Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 551


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“Wrahles, did you encounter something you didn’t understand while reading the book?” Nick -Flamel put down his job and asked.

“Yes, Teacher! I have finished reading this “Modern Alchemy Appendix”, but I still don’t know much about the alchemy theory explained in it.”

Ivan ordered nodded, not at all, anxious to ask about emotional magic, but took out his alchemy notes and handed it to Nick-Flamel.

“You finished reading so quickly?” Nick -Flamel reached out and took the notes, looking surprised.

Know that this “Modern Alchemy Appendix” was written by him in seven years. It is a summary of the existing alchemy theories. The alchemy knowledge contained therein is complicated and profound.

In Nick-Flamel’s view, Ivan can finish this book this summer and have a good understanding of these alchemy disciplines.

“Finally, after reading it…” Ivan scratched his head and said very uncertainly.

Nick -Flamel slowly turned the alchemy notes Ivan handed over in doubt.

In the past three days, his research has reached a critical point. During this period, he inevitably neglected the guidance of Ivan, so his understanding of Ivan’s learning progress was still three days ago. After the “Modern Alchemy Appendix” was surprised.

“Very good, faster than I thought!” Nick -Flamel took a few minutes to scan through the notes, and then looked at Ivan in surprise.

From these notes alone, Ivan’s learning progress has exceeded his expectations, it seems that the past few days Ivan did not work hard.

Nick -Flamel has taught many apprentices for hundreds of years, many of them are talented wizards, but they can’t talk about learning ability alone, and none can match each other.

No wonder Ivan can achieve such achievements in many subjects at a young age…

Nick -Flamel looked at Ivan’s young face, and he was very emotional. In front of this young wizard, other so-called geniuses might be overshadowed.

“It’s all thanks to your answers to my doubts.” Ivan replied very humbly, which also included a little sincerity.

Although he can use the study tyrant experience card to increase the speed of his thinking and get an extraordinary learning speed, this state is not omnipotent.

Questions caused by lack of knowledge cannot be resolved even in the experience card mode.

At this time, a Master Alchemist was willing to answer the questions for him, and his role was revealed. A few words from the other party can clear the obstacles ahead for him.

Nick -Flamel smiles the head and not at all takes Ivan’s compliments seriously.

In fact, Ivan has been in a state of semi-self-study since coming to this alchemy hut. He can occasionally take the time to point out one or two.

Most of this fast learning progress is the result of Ivan’s own efforts.

Thinking of this, Nick-Flamel couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed, so he settled down and took a few sheets of paper to explain the alchemy knowledge to Ivan.

Ivan also elaborated on the problems he encountered during his study one after another.

After more than an hour of questions and answers, Ivan suddenly asked out loud.

“Teacher, I saw in this “Modern Alchemy Appendix” that the wizard of the brilliant can use guidance to use strong emotions to increase the power of magic, and even incorporate willpower into it to make an extremely powerful alchemy item.”

“That’s right! But it’s not an easy task to do this.” Nick -Flamel nodded nodded, and wondered why Ivan suddenly asked about this.

“Do you have a way to repair such an alchemy prop?” Ivan quickly asked.

“Oh? Then I have to look at it…” Nick -Flamel had a little interest, and an alchemy item incorporating producer willpower was quite rare.

Ivan hesitated for a moment, then took the meniscus pendant hanging from his neck and put it on the table.

“Is this the case?” Nick -Flamel looked at the silver white meniscus-shaped pendant on the table with interest, and flicked it gently with the thin, wrinkled forefinger, and said in his mouth. What, the surface of the meniscus suddenly filled with a touch of luster.

“The main material is Mithril, in order to strengthen the hardness, some dragon scales fragments and black stone powder are mixed, well… apart from this, and some more special things…” Nick -Flamel murmured, he Can feel some of the emotions that remain in the meniscus pendant.

Love… Asylum… Pray…

Combined with the production time judged from the wear of the material, Nick -Flamel quickly came to a conclusion and understood how this thing was made.

“It’s really clever! I can think of using the emotions gathered during that particular period to increase the effect of magic… no wonder.” Nick -Flamel tsk tsk exclaimed.

In his eyes, the producer of this pendant does not have a high level of alchemy. It is logically impossible to put his emotions on this alchemy item.

But the other party did it in a tricky way!

Of course, the difficulty of this trick is not low at all… and only the other party can do it.

Nick -Flamel flipped the pendant to see the name engraved on it, confirmed the guess in his heart, and turned to look towards Ivan.

“Wrahles, is this pendant your mother gave you?”

“It seems that she once saved your life!” Nick -Flamel has seen the effect of this pendant and understands what damage means.

“Yes!” Ivan helpless shrugged, and did not conceal the fact that three years ago, he was forced to single out with Voldemort for defensive magic stone.

“During the fight, a lot of black mist poured out of Voldemort’s body. I wanted to corrode my body. It was the meniscus pendant that protected me and kept me awake!”

Speaking of this, Ivan is also a bit afraid.

In the beginning, he just wanted to make a soy sauce, use the plot to kill Voldemort to complete the task, but did not want Harry as the absolute main force to be so weak, and he fainted as soon as he started playing, so that he was finally surrounded by perils.

If it weren’t for the protection of this meniscus pendant, it would take some time, plus the sudden awakening of Bloodline magic, my body might have been cold…

I have made such a great achievement, but the stumbled Dumbledore is only willing to compensate him with a little house point…

Ivan is full of resentment, emphasizing that this precious meniscus pendant was damaged in the battle of defensive magic stones, which should be considered due to official damage…

As the owner of Philosopher’s Stone, do you have to fix it for me?

Ivan stared at Nick -Flamel, although he didn’t say it clearly, but the meaning was too obvious.

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