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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 549


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“This is a device for organizing and searching books. Just use wand to touch the desktop, read the name or type of the book, and activate magic to select the books you want.” Nick -Flamel pointed out Refers to the high platform and speaks introduced.

So convenient?

Ivan was surprised, I feel that this search platform for magic platform and muggle is a bit similar.

When he was at the Black House, he was still troubled by the fact that he had too many books to find, and didn’t expect Nick -Flamel actually solved this problem.

At this meeting, Nick-Le Mei has already drawn out the wand, put it on the high table, demonstrated it to Ivan, and said slowly.

“Type: Advanced Alchemy…”

As Nick -Flamel’s voice rang, a bookshelf on the right in front suddenly shook.

Soon, Ivan saw hundreds of books pulled away from the bookshelf, flew towards here, and finally fell into five groups neatly and quickly landed on the high platform, making a muffled noise.

“Modern Alchemy Appendix”, “Advanced Enchantment Magic”, “Research and Application of Runiwen”…

Ivan glanced and found that most of these books had never been read by himself. He picked up the “Modern Alchemy Appendix” and turned it over. The page was very new, and the author of the cover wrote awesomely. ——Nick -Flamel.

“Teacher, are these books your research results?” Ivan looked towards Nick -Flamel. No wonder he couldn’t find it elsewhere. It seems that it should be written by Nick -Flamel over the years, so it hasn’t Rumor.

“Most of it is!” Nick -Flamel nodded his head nodded, affirming Ivan’s guess, and then waved wand again, saying something. “Return!”

Except for the “Modern Alchemy Appendix” in Ivan’s hands, the remaining books slowly floated and flew back to their original positions.

“Choose the book you want, and put the rest back in this way! But remember that this magic is only effective if the book is placed on a high table.” Nick -Flamel turned his head and introduced to Ivan The use and disadvantages of the magic platform.

Ivan listened very carefully and asked from time to time the meaning of the rune burned on the magic platform. With such an easy-to-use “search engine”, he planned to install the one that comes when the time comes.

After teaching Ivan to use the high-level search function, Nick -Flamel didn’t stay any longer. After a few words, he left.

Ivan Ivan, who stayed alone, didn’t care too much, because he knew that Nick-Flamel was probably studying Resurrection Stone.

One Deathly Hallows is so attractive to Master Alchemist. Needless to say, Nick -Flamel is able to take some questions every day to answer questions for himself.

Ivan is very self-aware, he and Nick -Flamel are not yet a formal master and disciple relationship, the other party has no obligation to teach himself.

Thinking so, Ivan moved a chair and sat by the bookshelf on one side, slowly flipping through the pages of the “Modern Alchemy Appendix” in his hand.


In the next few days, Ivan will continue to live the otaku life of eating, reading, communicating, and sleeping in this alchemy hut.

Although normally there is little room for activity, Ivan feels very fulfilling and comfortable.

You don’t need to pretend to be in front of a group of brain-fixing monsters, and you don’t need to compete with those dark wizards. Now life is not too perfect compared to before!

Especially after gradually getting acquainted with the new environment, Ivan changed his previous constraints, and the place to read books gradually moved from the library to the living room.

Finally, I was able to sit comfortably by the fire, drinking iced lemon juice, and slowly flipping through the pages, feeling the coolness from the blue fire.

Great Xia, Ivan feels that there are not many wizards in the magic circle that can treat him like this…

However, it’s not impossible to say the troubles, that is, the gold books in the library are very esoteric and difficult to understand, even if Ivan is studying at the current alchemy level, it is very difficult to study.

If he had deliberately left a large number of students before, he could use the experience card to increase the learning speed when it is critical. After a few days, I am afraid that even a book cannot be thoroughly studied.

Until the afternoon a week later, Ivan finally turned to the last page and completed the knowledge on the gold hand draft placed on the table, which slowly closed the “Modern Alchemy Appendix” in his hand.

Ivan put the book down, and the subconsciously wanted to pick up the cup on the side and took a cold drink, but when he took the cup to his mouth, he suddenly found that it was empty.

“Wu ka ka…pour me another cold drink!” Ivan put the cup aside and said.

hearing this, a group of small alchemy creatures suddenly gathered around, like an ant moving house, very laboriously moved a jar full of lemon juice, and then several more together to work together Pour the jar down and slowly fill the cup.

“Good job!” Ivan laughed and complimented, picked up the cup and took a sip.

Ice cold lemon juice poured from the mouth, flowed into the stomach along the throat, and then gradually spread out, a sudden chill suddenly rushed into my mind, and Ivan couldn’t help but rejuvenate his spirit.

I’m tired of reading and reading. It’s not comfortable to drink a cold drink…

Ivan praised it a little, and the little alchemists appeared very happy, shouting “Urala” in their mouths, trying to move the jar back to the dim-blue stove.

Obviously, this cold drink was grilled on fire!

In the first few days, Ivan was also very puzzled by this bizarre magic stove, but after reading so many days of gold book refining, he finally managed to understand the principle of this stove.

Straightforward to say is that Nick-Flamel used some kind of alchemy magic to make the temperature of the flame reverse, and it became like this.

However, the efficiency of the conversion is obviously not ideal. He once tried to approach it, and the temperature of the flame was about a few degrees below zero.

Even so, the function of this alchemy array is enough to surprise Ivan. After all, he also learned some physics in high school, so it is really difficult to understand how to reverse the temperature.

However, most of the magic is difficult to analyze with existing theories.

For example, Pettigrew Peter of more than two hundred kilograms can be transformed into a mouse of several kilograms by Animagus transfiguration, which has a tens of times of weight difference, and the excess mass is so unfathomable mystery disappeared, or directly It was shrunk in the mouse’s body by magic power.

“Um…ideal…ideal! I think it’s cold, it’s cold, I think it’s hot, it’s hot!” Ivan tried to explain the problem in another way. He stretched out wand and clicked on the cup. , He wanted to see if he could turn cold drinks into hot drinks.

However, the cup was very don’t give face, it exploded directly, the cold lemonade splashed everywhere, and Ivan’s face was spattered…

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