Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 550


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“Sure enough…” Ivan wiped the water stains on his face and looked at the shards of glass on the table, disappointed sighed.

It’s easy to think about what is speaking of which, but when experimenting, Ivan found that it was simply impossible.

Without the aid of spells and gestures, the magic power within the body cannot understand his commands and will not obey his commands.

Ivan shook the head, so I had to temporarily abandon this thought and waved wand to start Pack Endgame.


Under the action of magic power, the broken pieces of glass shattered into a dozen pieces trembling and re-aggregated, just like the time reversed, and they were put together into an intact glass.

Even the scattered lemon juice has been collected again…

Of course, Ivan has no interest in drinking this glass of lemon juice. He turns his head and pours it into the trash can.

The alchemy creatures that are small and look like radish heads are taken aback by the suddenly bursting cup, and lose one’s head out of fear is chasing everywhere, until Ivan repairs the cup, the alchemy creatures stop, see the cup empty After that, he started to work hard without hesitation.

Ivan watched these Little Brats busy up and down, not at all meaning to put their hands together, observing the actions of these alchemy creatures is a rare entertainment in his alchemy hut.

And if they really help, they will not only be grateful, but they will also become very frustrated because doing these chores is what they mean.

Ivan is also very curious about the high intelligence shown by these “small turnip heads”. He hasn’t seen similar alchemy creatures. The alchemy Puffskein made by George and Fred is similar.

However, the IQ of magic creations is generally not high. It is only about simple judgments and dull expressions, far from such cleverness.

Ivan could not help reaching out to grab one of the “radish heads”, grabbed it curiously, ignoring the struggle of this little thing, and looked around.

Finally, it was found that the appearance of this thing was silver white, which looked smooth and flawless. Not at all what magic text was burned on it may belong to the category of enchanted magic, but it does not exclude some kind of alchemy method he did not know.

I have to say that after entering this alchemy hut, Ivan gradually realized how ignorant he was.

The more you learn those high-end gold book books, the more Ivan understands how shallow the knowledge she has.

A few days ago, he was still complacent about his sixth-level alchemy. Now it seems that his alchemy was just entered, and now it is only when he has really come into contact with the secrets of alchemy.

Ivan was silent in the heart with emotion, the movements in his hands did not stop, and began to sort out the messy alchemy notes on the table.

The “Modern Alchemy Appendix” written by Nick -Flamel is very extensive. It is not so much a guide book, but rather a summary of many alchemy doctrines, like something like a general outline.

One of the most interesting to Ivan is a special enchantment magic.

“Strong and pure emotions can often explode the power of unimaginable…brilliant’s wizard can be guided by magic to store this power in a specific appliance, making it an extremely powerful magic item.” Ivan looked towards a parchment On, gazing at the content recorded above, said softly to himself.

He has seen the power of this emotion twice, once is the protective spell on Harry, and the other is the meniscus pendant that Isia gave him…

Thinking of this, Ivan reached into his clothes and grabbed a silver chain.

A crescent-shaped pendant hangs at the end of the chain, but it looks a bit dim under the sun. Several deep cracks are clearly visible on the pendant, and you can see it vaguely when you turn the back. Engraved with his name.

【magic item: meniscus pendant

magic power: low (strong)

Explanation: This is a magic item made with a lot of precious metals, and it can withstand a deadly attack for the carrier. It is now damaged.

Note: It contains more than magic power…]

“Not just the power of magic… is there love?” Ivan murmured the pendant in his hand.

Combined with the “Modern Alchemy Appendix”, Isia used a specific method to guide this emotion into this alchemy item, so as to activate the above protective magic spells in order to be powerful. Enough to resist lethal damage!

Let’s know that the lethal spell is not so resistant, and it doesn’t seem to restrict the type, which means that in the judgment of the system, even if Voldemort uses Avada Kedavra for himself, he has a great probability of being safe. thing.

As for the “trifling” magic power rating, Ivan thinks it is normal after thinking about it. It is not easy for a one-time item to get such a rating.

If it can be used multiple times, the evaluation will increase by at least one more level!

At the same time, Ivan also carefully noticed that some changes have been made to the notes of the meniscus pendant. Unlike the last time I checked, the sentence “Your alchemy level is not enough to repair it…” has disappeared, which is why It means that you already have the ability to repair it.

“But, how do you fix this thing?” Ivan turned the pendant around in a headache, staring at the cracked lines.

With his existing knowledge, there is no problem in healing these cracks, but the key lies in the core of it-that is, the power of emotions has long been dissipated, even if it is repaired, it will also be impossible and play the role of resisting lethal magic.

Although the “Modern Alchemy Appendix” mentions emotional magic, it does not at all give guidance, so Ivan has no clue how to fix it.

Forget it, or wait and ask Nick -Flamel directly…

Ivan thought so, sorted out the scattered notes on the table, looked at the time, and got up and walked towards Nick-Flamel’s studio.

dong dong dong …

Ivan knocked lightly on the door and waited for a response from the door before opening the door and walking in.

Nick-Flamel is sitting at the table in front of him, staring at a drawing on the table, his face looks tired, but his head is very excited.

Ivan is not surprised, because when he stayed up late in his previous life, he was in the same state when he was playing games. The feeling of being physically tired but still thinking about playing another game, he was very familiar.

It also makes Ivan feel a little worried. Nick-Flamel is so exhausted when he is a lot of age, and he doesn’t know if he can’t eat it.

When Ivan heard the sound of pushing the door, Nick-Flamel seemed to be aware, slowly raised his head and turned his eyes to Ivan…

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