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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 547


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Stones are converted into gold, substances are converted, and potions that make people immortality are made… These kinds of well-known functions are enough to prove the magic of Philosopher’s Stone, and they are also worthy of the name of the ultimate creation.

Ivan thought with great resentment, if he hadn’t fainted, there might be a trace of probability to keep it.

After all, Nick and Dumbledore are ready to destroy Philosopher’s Stone, so why not leave it to themselves…

But then Ivan noticed something was wrong.

According to Nick-Flamel’s description, the ultimate form of wizard is comparable to gods, and so is the application of alchemy to the extreme.

In this case, the Nick-Flamel that made alchemy’s final creation has no reason to worry about Voldemort’s threats, and there is no reason to destroy Philosopher’s Stone.

Ivan was very confused towards Nick -Flamel and asked. “Sir, you once made a Philosopher’s Stone, putting it that way Have you reached the end of alchemy?”

“Of course not!” Nick shook the head, “Philosopher’s Stone is the final creation of alchemy, but it is still a polymer of magic power. It is not so easy to use its power…”

Speaking of this, Nick paused, not at all continue, but remind Ivan to understand Philosopher’s Stone at his alchemy level too early!

Ivan helpless shrugged, the production method of Philosopher’s Stone can be in his mind, only need to raise his alchemy one more level to meet the minimum requirements for making Philosopher’s Stone, so he will be so interested in this thing. .

However, Ivan also knows that there may be a gap between level 6 magic and level 7 magic. It is not so easy to improve.

“Thank you very much for your advice, Mr. Flamel!” Ivan bowed deeply to Nick -Flamel.

He has nothing to do with this man in his sixties, but the other party is willing to impart these secret knowledge to himself. Ivan naturally remembers this kindness.

“These knowledge should not be hidden, proper communication and communication can make us progress, isn’t it?” Nick -Flamel mild laughed, just in the discussion with Ivan, he is not without gain For example, Ivan’s statements about spirit and material are very interesting.

“Then I can be fortunate to learn alchemy with you and become your discipline?” Ivan asked nervously.

“It’s not that easy… to know that my standard of admission is always very high!” Nick -Flamel closed the smile on his face, said resolutely.

Ivan was somewhat disappointed at the time of the accident. Dumbledore brought himself here, and Nick -Flamel explained to him so many magical mysteries. He thought that the Master Alchemist had decided to take himself as a disciple. Now.

Fortunately, Nick -Flamel quickly turned to add a sentence, saying that Ivan can live here for a while, read a book, if you don’t understand anything, you can also ask him.

Ivan figured it out that Nick -Flamel is not unwilling to accept himself as a disciple, probably intending to observe for a while, otherwise he will not be allowed to live here, and he is willing to help himself to answer the questions on alchemy.

dang dang dang …

Just when Ivan was thinking this way, a series of crisp bells suddenly rang.

Ivan turned his head to look over, and found that the sound came from the old clock hanging on the wall, and the time hand above had already pointed to 12 o’clock.

Has it been so long?

Ivan was a little surprised. When he came, it was still early in the morning, and he chatted a bit unconsciously for a while.

“It’s all here… let’s have lunch first, and I’ll show you how to get here after eating!” Nick -Flamel glanced at the clock, then stretched out wand and ordered it on the table.

Several cups and pots floated slowly under the control of magic power, piled on the side, and the empty space in the center was more empty plates filled with food.

Because Nick-Flamel is too old, the lunch is very simple, and it is all light food such as polenta and slices of bread.

Ivan didn’t care too much. He used to eat greasy things like steak and cured bacon at Hogwarts. It’s not bad to eat a light taste for a change…

After a quick lunch, after a short break, Nick -Flamel took Ivan to visit this alchemy hut.

The whole house is divided into upper and lower floors, with the accommodation area upstairs and the living area downstairs.

Although Nick-Flamel is the only person living here, the various supporting facilities in the house are very complete. There are only two studios that make magic items.

The cleaning and handling of the sundries are the responsibility of the alchemists that have been created.

“Your room is here…” Nick -Flamel took Ivan all the way to the second floor, and pulled open against the door on the right.

Ivan followed Nick -Flamel into it. It was a small room of about 20 square meters. It should have been unoccupied for a long time, but the cabinets and beds were very clean. It seemed to be the credit of those alchemical creatures.

“Study is downstairs, you can go there if you want to read a book, you can also use the studio next to it…” Nick -Flamel patiently explained the location of each place to Ivan, and then solemnly reminded Ivan on the second floor Do not open the door on the opposite side.

“I will pay attention, Teacher!” Ivan ordered nodded. Although he was very interested in the room that Nick-Flamel could not open, he also understood that he had just come and it was better to follow the order not to offend.

“I haven’t taken you as a disciple yet, the name of Teacher is still okay…” Nick -Flamel waved his hand and said softly.

“But you just told me that many precious knowledge for free, for me, you are my mentor!” Ivan looked towards Nick -Flamel, the expression is very serious.

“Leave it to you!” Listening to Ivan said, Nick -Flamel didn’t refute, but just responded lightly, which is the default.

Ivan secretly relaxed. He was really worried that he would cause Nick’s dissatisfaction if he changed his tongue. Fortunately, the situation was not bad.

After telling Ivan about the precautions, Nick -Flamel didn’t stay here. He made a statement to let Ivan familiarize himself with the new environment. After a good rest in the afternoon, he turned and left the room.

Ivan looked around his home for the next few months, opened the suitcase he brought and started to sort things.

I was so busy until the evening, when I was going to bed, Ivan looked towards the window always felt like I had forgotten something.

“Strange…what is it?” Ivan frowned, quickly rummaged through the most recently memories with Occlumency, and found that there seemed to be nothing to do.

Forget it, no matter…

Since there is no impression, it should not be a very important thing…

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