Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 542


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Just as Joseph was punished, Ivan was carrying out the long-distance training with the remaining wizard.

However, the performance of these wizards disappointed Ivan.

Perhaps because of the convenience of magic, each and everyone’s body is very weak, and more than an hour of long-distance running can make them toss enough.

Following the whole journey, in addition to Walker and other werewolf still have some physical strength, the remaining wizards can no longer stand up tired.

“God, why do we practice long-distance running and standing team? We are wizard!”

“I only need a Disapparation to reach the finish line, even the fastest muggle cannot catch up with me!”


The wizards in the special training were very dissatisfied, but because of Ivan’s deterrence, they only dared to whisper in private, and when Ivan’s eyes came over, they all extinguished.

“Continue to run! Be left behind, stand for an hour at the end!” Ivan didn’t get used to them, scolded loudly.

Everyone hearing this one after another, hastened the pace quickly.

Although most people feel that standing for an hour doesn’t seem to be at worst, but they all ran for so long and their physical strength has already been overdrawn. Everyone wants to take a good rest after going back.

Some people even envied the three wizards who were punished before. They had such a long-distance running, but these three people only have to stand in place, which is very easy to compare.

Especially Joseph, who was late for more than 1 point, when they returned, this guy might have been hiding from the sun under the shade of the trees.

However, when they ran all the way back, they were dumbfounded.

Because the situation is different from their imagination, Joseph still stood there alone, his body soaked in sweat, not to mention, his face was uglier than the other.

Ivan was not surprised at all. The first time he stood in the military position was Great Xia. It was almost impossible to move at all. As long as Fren’s standards were high enough, it would be fine for them to stand all day long. .

“Fren, how long do they have to stand?” Ivan asked.

“Joseph has about two hours left, and the remaining two have to stand for four or five hours!” Fren shrugged, replying.

Hearing this, on a hot day, the wizards present were filled with a chill in their hearts. They remembered that Joseph was only punished for an hour before leaving.

How come they have returned after running for more than an hour, the time hasn’t diminished, and so much has been added…

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and soon realized that the so-called standing motionless for an hour, I am afraid it was not as easy as they thought, otherwise, Joseph would also be impossible, knowing that he would be punished and deliberately violate the rules.

Seeing how many of Joseph’s teeth clenched, they finally realized the horror of this punishment,

This is really terrible!

Ivan also noticed the change in attitude of these wizards. I was very satisfied. The punishment was to be awesome. This time should impress them.

Thinking so, Ivan glanced back from Joseph and the others, but when he turned back, he saw some wizards sneakily, sat down, and seemed to plan to take a break.

“Don’t sit down, whoever allows you to rest, stand up!” Ivan stopped his behavior immediately with a straight face.

Several wizards who sneaked and slid immediately bounced off the ground under Ivan’s reprimand. I was afraid that they would be punished, but I was complaining that Ivan was too inhuman. They didn’t even let them rest for a while…

How could Ivan not guess their thoughts, and immediately took the head and explained.

“Remember to me, after strenuous exercise, it is best not to sit down and rest immediately! When people are strenuously exercising, the function of heart blood vessels is strengthened, and the blood flow speed is accelerated. Benefits, there may be some adverse effects on the body…”

Ivan speaks eloquently of what he has learned in physical education in his previous life.

After studying magics such as Occlumency and Leggilimens, his memory has undoubtedly increased a lot, and even things that were still a few years ago are still fresh.

Unfortunately, the wizards of these magic circles have a very low level of education, they simply cannot understand these biological knowledge, and they all have expressions that seem to understand.

Although Ivan’s long-form essays made sense, they still wanted to lie on the grass for a break.

For this group of study dregs, Ivan was very helpless and had to force them to do some relaxing exercises against their tired bodies.

If possible, Ivan also wants to get along with them kindly, but it turns out that sometimes it is necessary to use strong means…

No way, this is forced out!

Ivan silently vomited in his heart, but the surface was quiet. After finishing the relaxation exercise, he continued to let them practice the military posture after resting for half an hour…

It was just tossing until noon, and seeing that the wizards in front of him finally had the attitude of a few soldiers, Ivan only announced the end of today’s training.

The wizards present hearing this are all relaxed, and if it takes longer, they will not be able to persevere.

Joseph and the others who were still standing still were finally liberated, but they were not happy at all, because Ivan only allowed them to postpone the penalty time and wait until tomorrow to make it up.

Ivan watched the wizards and each of them disappear using Disapparation, and finally stopped Fren, telling him to remember to relax the standard of “moving bombs” tomorrow, don’t be too embarrassed about Joseph.

Fren was stunned for a while, then understood Ivan’s plan.

The significance of the punishment measure is to play a deterrent effect, not really to torture people, if you really follow this standard, the three wizards may have to stand for a lifetime…

Fren nodded nodded, saying that he remembered it, and asked about the law enforcement in the normal way, and then turned away.

“mother… what do you think?” and the others The member dispersed, Ivan turned his head, looked towards Essia, who was standing on the side, asking for their opinions.

“Yes, this training looks very effective!” Isia closed the book in her hand and said with emotion.

After watching for a whole morning, Isia has a general understanding of the training process, and the final effect is also very significant. These wizards have a little group appearance before leaving.

Ivan laughed, modern military training is a treasure that countries have summed up for thousands of years, and of course it is useful!

Ivan was about to spread the knowledge to Esia, but unexpectedly noticed that Esia had a book in his hand.

After glancing at the cover of the book, Ivan’s face suddenly twitched, because it suddenly wrote “The British Imperial Family Special Forces Training Manual”…

“This book is?!” Ivan unable to bear asked.

“Aren’t you suggesting that I look for some muggle books? So I went to a bookstore in London this morning…” Isia said with a smile.

Next, Isia took out some other books from the wizard robe in which the extension spell was cast and showed it to Ivan, all related to the training of Marines and special forces.

“Muggle is not magic, but it is still very insightful in some things. For example, the latent skills taught above are very helpful in tracking and assassination. If it is equipped with closed Polyjuice Potion and Disillusionment Charm, I am afraid that it is not much. Individuals can see through…”

Isiah’s eyebrow dancing is explained, and some other examples are given, which is obviously very interesting.

Ivan looked at Aisia’s be eager to have a try and couldn’t help but wonder if he asked Aisia to buy some of the books of the muggles.

Looking at this posture, Isia seems to be planning to apply some methods of training special forces to the next training.

And his original intention was just to want Aisha to learn about military training. Ivan simply didn’t expect Aisha to buy books of this kind.

“cough..wizard is not a muggle after all, in fact there is no need to train so harsh!” Ivan lightly coughed, cautiously suggested suggested.

He just wants those wizards to be obedient and obediently and honestly stay in Knockturn Alley to improve their strength, instead of getting some assassination, survival, special operations wizards out, too terrifying!

“I know, that is used to train soldiers of the muggle, some methods are not suitable for wizard!” Isia ordered nodded

Ivan was immediately relieved, but then Isaiah added. “So I will change a more appropriate method to train them!”

No, I think… forget it!

Ivan opened his mouth and wanted to persuade, but looking at Esia’s excited look, he quickly closed his mouth. He thought it would be better not to touch this mold.

cannot afford to offend …cannot afford to offend!

Ivan mourned for a second for those wizards, and they will leave Knockturn Alley tomorrow, and they can’t control their lives!

Only wish them good luck…

In the afternoon, after having lunch, Ivan returned to pack his luggage in his small room.

There are not many things. He only intends to bring a few clothes and some alchemy works, but Isia doesn’t think so.

“I need to bring a few more clothes, and I have to take the quilt and pillow… Would you like to bring a magic tent? I don’t know how you can live there…”

As she asked, she packed all the “possible” things into the small suitcase.

Ivan is one big and two big. He has cast an extension spell, which can be used as a small storage box. Now it is completely packed by Esia.

“By the way, there is no address on the letter. How are you going to find the Master Alchemist?” Isia asked.

“Well… just wait at Leaky Cauldron, when the time comes someone will pick me up!” Ivan said vaguely.

“So close? Then I’ll give you away!” Aisiaton felt bright, even though Ivan said that she was going to see Master Alchemist like Nick -Flamel, but she was always a little worried.

“Nope…I can do it myself!” Ivan quickly took the head.

Isia looked at Ivan suspiciously. After a while, the complexion became ugly, she vaguely guessed something, and reached out with dissatisfaction and knocked on Ivan’s head…

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