Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 543


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On the 2nd day, after breakfast, Ivan pulled the Pack suitcase and said goodbye to Aishia, who was still reluctant, and went to Leaky Cauldron of Diagon Alley alone.

As an important meeting point between the British magic circle and the real world, it is noisy and unusual at any time.

When Ivan pushed the door to enter, he happened to hear several witches sitting not far away, talking about the chaos in Knockturn Alley during this time.

One of them angrily drank the wine and complained that he hadn’t even slept recently, I hope those dark wizards are dead!

Ivan frowned didn’t mean to be angry, but secretly alerted him.

It seems that the explosion and fire of the battle a few days ago had a greater impact than he expected, which attracted many people’s attention, which is not a good sign.

Fortunately, Ivan was relaxed soon, because he found that Leaky Cauldron was concerned about the dark wizard fire in Knockturn Alley. After all, the majority of wizards discussed the Quiddich World Cup soon!

Obviously this world-class event is more striking than the dark wizard where Knockturn Alley died.

After Ivan stepped into the bar, a drunken witch suddenly patted the table, stood up, and said triumphantly.

“Ha! I bet on the Bulgarian team, they have won four games in a row, and they will win this time! I pressed a full 500 gold galleons, and this time I will definitely make a fortune!”

“Who said? The Irish team’s Krum is the best Seeker in the world, he will definitely be able to catch Kim Snitch! Bulgaria is set to lose this time!”

The wizard on the opposite side also roared loudly, singing down the Bulgarian team, the wizard was flushed with rage, and the two gangs almost did not pinch on the spot…

Leaky Cauldron’s Boss Tom happily looked at this scene. Not only did he not say anything to dissuade, but he was fueled and asked if he wanted to come to a wine-matching competition, and whoever wins was the best one!

In the noise, Ivan secretly shook the head. Although he has lived in magic circle for so many years, he still cannot understand why these wizards have such a high enthusiasm for a game playing in the sky.

That’s fine, too few people are interested in Knockturn Alley.

Ivan thought to himself, dragging his suitcase to find a place to sit and wait, but when he crossed the noisy front desk and entered the bar, he found Dumbledore had been waiting here long ago.

After a few days, Dumbledore is still the same as before, dressed in a grey gray, with a long beard hanging down to his chest, stained with a little wine stains.

The injury on the right hand didn’t seem to at all cause too much trouble in his life. He changed his left hand to raise a glass of drinking. At the moment, he was having a good time talking with two elderly wizards, and Ivan imagined that he was so angry. The look is not at all.

If you change people, I am afraid that you will not think that the magic circle, the strongest white wizard in front of you, has already died.

“Sorry, Professor Dumbledore, it looks like I’m coming a little late!” Ivan strode over and greeted.

Dumbledore put down the goblet, turned his head around, smiled when he saw Ivan, and looked at the magic clock hanging on the wall, and said.

“It’s not too late for you to come, Wrahles! It’s me who arrived early for a while! And according to the convention, if I travel far, I should personally visit and explain to your mother!”

“But I think you are different from the normal young wizard and can handle these things by yourself, so please allow me to be lazy…”

“After all, your mother, Isia, may have some opinions about me…” Dumbledore said sarcastically, but there was not much smile on his face.

Ivan rolled the eyes, he thinks it’s more than just “some” opinions.

At the same time, Dumbledore’s words also aroused Ivan’s curiosity. He hesitated and asked aloud. “Professor, is there any conflict between you and my mother?”

“Hmm…contradiction? You can also say that, it is always difficult to distinguish between right and wrong in this world…”

Dumbledore said in a vague tone. He didn’t seem to want to talk about this. Before Ivan continued to ask, he changed the subject and continued.

“Since you have arrived, then we better start now! If all goes well, you may have to stay there for a while!”

“Of course, if you feel bored, you don’t have to stay there all summer, maybe you can catch up with this year’s Quiddich World Cup!”

“Sirius wrote a lot of things to me in the letter a few days ago. In fact, he has something about the World Cup. He has booked some first-class tickets for a large price. It is the best position and he is planning to invite you all to go!”

As Dumbledore spoke, he took out a ticket from the sleeve of the wizard robe and gave it to Ivan.

Ivan didn’t expect Sirius to escape after clearing the charges, and actually planned to see the Quiddich Cup.

Of course, it may also be because of Regulus that Sirius has been in a bad mood recently and wants to relax.

As for this ticket, Ivan thought about it, not at all took it, and just shook his head and refused. “Professor… I actually have no interest in the Quiddich World Cup. I would rather read a few more books at that time… If you have time to write back, remember to thank him for his kindness!”

Between learning alchemy and watching the game, Ivan chose the former decisively, because he didn’t really have a cold for this flying sport.

The only advantage of going to the scene is to be able to set up a bar to catch Barty Jr. -Crouch in advance!

But what is the use of catching a Death Eater not at all, but also beat the grass to scare the snake, making Voldemort hiding in the dark more cautious, and even re-enacting a resurrection plan.

In this case, things will be completely out of his control, and it will not proceed as usual, secretly destroy the remaining Horcrux, and then take someone to contain Voldemort and give him a surprise!

Not to mention that he has lived in magic circle for three years. Under the butterfly effect, it will not necessarily be the case that Death Eaters will make trouble at the World Cup venue!

Dumbledore didn’t know what Ivan was thinking, and it was a bit unexpected.

If he remembers correctly, Ivan’s Quiddich level is very high, winning two consecutive Quiddich Cups for Gryffindor. He thought Ivan would pay close attention to this World Cup.

Aside, the bald sorceress who also heard the words suddenly stood up in surprise, the drunken face red, he looked at Ivan and screamed in horror.

“Oh! God, some people here say they are not interested in the Quiddich World Cup, you must be joking, right?”

The wizards in Leaky Cauldron also turned their heads in turn, showing a surprised expression.

“If you think so, then I’m kidding…” Ivan helpless shrugged, and had no intention of arguing with an alcoholic, and followed Dumbledore and left Leaky Cauldron.

“British wizards like Quiddich, Wrahles!” Dumbledore explained when he went out. “Especially during this time, Leaky Cauldron often has some irrational ball lunatics. If you don’t want to cause trouble, at least on the surface you have to show that you are very interested in Quiddich!”

Ivan remembered the football maniac of England in the past, but after understanding a little, he asked curiously. “What about you? Do you like playing Quiddich too?”

Dumbledore laughed, without looking back, he looked up towards the sky, and a golden red Phoenix was flying towards them.

“Time is just right, take me, I will take you there!” Dumbledore raised his left arm and said.

Ivan nodded did the same, grabbing Dumbledore’s forearm.

The Fawkes in the sky have been getting closer and closer, and the golden flame has risen all over the body. It looks like a big Fireball has hit this side.

Ivan forcibly stopped the idea of ​​avoiding, and wanted to harm himself with Dumbledore’s strength, so it didn’t have to be so troublesome.

next moment, Fireball hit him, Ivan felt his body was ignited by the flame, but the difference was that there was no feeling of being burned, and it was very warm.

Ivan is not panicking because they used the same method when they went to the Ministry of Magic.

It’s just that Ivan didn’t expect that when the flame covered the whole body, Dumbledore said suddenly.

“Remember, the place we are going to…”

What is it?

Ivan’s head was stunned, followed by a whirl of the sky, Dumbledore’s voice became smaller and smaller, and he could not hear the subsequent words simply.

When Ivan walked out of the firelight, he found that all around changed its appearance. It looked very desolate here, only covered with mud and sand.

Ivan didn’t have time to watch it, but turned anxiously to look at Dumbledore. “Professor, can you say the place you just remembered again?”

“It’s already in your mind, isn’t it?” Dumbledore said seriously. “Think about it!”

Ivan was so confused that he didn’t understand what Dumbledore was talking about, but then he found that he had an extra coordinate in his mind, and he didn’t know what it was for.

“This is coordinates, it’s important! You can try to use Disapparation yourself next time, but it’s best not to be too frequent!” Dumbledore said solemnly.

Ivan knows this. He who has learned some contract magic is very clear. It is more convenient and confidential to record the location in this way.

“Let’s go!” Dumbledore pats Ivan’s shoulder, glanced around to determine the direction, and finally moved towards the open grass side.

Ivan hurried to keep up, and without taking a few steps, I felt that I had encountered obstacles, as if I was in a quagmire, and every step was very laborious.

The Dumbledore in front has disappeared. Ivan has a dilemma for a time, and he has to squeeze forward desperately.

Taking a few steps forward, the desolate scene in front is as if erased by the power of mysterious, a vast courtyard appears out of thin air in front of him.

A weird house stood in the center of the courtyard, as if alive, with a few windows staring at him.

Can alchemy actually activate a whole house?

Ivan can’t help but be curious, if the enemy came in, would this house stand up and beat people like the deformed Vajra.

It shouldn’t be so exaggerated?

Ivan murmured silently in his head, and then looked towards Dumbledore, asking. “Professor, there seemed to be something stopping me when I came in. Is it the protection mechanism here?”

“Yes, Nick has hidden this house, and some mechanisms have been set up. The specific location of the entrance will change every once in a while.” Dumbledore replied.

Ivan frowned, how should he confirm where the entrance is when he comes by himself?

“Pay attention to the trend of magic power, as long as you use spell, it will definitely leave some traces, especially this persistent magic.” Dumbledore saw Ivan’s doubts and explained.

The embarrassed expression appeared on Ivan’s face. The so-called use spell marks he couldn’t perceive. When the Voldemort mechanism was cracked last time, he still pretended to be pretending to know the original plot

“Don’t worry too much, you will understand someday!” Dumbledore also realized that Ivan’s current strength may not be able to do this, so he comforted.

The two then walked along the bluestone pathway in the courtyard towards the central house.

Ivan looked around curiously, and was very interested in this Master Alchemist’s house. From time to time, alchemy creatures running in groups from the roadside, gigantic giant doors snoring…everything was so magical.

It’s like Immortal Realm in fairy tales. Ivan even saw some muggles, but it was obviously magic.

“I heard Sirius talking about you destroying a Horcrux in the old house of Black’s house?” On the way, Dumbledore suddenly asked.

When he was at Leaky Cauldron, he wanted to ask, but because there are many people there, it is not suitable for discussing this kind of thing.

“Yes! That’s right! I contacted the diary two years ago, and I almost died in Chamber of Secrets, so I was very impressed. When I discovered the locket, I noticed that it was wrong…”

Ivan knew before that Sirius would definitely report Horcrux to Dumbledore. Naturally, he had an abbreviated draft, and he quickly told the story.

“In short, that’s it! After we destroyed Horcrux, we went to a cave where the fake Horcrux was placed and brought Regulus, which became Inferius, and buried it in the cemetery of the Black family.” Ivan finally did To sum up, there is almost nothing to hide from the whole process.

Even when he released Fiendfyre Curse in the cave, he finally got out of control.

Because Ivan knows clearly, even if he doesn’t say Dumbledore, he can definitely learn from Lupin and Sirius, and he will increase his suspicions.

Dumbledore listened quietly, seeing Ivan’s tone relaxed, as if ruining a piece of Horcrux, and then going to Voldemort to take a walk in the cave where Horcrux was placed was not at worst, he couldn’t help but grin bitterly a bit.

A few months ago, the sarcasm of Snape came back from his mind…


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