Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 546


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“Because wand, spells, and gestures are not important, this is just a means to assist use spell! The important thing is magic power, or…” Ivan muttered to himself.

After Nick-Flamel’s use spell demonstration just now, he has understood the meaning of the other party’s discourse. It is just years of materialist education, and his conclusion is stuck in his mouth.

“Magic is the heart! It is a wizard idea, a manifestation of willpower…” Nick -Flamel looked at the pigeons flying to the sky and answered for him.

“Influencing the material world with spirit?” Ivan listened to the answer. Although he had thought of this just now, it was still somewhat unacceptable.

If such idealistic remarks are said by his open and aboveboard in the previous life, they will be laughed at and criticized.

However, Ivan knows that he is now a wizard, and here is magic circle, and there is a lot of evidence to prove this!

“Well…spiritual influence material?” Nick murmured this sentence, and found it very interesting. It was a bit like a muggle’s argument, but it was very apt.

“Ha! It can be said! Magic is magical because it makes people want to do everything!” Nick walked slowly back to the wooden table, looking towards Ivan, and said with emotion.

Ivan blew out slowly after a long bang.

“This is really… incredible!”

Ivan feels like he is entering the wizard world for the first time, the mysterious veil of magic is slowly unfolding in front of him…

At the same time, Nick-Flamel’s words also solved a problem that has always troubled him, that is, when the young wizard exploded in magic power, why did it subconsciously exert all kinds of magical abilities.

Now Ivan understands it, because the active magic power at the time of the outbreak will realize all kinds of thoughts in the young wizard’s mind, and this huge power is not controlled by a young wizard, so it may be out of control. Certain destruction!

At this point, Ivan, who has experienced magic power eruptions many times, is very clear. The sudden increase in magic power simply does not listen to the call and is difficult to use.

Only in protected mode, he can easily control his magic power and achieve a use spell almost do as one pleases within a certain range.

Thinking of this, Ivan asked curiously again.

“Mr. Flamel, since wizard can use spell without any assistance, what’s the use of learning spells and gestures? Is it for us to control our magic power more?”

The three steps of use spell, which are required by almost every wizard, obviously have an important role.

Combined with Nick’s statement just now, Ivan thinks it is likely that most wizards are unable to control their magic power freely, so some steps are needed as a guide.

Ivan spoke out all his speculations, but Nick was hooking the head, laughing and saying that it was not accurate enough.

The whole magic circle has been painstakingly researched and summarized for thousands of years, and the use spell step that is popularized to every wizard is not only this, but also has its own use!

Wand is responsible for guiding magic power to reduce the difficulty of use spells. Gestures and spells can make magic effects more accurate!

“Without these steps of use spell, most wizards of magic circle may not be able to use their power. Free use spell… Although the speaking of which is simple, but really can do this wizard, I am afraid None!” Nick sighed faintly.

“Can’t you do it even if you still have Professor Dumbledore?” Ivan can’t help but be surprised. In his opinion, Nick -Flamel and Dumbledore are already very close to this state, even if they don’t wand and don’t read the spell You can easily display magic.

“Of course we can’t do it, we’re still far away!” Nick -Flamel admits this very frankly, “If someone really can fully control magic power, that’s God!”

God? Ivan curl one’s lip, I think Nick -Flamel is too exaggerated, but then I think, if someone can do it, isn’t it God?

“Mr. Flamel, what about alchemy? You haven’t told me what alchemy is…” Ivan quickly remembered the focus of this conversation and hurriedly asked.

“Alchemy is the same as magic, and its roots are all a way to use magic power!” Nick explained.

In Ancient Era, users of use spell found that it is very difficult to directly control magic power. Most people are impossible, so they tried to use magic power through various external factors.

One of the most mainstream Three Great Sects is magic that uses wand, magic spells, and gesture control to control magic power for precise output, extracting essence from magic materials, making potions of magic power potion, and using magic to arrange and convert magic power of alchemy.

However, after three thousand years of development, Three Great Sects are not completely separate, and there are many integrations with each other.

For example, some advanced potion fusion processes need to use wand, and some magic can also enchant items to achieve an effect similar to alchemy.

“These Three Great Sects have their own strengths, and they are all using magic power to achieve their goals.” Nick -Flamel finally concluded.

I heard here that Ivan suddenly fell into a huge shock. He has never understood the magic, potion and alchemy as thoroughly as today!

Ivan looked at the 600-year-old man in front of him and was impressed by his knowledge and wisdom.

He has never seen this kind of secret knowledge in books. If Nick -Flamel had not explained it for him, he might have only half guessed, and he would not know how many detours to take in the future.

If Ivan had no clue how to upgrade magic level 6 to level 7 before, now I have some ideas.

“Sir, the ultimate form of magic you have told me just now, what about alchemy?” Ivan asked, unable to bear according to his curiosity.

“The end points of these Three Great Sects are not at all different, the difference is only the means to the end point.” Nick -Flamel explained.

After paused, Nick-Flamel looked a little hesitant again, and he wasn’t sure if it was a good thing to tell Ivan now.

However, he quickly thought that even if he didn’t say, this clever young wizard would guess after a while, so he hooked the head and said word by word.

“Alchemy naturally has a way to the end, that is alchemy…Philosopher’s Stone!”

“Philosopher’s Stone?!” Ivan looked at Nick -Flamel with a surprised expression, some could not believe it.

Philosopher’s Stone was something he had gotten in person, but it was taken away by Dumbledore when he was unconscious.

Ivan can’t help but feel a bit ridiculous, more of it is still distressed, the end of didn’t expect alchemy is so close to himself…

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