Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 544


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As Ivan said, he took out the locket he brought with him and handed it to Dumbledore. Although this thing was damaged, he took it with him in consideration that it might be repaired.

“This is…Slytherin’s relic?” Dumbledore reached out and took a few glances. After noticing the large serpentine mark on the locket, he raised an eyebrow and confirmed.

“It should be… I once went to Chamber of Secrets of Slytherin. I saw this symbol and remembered it clearly!” Ivan half true half false replied.

“So you will try to open it in snake language?” Dumbledore asked. Sirius wrote all the things in it, including Ivan’s opening the locket in snake language.

“Yes! Snake language was originally taught by Tom. He told me that this thing can open Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets. I think locket, since it may be Slytherin’s thing, then snake language should work!” Ivan said. Explained, and then continued without waiting for Dumbledore to ask.

“In addition, what you can say about snakes is what Tom told me!”

Dumbledore’s words were stagnant and his face became a little weird. He remembered that he had never shown this ability outside in recent years. Magic circle knows very few people who know this information and is unlikely to betray himself.

How did Tom know the news?

Dumbledore frowned involuntarily, but he not at all suspected that Ivan was deceiving himself, because compared to Tom, Ivan had no reason to know that he could speak snakes…


As Dumbledore thought, a voice interrupted his contemplation. Dumbledore turned his head and saw Ivan staring at the locket in his hand, seeming to worry that he would take it away.

Dumbledore funny hook the head and returned Slytherin’s locket.

Although he sees that Ivan still has a lot of things to hide from himself, he has no deep meaning.

The important thing is that Voldemort’s Horcrux is one less…

As he had guessed before, Tom is a very nostalgic person. Compared with ordinary objects, he prefers to use some monumental things as the carrier of Horcrux, and the hidden places are very elegant.

For example, the crown of Ravenclaw is hidden in the item storage room of the house where there is a request, where there are not only secrets, but also a lot of abandoned magic items.

Horcrux is placed there, just like burying a special sand in the desert. If it is not for the Horcrux diary to take out the crown by itself, I am afraid he has no clue until now.

For another example, he asked the specific location of the cave and determined that it was the place where Tom had tossed and intimidated children of the same age when he was young.

Thinking of this, Dumbledore looked towards Ivan, with some emotion.

If it weren’t for him to be sure that Harry was the last carrier of Horcrux, it would be impossible to bear. Ivan was doubtful that Ivan was the child in the prophecy!

Excellent talent, powerful power, Horcrux that destroyed Voldemort three times in a row… is that the date of birth and some details are completely incompetent.

Ivan seemed very well-behaved under Dumbledore’s gaze, but still immediately stuffed Slytherin’s locket into his pocket to avoid Dumbledore’s concern.

After the last crown was taken away by the old professor, it has not returned yet!

Ivan has always been very concerned about this matter. These things are somehow relics of the founding school. If they can be repaired, they might be of great use.

Just chatting all the way to the hut, Ivan wondered whether to knock on the door, the door panel at the entrance automatically opened to the sides.

There is a square channel in front, and there are jagged spikes on both sides, like a big beast mouth, and they are stepping into the belly of this giant beast…

Dumbledore walked straight in, and Ivan hurried to keep up.

After the two entered, the open entrance was automatically closed again.

Entering it, Ivan found that the interior of the hut was large, and it should have been expanded by the extension mantra, and the Great Xia sky was passing cold air from time to time.

Ivan looked around, and soon saw the flame of dim-blue burning in the fire place not far away. The cold air came out of this.

This is…magic air conditioner?

Ivan was very surprised. At the same time, he also found that there are many muggle appliances in this cabin, especially the large TV on the cabinet is too conspicuous, it is difficult to ignore.

If it weren’t for this quaint decoration style, he almost thought it was the muggle’s home.

As Ivan glanced around like a rare treasure, an old voice rang.

“Albus…Are you here?”

Ivan turned around and saw an old man coming out from behind the curtain.

He has white hair, wearing a loose robe, a face full of traces of years, pale and invisible.

However, compared to the fragile body, Nicholas·Flamel’s mental state is quite good. It seems that the more than six hundred years of hardening not at all has become a burden that damages his wisdom, but it makes him more sober.

“Is this little Ivan?” Nicholas · Flamel greeted Dumbledore and focused his attention on Ivan.

“Hello Mr. Flamel,” Ivan bowed very respectfully.

“Yes!” Nicholas · Flamel nodded with a smile, very satisfied with Ivan’s respectful attitude.

As early as half a year ago, he learned a lot about Ivan from Dumbledore.

The young wizard who thought that such a talented and wild ambition would be arrogant and difficult to control, but this time when I really met Nicholas · Flamel, I found that Ivan was different from his imagination.

At least on the surface, it looks very kind and humble, and he looks handsome, and for a time, he has a lot of goodwill…

“Come in and come, you came later than I thought!” Nick · Flamel pointed his finger and led them into the living room of the house.

After Ivan and the others sat down, a lot of noisy and noisy, alchemy creatures only about a few centimeters high suddenly climbed up the table, jumped and ran to the central plate, and tried to put the tea cup above Pushed in front of several people.

Then, these Little Brat called shuaa~ again brought the big teapot.

Ivan looked at them with interest and wanted to see how these little alchemy creatures poured him tea.

After that, Ivan saw these Little Brat like a stack of squares and put themselves together.

Some made up of feet, some made up of heads, and finally turned into a creature several times larger than the original, struggling to grasp the teapot’s handle and poured the hot tea into Ivan’s teacup.

I don’t know if it’s because of a lack of stability, an alchemical creature in the shape of a radish head on the head is suddenly out of touch with the body, and accidentally fell into a cup filled with hot tea. There was a “Urala” sound, and tea was spilled everywhere.

Ivan didn’t expect this to happen at all. For a while, he seemed at a loss. He didn’t know if he should fish out the alchemy creatures in the bowl.

“Hey… It seems that these Little Brats need to be improved!” Nick -Flamel will notice the abnormality here too. He smiled and picked up Ivan’s cup and poured the tea inside. A strange green plant aside.

The little alchemy creature grabbed the corner of the teacup all the way, so that he wouldn’t fall off in midair, and there was a scream in his mouth. Nick pats the bottom of the teacup with his hand, which shocked it. .

At this time, Ivan’s eyes were on the green plant next to it.

When he first saw Nick splashing tea, the other party seemed to move quickly, avoiding it directly, so that all the tea was spilled into the loose soil below.

A moving tree? A magic plant like Mandrake?

Ivan thought so, he didn’t know much about this kind of Herbology. He stared at the little tree with a pair of eyes, but the latter was just like a normal plant, motionless.

Just when Ivan wondered if he looked away, the weird green plant suddenly shook a few times, flapped the branches, and pulled up his roots from the soil, Yelled crazy in the mouth. “It’s too hot… too hot!”

Ivan saw this funny scene, and the unable to bear smiled. It seemed that the hot tea had penetrated into the soft soil and reached the roots of the tree. This guy naturally could not pretend to die.

Ivan finds it very interesting. He came here for a short while, but he felt as magical as he first entered the magic world.

The delayed work, Nick -Flamel has changed a cup and put the filled tea back in front of Ivan.

“Thank you, Mr. Flamel! Actually I can come by myself…” Ivan sorry said.

Let a 600-year-old wizard like a gust of wind blow down to serve tea and water to himself, Ivan always feels a little uncomfortable.

“It’s getting old, it’s okay to move a little bit more!” Nick -Flamel said with a smile to hehe, then turned to look towards the alchemy creature on the table, said with emotion. “And these alchemy creations do not have the flexibility of real life after all…”

Maybe I heard Nick’s words, those Little Brat’s each and everyone were downcast, as if they were hit by something.

Ivan sees their unexpected emergence, and unable to bear inquires about the source of these alchemical creatures.

“You know, people are old and it’s always inconvenient to do something, so I made these little things to help me handle some chores!” Nick -Flamel explained.

Ivan knows this, but then I remembered that Nick -Flamel should have a wife who has the same longevity. He will also see in the book First Year that they spent 660 years together. birthday!

Ivan looked around all around, somehow not at all seeing Nick’s wife’s silhouette.

Nick and Dumbledore on the other side have already talked about other things. Ivan settled in, and open and aboveboard eavesdropped.

Dumbledore did not take into account the presence of Ivan. His expression became a little dignified for the first time since entering the door. He looked towards Nick -Flamel and asked. “Is there any clue about the thing you repaired last time?”

“That’s right!” Nick nodded, then complained again. “Why do you always find me troublesome every time you come to see me.”

“Trouble? Do you really think so? I thought you would be interested in it…” Dumbledore picked up the tea cup with his left hand intact, took a sip of tea, and replied quietly.

“In a sense, that is indeed a trouble. I haven’t slept well for a long time to study it! I think you should be able to understand how important sleep is for an old man…” Nick quipped.

“But I can’t think of a story from the British fairy tale collection that was actually true… When I was young, I also followed some legendary stories. Of course, that was in France, but without exception they are all fake!” Nick added Said.

“Is this normal, isn’t it? The legend is like this, you can never know its authenticity before verification…” Dumbledore indifferent expression said, placing the teacup on the table. “For many wizards, your existence is also a legend!”

“How long will it take for you to fix it…” The eyes under Dumbledore’s half-moon glasses stared tightly at Nick.

“About two to three years!” Nick replied hesitantly.

“It takes so long?” Dumbledore frowned deeply. “It seems to me that the damage is very low. I can even use it normally and see some people who want to see it!”

“Because that thing was not damaged, it was just affected! You know…” Nick was about to say something, and I saw Ivan sitting on the side listening.

Thinking about it, Nick took back some of the words and continued to speak in a vague tone. “In short, when you destroy it, it has a certain impact on it, and it is not easy to completely eliminate this effect, and the repaired materials are not easy to find…”

“Even so, two or three years is too long! I can only wait at most half a year…” Dumbledore shook the head, he can’t hold it for so long, I’m afraid I can’t wait for that time.

However, there are obviously things that can be solved in a hurry. When I saw Nick with a black face and didn’t want to ignore myself, Dumbledore had to make a compromise and said in a very uncertain tone. “Okay, maybe this time can be extended some more, a year or a year and a half?”

“Two years! This is my limit, or you can take it back to your own way!” Nick replied angrily.

The two quickly quarreled over the issue of time. Ivan beside him heard a bit confused, only to guess from the conversation that Dumbledore seemed to want Nick -Flamel to fix a very important thing.

at first, Ivan thought it was Time-Turner, but I heard that he later rejected this guess… And didn’t that thing have been fixed long ago?

Then it can only be…

Ivan thought of their previous conversation and vaguely guessed something, but I was not 100% sure.

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