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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 540


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As a group of wizards surrounded Ivan for a while, flattering and fawning, the defeated Grace found that her body was tied up by a sturdy serpent, which was impossible to move even a little bit.

The grisly snake’s head is as thick and thin as its thighs, and a pair of cold eyes stare at him deadly, spitting the snake letter from time to time, making the sound of si si, it may bite at any time.

“Ahhh ~Snake! I surrender…I admit defeat!” Grace was frightened for a moment, yelling wildly in her mouth.

Grace’s scream suddenly broke the harmonious atmosphere on the field, and many people turned their eyes.

Ivan waved wand at will, the python that bound Grace was suddenly dispersed into a smoke, and finally reduced to a table leg.

After she got rid of the shackles, Grace was still a little afraid to throw the table leg that was pressed on her to the side as quickly as possible.

At this time, Grace noticed that everyone’s eyes were looking at herself. Some wizards even took pleasure in other people’s misfortune and laughed. Grace’s expression became very frustrated. She felt that she was today. The reality is too bad.

Ivan didn’t think so. He walked forward slowly and pulled up Grace sitting on the ground, reaching for the dust on Grace’s shoulder, and said.

“You just performed well. If you can get rid of the impatience, calm down and think more while fighting, I want to be a Law Enforcer.”

“Really? Your Excellency Wrahles?” Grace asked stiffly, standing still.

“It’s up! The premise is that you have to work hard to get rid of these problems and get enough victories in this month’s duel!” Ivan said with a smile.

Although he has always regarded Shield Charm as a basic spell, he also understands that this magic is still somewhat difficult for ordinary wizards.

Grace can master it at this age, and it’s not easy to use it.

In the previous match, Grace grew up very quickly. If you experience more such battles, Ivan estimates that he wants to defeat the opponent so easily.

“Yes! Your Excellency Wrahles!” Grace bowed her head respectfully and saluted Ivan, looking very excited.

Ivan’s gentle words make Grace flattered.

She heard a lot of rumors about Ivan before. She thought that this young wizard must be a temperamental. It seems to be very difficult to get along with. Now it seems that they are not as scary as they said…

Ivan felt the change in Grace’s mood and secretly nodded. It seems that his efforts are still very productive, and it won’t take long for these wizards to change themselves.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to stay at Knockturn Alley!


In the evening, after finishing today’s practice, Ivan found Aisia to tell the past few days that he was going to leave Knockturn Alley.

“Leave? Where are you going?” Isia frowned, asking in doubt.

“Go to Mr. Nick-Flamel! He sent me a letter saying that he wants to meet me in the summer vacation!” Ivan took out a letter from his arms and handed it to Esia.

“Nuo! You can see…”

“Nick …Flamel?” Aisia took the envelope in surprise, always feeling where the name seemed to have been heard, and then thought of it with amazement. “Is that the creator of Philosopher’s Stone?!”

The same Alchemist, Aisia is no stranger to this Grandmaster Rank in the field of alchemy. When she first studied alchemy, she regarded Nick-Flamel as her role model.

It’s just that the Master Alchemist of Magic Circle is in a time too old, and they have no intersection with them. I want to see him easier said than done, so when Ivan first mentioned the name, Isia simply didn’t go. Think over there.

“It’s that Nick-Flamel!” Ivan ordered nodded, affirming Isia’s guess.

“But…how could he send you a letter?” Esia was excited and puzzled. When she opened the envelope, she found that there was not much in it. It was a simple invitation letter, not at all mentioning the specific reason. .

“Maybe it’s because of my talent… Maybe Nick-Flamel is looking for a recipe to inherit Legacy, after all, there are not many geniuses like me!” Ivan shrugged, and didn’t want to destroy himself Time-Turner’s When things were said, I had to explain with half true half false.

Listening to Ivan’s narcissistic words, Isia couldn’t help extending the hand, smiling and flicking it on Ivan’s forehead, but did not refute it, but asked instead.

“Then when are you going to see your new Teacher…”

“Do you want mother to accompany you together?” Aisia said with a smile.

“No, let me go! Just the day after tomorrow!” Ivan hurried to take the head, he is not really a child, and it is too shameful to let his parents accompany him.

More importantly, he not at all told Esia that this meeting with Nicholas-Flamel was facilitated by Dumbledore. This time, most of the old professors are required to bring Nick into the safe house.

If Isiah followed along, Ivan was very worried when the time comes.

Isia didn’t force her, she just said that she just wanted to tease Ivan that’s all.

However, when Ivan learned that Ivan will leave the day after tomorrow, Aisia was also reluctant at the same time.

It’s only a week since Ivan returned to Knockturn Alley, and so many things have happened during this time, and the mother and son have really had very little time to get along.

However, Isia knows the priority of things and my alchemy level is limited. During the summer vacation last year, Isia found that he had nothing to teach Ivan. If he continued to do so, it would only delay his talent.

At this stage, only Master Alchemist can guide Ivan…

So even if she didn’t give up, Isia agreed, and even started thinking about what kind of gifts should be prepared to visit Nick-Flamel.

Ivan suddenly thought of something and said. “Mother, during this time when I was away, you remember to help me look at the wizards, let everyone stay in Knockturn Alley, and train every day according to the method I gave, it is best not to give them free time !”

With this precedent, Ivan is very worried that those brain-filling monsters are taking advantage of what they are not doing.

He didn’t want to return to the summer vacation next year, and found that Dougt had taken people to shovel the Ministry of Magic…

Although this probability is very small, it defeated Auror Legion with more than fifty wizard impossible, but Ivan believes that it is necessary to kill this possibility in the cradle!

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