrender, then the battle is naturally not over, as long as it can win the sneak attack is also a good choice!”

Of course Ivan will not blame Grace for launching the attack suddenly. Any means used in combat is allowed, and the enemy will not greet you when attacking.

“Go on!” Ivan said.

Grace is slowly relaxed. After adjusting her status, she blessed herself with a Shield Charm again, and then launched the attack first.

Ivan has fulfilled his previous promise, and has not used super-conventional magic throughout, and even counterattacks are basically magic spells.

But this does not mean that Grace can easily cope with it, because Ivan combines many small magics together, and the burst of formidable power is not much weaker than those high-level magic spells.

By raising her hand, she can also use the magic she cast and counterattack it.

Grace feels that she can support it until the other side deliberately keeps her hand, because the Shield Charm on her body has been broken several times. Every time Ivan waits for her to re-protect the magic and continue to attack.

What makes Grace even more desperate is that while Ivan was playing against her, he was doing various explanations, explaining the characteristics of each spell and the way to deal with it, which was completely absent-minded.

Emotional fluctuations make Grace even more confused, and quickly reveal a weak spot.

“Diffindo! (Diffindo)” Ivan seized the opportunity keenly and waved wand quickly.

A magic power beam hits Grace in an instant, but is blocked by her Shield Charm.

However, before the spell was bounced back, another crimson beam came one after another, instantaneously penetrated the shield upper limit of Shield Charm, and directly hit Grace.

Grace feels her body as if hit by a bull, and is directly hit and flew out. The wand in her hand comes out and whirls and falls into Ivan’s hand.

The watching wizards applauded enthusiastically when they saw Ivan’s victory.

Although Ivan not at all use those powerful to suffocating magic, but the cooperation and application of some basic magic really make them eye-opening, the gesture of using clouds and flowing water is more like art. .

Everyone knows that if you want to do this not at all Ivan showed so easy, it needs to have very powerful magic control ability…


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