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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 545


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To confirm this conjecture, Ivan turned his eyes to Dumbledore’s right hand.

Unfortunately, Dumbledore’s right hand has been kept in his sleeve, and he can’t even see if the other party has the ring…

However, I’m not very interested in Resurrection Stone Ivan, and I don’t care too much about it.

The role of the gadget is to show the souls of the dead.

According to the original work, this soul is still false, just presenting the appearance of the other party in your memory to you, which is the most useless of the three Hallows of death!

Just as Ivan thought about it, the debate between Dumbledore and Nick didn’t stop.

“Albus, you should know that I have wasted a lot of time…” The expression on Nick-Flamel’s face is very unsightly, “According to the previous plan, I should have gone…to accompany her!”

“You missed it anyway, didn’t you? It’s okay to come later!” Dumbledore said very toughly. “You should be clear that this is not my own business, nor is it just the British Magic Circle!”

“Yeah, I hope you know what you are doing!” Nick rolled the eyes angrily, “Do you really think everything will behave as you think? Albus…No one can control the whole situation, even God! “

“Perhaps…but I think this is the best opportunity.” Dumbledore indifferent expression replied.

He is not willing to engage in a fearless dispute with Nick in this regard, and soon changes the subject, asking Nick to repair the Deathly Hallows as soon as possible.

Nick does not mean to give in at all. If he wants to repair such a legendary item, even if he does his best, it will take at least two years.

Two years?

Dumbledore seemed disappointed, which meant he might not be able to explore the secret alive…

“Since that’s the case, I’m afraid we have to prepare for the worst…” Dumbledore’s face became very tired, and he muttered to himself.

Don’t get the promise he wanted, Dumbledore slowly got up and said goodbye, and turned to leave.

Before leaving, he did not forget to remind Nick not to forget the previous agreement. If the situation is not good, you can make your own choice…

Nick nodded nodding, witnessing Dumbledore walk out of the hut and disappear into a golden flame.

It was so silent for a while, Nick was standing still, wondering what he was thinking.

Ivan didn’t dare to bother with a loud voice, and could only silently think about what the so-called “best opportunity” and “worst plan” meant.

He felt that Dumbledore and Nick didn’t just talk about Resurrection Stone…

“Sorry, Wrahles, I was a little distracted just now!” After a while, Nick came back to his senses and looked towards Ivan.

“It’s okay, Mr. Flamel!” Ivan shook the head, saying he doesn’t care.

Next, Ivan inquired very curiously about what they had just debated, and wanted to dig up some insider information.

“You know, when you are old, you will inevitably worry about things that are not marked.” Nick laughed at hehe’s explanation and apparently had no intention of revealing.

Ivan curl one’s lip, I don’t believe in half a word.

But at first, Ivan didn’t have much hope, if this thing could tell himself, Dumbledore and Nick wouldn’t deliberately play the machine front and avoid the focus when they were arguing.

Ivan only guessed from the information he learned that this matter might be related to Voldemort.

In the original time and space, Dumbledore used Elder Wand and his death to dig a big pit for Voldemort.

The former is the cause of Voldemort’s death, and the latter is also a very important promoter. It is after losing this long-scarred enemy that Voldemort has changed from a conspirator lurking in the dark into a reckless man who only knows Awada. !

Before that, Voldemort’s IQ is okay.

Not only can Harry be taken away from Dumbledore’s in front of one’s eyes during the Triwizard Tournament, even after the real resurrection, he did not immediately swear his return to the magic circle in a high-profile manner, but decisively concealed his strength, and incidentally Provoked the conflict between Fudge and Dumbledore!

But everything changed completely after Dumbledore’s death. Voldemort, consciously invincible in the whole world, became more and more arrogant and conceited.

In addition, Horcrux was destroyed one after another, Voldemort’s spirit was attacked one after another in a short period of time, and he followed Trelawny’s prediction, and finally planted it in Harry’s hands.

This is exactly the same as the sentence, if you want to make people perish, you must make people crazy!

It’s just that the situation is different now, and Ivan doesn’t know if Dumbledore will use the same method. It stands to reason that the old professor may not be able to live to that time.

Thinking about things in my heart, Ivan is quiet on the surface, pretending to be a little disappointed not to get the news.

Nick made a few words of comfort, and then shifted the subject, and interested in the examination to improve Ivan’s alchemy level.

He has always heard that Ivan’s alchemy is very talented, but he does not know the specific situation. Of course, he has to find out the details himself.

In the face of Nick-Flamel’s school, Ivan naturally answered the questions in a straightforward way, speaking out the magical sequence he mastered and the learning progress and methods in the normal.

Although his alchemy has been promoted to the sixth level, according to the system level, it is already a level that can teach and teach people, but because there have never been enough powerful leaders, so many things are read by himself. I don’t know at all, right?

Now that I have the opportunity, Ivan will certainly not miss the opportunity to verify this knowledge.

Nick -Flamel changed his sloppy attitude after asking for a while,

Because he noticed that Ivan’s alchemy level was far beyond his expectations, and he was even close to the upper limit that most alchemists could study hard.

This discovery made Nick -Flamel very surprised. According to the information he got, Ivan potion also has a high level of learning, and his strength is far beyond peers.

Is there such an all-round genius in this world?

Nick looked at Ivan’s immature face, and he was very emotional, but he patiently answered the problems Ivan encountered in alchemy.

Ivan has devoted himself to this question and answer. Almost every once in a while, the system hint sound in his mind will sound once, but Ivan has completely ignored it, just like a sponge. Absorbs knowledge.

After a few hours, Ivan said something dry, and subconsciously picked up the side teacup and found that it was empty, which made it stop.

At the same time, the last system hint sounded.

[ding, after a period of study, your alchemy level has improved, the current level 6 (139516000)]

Ivan glanced and found that in these few hours of work, the proficiency of alchemy has increased by more than a thousand points!

Be aware that since he absorbed the alchemy knowledge of Boquena lineage last year and increased the level of alchemy to six, the growth of proficiency has been slow as a turtle crawling, sometimes reading a thick gold refining book book membership only gives one or two points of proficiency.

Compared to the long scalp tingling proficiency limit, Ivan feels that he can’t improve to level 7 by studying alone.

Because of this, Ivan looked towards Nick’s eyes became eager, and his eyes were full of cravings for knowledge, as if he were the new learning accelerator!

Nick on the other side is also very satisfied with Ivan’s curiosity,

After the school examination just now, he has got a rough idea of ​​Ivan’s foundation.

This young wizard belongs to the actual combat group completely. The ability to make alchemy items is very strong. If the shortcomings are not without, it is that the theoretical knowledge is not solid enough…

At the same time, Nick was also curious to ask who Ivan’s alchemy learned from. Ivan’s current level of alchemy is already a first-class Alchemist in England. Who can teach such a monster…


“I don’t have a real alchemy mentor, these all are my mother Aisha taught me.” Ivan explained in a statement, completely ignoring the contributions of Bock and Tom.

“Is this the case?” Nick -Flamel thought about it, he had never heard of the name Esia, and it seems that it is not a very famous Alchemist.

However, this is normal. When he was in the school entrance examination, he noticed that Ivan learned something cluttered, not as if he had received an orthodox alchemy education, but it also confirmed Ivan’s alchemy. talent.

Unorthodox can learn this level, can the talent be high?

Nick -Flamel raised his awareness of Ivan in his heart. After hesitating for a while, Unable to Bear asked. “I don’t know what you think of alchemy? Or what do you think of alchemy?”

“Well…I think that is the ancient wizard’s way of understanding the world, with the power to change something rotten into something magical!” Ivan said, looking at Nick’s expression cautiously, seeing that Nick’s face didn’t change much , Then bolder, and then said.

“When I was in Hogwarts, I talked to many wizards from the muggle family and heard them say a lot of things from the outside world. I feel alchemy is a bit similar to the muggle program!”

Ordering the magic text in a specific way can release a specific magic, which is a bit similar to running the code to run the program.

It’s just that the computer hasn’t been popularized yet. Ivan was worried that Nick couldn’t understand it, so he cracked and explained to Nick.

Nick -Flamel said with a smile after listening to Ivan’s words. “This is quite a novel idea!”

“Then… do you think it is right?” Ivan hurriedly asked.

“It can be right…or wrong!” Nick -Flamel put away the smile on his face and replaced it with a serious expression, “because in essence alchemy is still using magic power!”

“To understand alchemy, you must first understand what magic is!” Nick -Flamel added.

Facing this esoteric problem, Ivan was completely ashamed. He couldn’t help but recall the embarrassing scene when he turned into an owl and was troubled in front of Ravenclaw.

The difference is that the bronze eagle in the gatekeeper asked about the essence of magic power, not the essence of magic…

Ivan looked at Nick -Flamel with great resentment. Is it really good to embarrass a young wizard with such a question?

Noticing Ivan’s grieving expression, Nick -Flamel gradually couldn’t stretch the serious look on his face, and the smile of Unable to Bear laughed.

From the moment I entered the door, although Ivan showed a lot of expressions, how could Nick -Flamel not see that Ivan’s heart had almost no fluctuations, not being arrogant, not at all like a 14 years old young wizard …

Until now I can see the appearance of some little children!

Ivan is dissatisfied with frowned and looks very unhappy.

Nick -Flamel didn’t continue to laugh anymore. After paused, he asked. “Do you remember the three steps of using spell?”

“Use wand to guide the magic power in the body, plus gestures and spells.” Ivan did not care about the episode just now, but seriously replied it.

“Then these three steps are more important to you?” Nick -Flamel asked.

Ivan hesitated, and it was difficult to choose. For the average use spell person, these three steps are indispensable.

But for those powerful wizards, none of these three items seem to be indispensable. After all, you can use less spell or use spell …

Nick -Flamel not at all anxiously asked Ivan’s answer, but took out a simple wand from his robe and gently waved it with a wonderful gesture. His movement was very slow, as if deliberately thinking Let Ivan see clearly.

“Scourgify! (Scourgify)” Nick -Flamel read spells while waving wand.

A wind of magic power blew over and rolled up the cup on the table.

Like a cup surrounded by many invisible small brushes, a few moments of effort, a few tea cups become as clean as new, and slowly stack together and fall on the plate.

Ivan looked at it silently, but couldn’t understand the meaning of Nick -Flamel’s move, just wanted to clean it?

Before Ivan wants to understand, Nick-Flamel waved the wand again, and it is exactly the same magic. The wind of magic power began to sweep the whole house, dust, and the seat.

The alchemy creatures under each and everyone lose one’s head out of fear grabbed the corner of the table or pressed against the tea cup, fearing that they would be swept out of the house as garbage!

Ivan’s expression suddenly changed, because he found that this time Nick -Flamel pronounced not French, but French!

Even the gestures of use spell are slightly changed!

Ivan stood up in surprise, glowing in his eyes, staring at the legendary Master Alchemist in front of him, asking for answers!

Nick didn’t look at Ivan. He stretched out his left hand and put it on a plate.

Useless wand and no spells, the plate suddenly twisted and stretched like a fluid, and quickly plasticized. A few seconds later a pigeon with white feathers appeared in the center of the table.

The snowy white pigeon’s gaze wandered around, waving his wings and falling on Nick’s arm.

Nick came to the window in two or two steps. His arm threw the pigeon out of the house, witnessing it spread its wings and flying, and turned his head towards towards Ivan. He said.

“Wizards exist in all countries of the world. The spells and gestures they use are actually not uniform, but magic is still able to prevail. The mystery among them, I think you should have understood it, right?”

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