Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 548


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The next day, early in the morning.

Ivan woke up from the bed with a yawn, turned his head and looked at the clock hanging on the wall. When he saw eight o’clock, he quickly put on his shoes and socks and went out.

When I was passing by the window, Ivan stopped to be able to bear, and the sight of the window was very different from yesterday.

In the distance, it is no longer a wasteland, but a towering tower. From where he stands, he can still see the pedestrians walking on the wide street and the cars flying from time to time.

It’s weird that all of this is like a mirage, quiet and silent, and you can only see the sight…

“This is…Paris?” Ivan confirmed this from the words on the shop signboards, and said to himself in surprise.

But this shouldn’t be! Yesterday it was still a wasteland in the distance…

Ivan frowned, vaguely guessing that it might be some kind of magic effect, no longer paid attention to pulled the curtain in, and then turned and left.

After going downstairs to wash, Ivan came to the living room again, and Nick -Flamel had sat there early, sipping a cup of morning tea slowly.

“Teacher, good morning!” Ivan walked to the chair beside the dinning table and greeted.

“Um… did you still get used to sleeping last night?” Nick -Flamel gently lowered the cup and asked with a smile.

“Very used!” Ivan nodded noddingly, Nick -Flamel is a wizard of centuries ago, but this house is not outdated at all, whether it is a living room or a bed that looks very modern, he also If you don’t recognize the bed, you will sleep well.

However, Ivan was very curious about the scene I saw just outside the window, so I inquired about it to disable to bear.

“You can see the city because it is very close to the Paris city…” Nick -Flamel not at all concealed the meaning, but explained it to Ivan.

In order to avoid unnecessary distractions, he used magic to hide an area to form an independent space, which is normally isolated from the outside and invisible from outside scenes.

Only people with coordinates entering and leaving through Disapparation cause the magic power to fluctuate, so that the protection is affected and the outside world can be seen in a short time.

“Is there a guest just now?” Ivan asked.

Nick -Flamel shook the head, explaining that he went out to purchase some materials.

This mansion is still not self-sufficient, he needs to go out every once in a while, and also by the way to see what new things the muggles have made.

Ivan knows this, and is keenly aware that Nick-Flamel seems to be very interested in the creation of muggle. There are even TVs and refrigerators in the living room.

“This morning, you can read the meeting book in the library. The books on the third row of bookshelves should be helpful to you. If you have any questions, I will answer you in the afternoon…” Nick -Flamel Ivan is scheduled for today’s business.

Before he learned from Dumbledore that Ivan is a very self-disciplined child, he not at all strictly asked when Ivan had to do what, but just gave some suggestions.

Ivan nodded responded, and then turned to the refrigerator, TV, and microwave in the living room, asking tentatively. “Teacher, I see a lot of muggle stuff here, can they work properly?”

When I entered the door, Ivan wanted to ask. It was a bit strange to find a bunch of muggle products in the home of a master Alchemist who was hundreds of years old.

“I made some enchantment improvements to them, and they can work normally even without electricity. If you are tired of reading, you can watch TV, but you should pay attention to controlling the time!” Nick -Flamel mistakenly thinks that Ivan is a child temperament, Curious about these muggle products, he reminded with a smile.

Ivan curl one’s lip, he was not very interested in the French drama of more than nine years, but Nick-Flamel was able to enchant this kind of electrical appliances beyond his expectations.

Although Ivan has long been able to transform some of the muggle’s technology into a magic item through alchemy, such as Hagrid’s flying motorcycle and Weasley’s magic car are similar products.

But TV is different, he is curious how Nick-Flamel solves the signal reception problem?

And you can get such a magic TV, why is it not popularized in magic circle?

For wizards lacking entertainment, such temptations should not be resisted!

“Teacher, since many muggle appliances can facilitate our lives, why not popularize it?” Ivan said his doubts in his heart, which is something he has never understood.

“It is not so easy to transform such an alchemy item! The ordinary wizard family cannot afford it at all,” Nick -Flamel shook the head explained, and then continued.

“In addition, European magic circles are generally conservative and have a certain prejudice against the creation of these muggles, thinking that the introduction of a large number of muggle equipment will impact the normal order of magic circles…”

Don’t look at the more wizards from the half-blood wizard and muggle. Magic circle has been slowly changing in unnoticeable influence. Many wizards’ daily life and wearing habits are gradually moving closer to the muggle.

But there are still some people in Magic Circle who still follow the old etiquette and life habits. They are extremely repulsive to the item of muggle and even adopt a hostile attitude.

The majority of these people are pure-blood wizards, which form a huge conservative force. On the one hand, they are derived from wizard discrimination against muggles, and on the other, they are to prevent new ideas and new things from shaking their status.

After listening to Nick-Flamel’s explanation, Ivan has some understanding of the current status of magic circle. In simple terms, it is the collision between new ideas and old ideas, and as time progresses, this contradiction is likely to be Getting bigger and bigger…

As for Magic Circle’s management of muggle items, Ivan also heard something. For example, England created the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office to prevent wizards from illegally modifying muggle’s technology items.

It’s worth mentioning that the leader of this department is Ron’s father Arthur Weasley.

And for the convenience of Arthur, when writing a law that prohibits the abuse of muggle item, he specifically left a loophole. In order to improve travel, the wizard can use magic to transform the transportation of muggle.

After having breakfast, Nick -Flamel took Ivan to the library on the first floor.

The space here is smaller than that of Black’s underground library, but the books are placed more closely. The rough sweeping past, the overlapping bookshelves make Ivan feel dizzy…

A high platform is also placed in front of the library, and there are a lot of incomprehensible magic texts engraved around it.

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