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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 541


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Ivan was utterly instructed.

Isia listened so quietly on the side, and I reached out and rubbed his hair after Ivan finished speaking, said with a smile.

“I will pay attention to watching them for you, don’t worry about this, you just have to study by yourself!”

However, Isia is a little curious about the training method Isia has given.

She can understand the battle practice every evening. This is to improve the strength of the wizards, but it is a mystery to let everyone practice weight-bearing running and standing military posture during the day.

“These two are to train their discipline and obedience!” Ivan said.

Ivan does not know how the Ministry of Magic trains those Aurors, so he can only proceed from two directions to improve the personal strength and obedience of Fren and the others!

Especially those wizards from Knockturn Alley, who are usually idle, are not well tuned. When there is a real need for combat, there may be someone who is violent and refuses to obey his orders.

“Muggles do this when they train the army. If you have time, you can go to the muggle’s bookstore to buy some related books. Although they are not wizards, they have some training skills that can be used universally!” Ivan Explained.

Assia looked thoughtful and nodded. Like Ivan, she was involved in training wizards for the first time. She had no experience. It’s not bad to buy a few books to improve her knowledge.

After telling about the training, Ivan reminded Isia to be alert to those pure blood wizards who had just surrendered, and don’t forget to send someone to stare at Nott…

Even some unremarkable little things Ivan have repeatedly mentioned.

“Understood, you can do these things even if you don’t tell me!” Aisia helpedlessly pinched Ivan’s cheek and said funny. “If there is nothing else, don’t hurry to bed? Don’t look at how late it is now… don’t you have to show me your training method tomorrow?”

Ivan was relieved now, yawning and returning to his little room…


Early early next morning, after Ivan got up to wash, he called Fren and asked him to issue a set instruction to start a new round of special training!

Perhaps because yesterday’s battle practice lasted very late. Today, three wizards failed to arrive on time, including Joseph, who arrived last time last time.

When Ivan’s gaze swept away, the late wizard and the others trembling with fear wanted to explain, but before I could speak, Ivan’s words were interrupted.

“I think I should have said clearly before, there is no reason!”

Ivan’s eagle-like eyes make the three wizards fall into an ice cellar. They are pale and trembling from time to time thinking about the punishment they might suffer.

Crucio? Or other dark magic?

However, Ivan’s so-called punishment measures are not the same as they thought. The rules are very simple. He is 1 point late and stands for an hour!

Just…just this? !

Joseph was surprised by the ease of punishment.

Aren’t you just standing for a while? It doesn’t seem to be difficult, the slowest of them is just two minutes late, which means that they can stand for up to two hours…

“Fren, you are in charge of supervising them. If someone moves during this period, add half an hour!” Ivan noticed the expressions of Joseph and turned his head to look at Fren, said with a cold laugh .

“Yes, Lord Wrahles!” Fren ordered nodded, and looked mercifully towards Joseph.

Zhan Junzi Ivan had already demonstrated it to him long ago. During the break yesterday, Fren also secretly tried it, so he was very clear how difficult it was to keep this few hours immobile.

Compassion is mercy. Fren didn’t dare to be indifferent. He immediately took Joseph out of the crowd and regulated their posture.

“Place your hands… stand upright, waist up…yes, that’s it! Joseph, don’t you have long eyes? See how they do it…”

Under Fren’s reprimand and correction, Joseph and the three wizards quickly stood aside in a standard military posture.

“From now on you better not let me see you move!” Fren warned.

Several bad luck wizards want to be nodded but dare not move, for fear of being excused by Fren to increase the duration.

Joseph performed the easiest, because this time he was only more than 1 point late, in other words, it would be enough to stand on for more than an hour!

However, with the ebbing of time, Joseph’s relaxed expression on his face gradually disappeared, and his face became more and more ugly. He felt that he had stood for a long time, his legs were sore, and he was almost unstable. .

What’s more important is that it’s summer time, even if it’s noon, it’s amazingly hot.

Joseph felt that his back was already wet with sweat. Some sweat beads slipped from his forehead from time to time, seeping into his clothes, and itching was very uncomfortable…

Joseph really wanted to reach out and scratch, and wipe the sweat on his forehead, but he still remembered Fren’s warning, he didn’t dare to move, but just turned his attention to Fren. How long has it passed.

Fren simply does not speak, standing like wood, staring at them.

The next 1 point is like a torture for a second. The worst thing is that Joseph didn’t know how long it would take to end!

Amidst this entanglement, a drop of sweat dropped from the protection through the eyebrows into the eyes. Joseph’s Unable to Bear blinked a few times quickly, and the body was slightly shaken under the influence.

Joseph’s complexion changed, secretly shouting, and stabilized his body at the fastest speed, only wishing Fren didn’t see it.

Unfortunately, his reaction was still a little late, and Fren’s relentless voice came.

“Add half an hour! Now 50 points clock left!”

Hearing this, Joseph’s head was stunned and he almost fell to the ground. He was very annoyed.

If there is no overtime this time, the penalty will be over after another 20 points, but now he has to wait for another 50 points!

After standing for so long, Joseph feels that he is about to endure to the limit.

And the further the time goes, the worse his state is, which means more mistakes may be made, which is undoubtedly an endless loop.

He finally realized the horror of this kind of punishment. In contrast, Joseph was even more willing to get a shot of Cruciatus Curse, which at least came more joyfully…

The only thing that thanked Joseph was that he was not the only one to be punished, and the two wizards who punished together didn’t take long to follow their own footsteps. The one with the most bad luck broke the rules three times in a row. .

Thinking about it, Joseph’s heart felt a little bit better, because he was not the longest punished…

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