Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 552


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Nick -Flamel naturally heard Ivan’s potential lines, and for a while it didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Repairing an alchemy item is no problem for him.

But the key is that he injected emotion into this pendant to fill this vacancy. After all, it was a bit inappropriate, so Nick -Flamel shook the head rejected Ivan’s request.

“The past few days, I will teach you the related guide magic. Whether you can fix it depends on your own.” Nick -Flamel said.

Ivan couldn’t help but shine, if he can learn to guide the magic of emotions, not only can he fix this meniscus pendant, maybe he can also make some formidable power powerful magic props, and let his alchemy level bring it up a level .

“Oh, Teacher! Can you tell when this pendant was made?” Ivan suddenly asked what he thought of.

“In terms of the wear of Mithril, it should be fourteen years ago…” Nick -Flamel hesitated to answer Ivan, and then turned the pendant over, looking at the name engraved on it, and continued Said. “As for the name later, it was engraved more than three years ago.”

fourteen years ago…

Ivan thoughts move, in terms of time, it should be before and after birth…

The name on the pendant was engraved three years ago, exactly when he entered Hogwarts.

This makes Ivan’s mind a little suspicious. If this meniscus pendant is prepared for himself, then after he was born, this thing should be engraved and hung on his neck.

In his memory, Isia never brought this pendant.

Why is a magic item with the function of resisting Killing Curse sealed after being produced for so many years?

Ivan frowned, but I couldn’t understand it.

“Since there is a question, why don’t you just ask her?” Nick -Flamel looked at Ivan’s thoughtful meditation and couldn’t help suggesting.

Ivan helpless shrugged, he wanted to ask.

But if Isia sees this meniscus hang, it will immediately know that he almost died in Hogwarts.

Isaiah’s character will flies into a rage, not to mention, it may be possible to find Dumbledore to settle the account, so Ivan has been so dragged down.

Nick -Flamel saw Ivan’s delay and did not answer. He understood that Ivan had concerns and asked no more. Instead, he continued to explain the profound knowledge of alchemy.

Ivan didn’t mention this matter tacitly, and put the previous doubts aside for a while, and concentrated on learning.


Unconsciously, the time of January is passing by. Under the guidance of Nick-Flamel, Ivan’s alchemy level can be said to have been improved by advanced by leaps and bounds.

Although there is still a big gap from the skill upgrade to level 7, the long proficiency has been filled by half.

Ivan has been able to make such a great improvement in more than a month, because according to Nick -Flamel’s description and his own conjecture, level 6 to level 7 may be a huge change!

What makes Ivan happy even more is that Nick-Flamel is finally relieved of the matter of accepting a person, and promises to formally accept him as a student when he repairs the meniscus pendant!

After having a clear goal, Ivan worked harder, and without hesitating to use academic grade points to speed up the learning process, Ivan read a few books recommended by Nick -Flamel a week ago.

Following time, Ivan will soak in the studio to experiment with the alchemy knowledge he has learned, especially considering how to repair the meniscus pendant.

As early as a few days ago, Ivan learned from Nick-Flamel how to use emotional power, which can be roughly divided into two types.

The first method is to use specific spells to assist and inject strong and pure emotions into the alchemy item.

The advantage is that it is time-consuming and very convenient, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult. Once it fails, this alchemy item will become extremely unstable and may be accompanied by certain risks.

Second method is more troublesome and takes a long time, so he does not consider it at all.

Ivan thought silently in his mind, but the movements in his hand were non-stop, waving a carving knife in his hand, little by little, and engraving a magic word on a talisman.

Focus…lead emotions!

Ivan made as much as he could according to the method given by Nick -Flamel. It took a few hours to engrave the last magic text.

“I hope it works!”

Ivan glanced tentatively at the amulet he had made. After thinking about it, he felt baffled and gave himself a Shield Charm. Then he closed his eyes and began to recall the situation when he was in danger.

This magic is similar to Patronus Charm, which condenses happiness, and is the power of condensing emotions…

Ivan tried hard to remember that his heart was full of the will to protect himself, and then took out the wand with the tip and the talisman, and tried to enter some magic power.

A few strands of silver “silk thread” floated along the tip into the talisman, and the engraved engravings on the surface of the talisman lit up one by one.

If Ivan eyes opened, you can see that the silver “silk thread” is not pure, and it is also doped with a little black red light, and because of this, the color of the amulet is getting darker and darker, and it gradually becomes hot.

A sudden feeling of palpitations suddenly rose in the mind, interrupting Ivan’s thoughts, and his eyes opened to notice the abnormal shape of the talisman.

Ivan’s complexion suddenly changed, wand waved, and a wave of air set off and flew the talisman bullet out, and fell directly into the pool.


next moment, a silent explosion sounded, the fiery magic power inside the talisman was completely out of control, and the pool water was splashed everywhere, and the whole studio was like a light rain.

“Unfortunately… failed again!” Ivan looked at this scene, sighed, a thin magic power barrier flashed over his body, blocking the water droplets outside, and waving wand again to start the recovery spell Pack endgame.

Several seconds later, under the effect of magic power, everything seems to be back to its original state. Ivan took the badly damaged talisman from the pool water, and took the head and threw it into a box containing waste products.

[ding, after a period of practice, your alchemy level is slightly improved, the current level 6 (812916000)]

In my mind, the system’s prompt sounded, but Ivan didn’t pay attention at all, and seemed a little frustrated.

In this week, he has carried out similar experiments many times, but all failed without exception, only accumulated a lot of experience of failure, there are no successful examples.

It seems that it is harder to condense strong and pure emotions than he imagined!


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