Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 553


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Ivan thought of his confidence a while ago and told Nick -Flamel that he would learn this magical scene soon, and his face became a little embarrassed.

No wonder Nick-Flamel was just laughed at the time, and said nothing. Now it seems that the other party obviously knows that this particular alchemy method is not so easy to succeed.

Ivan looked at the scraps scattered on the workbench, helpless hook the head, glanced at the darkening sky outside the window, and touched the empty stomach again, and put the carving knife in his hand.

The troubles are the troubles, but Ivan knows the truth about the combination of work and rest.

After packing around the messy studio, Ivan took the book all the way to the living room to prepare for today’s dinner.

Nick -Flamel is already waiting there.

“How is it? Have any clues?” Nick-Flamel turned to look at Ivan, who was eating pastries frowning, and asked.

Ivan went straight to the opposite side and sat down. He grabbed a piece of pumpkin pie and gnawed a bit, then said vaguely.

“I’ve tried it many times, but it still doesn’t work, I feel like I’m a little bit worse…”

“Ah… is that so?” Nick -Flamel said with a smile, not surprising.

Guide and use your own emotions to inject a certain kind of willpower into the alchemy item. It is a kind of high-end alchemy. Master Alchemist who can do this through the magic circle can count it with one hand.

If Ivan can master it in more than a month, other alchemists who have been studying for decades can’t be ashamed to commit suicide.

In fact, seeing Ivan encounter a difficult situation, Nick-Flamel’s heart is calmer, because the learning speed of this young wizard is too fast!

The ordinary wizard needs to learn for several months, and Ivan can master it within a week.

If not all the alchemy knowledge was compiled by him in recent years, it has never been rumored that Nick-Flamel is unable to bear. I wonder if Ivan learned it in advance, and then deliberately fooled himself.

“Teacher, isn’t there a way to make a trick?” Ivan didn’t know what Nick -Flamel thought, but frowns asked.

Nick raised his eyebrows, and his expression became more serious. “Wrahles, I need to remind you that alchemy is an extremely delicate subject. It is impossible to make real progress by relying on clever research.”

Ivan was stunned, and suddenly understood that he was wrong, and immediately wanted to apologize, but Nick-Flamel waved his hand at this moment, interrupting his words.

“You are a little too eager these days…At your age, you still have a lot of time to learn slowly. The improvement of alchemy requires years of accumulation, and it is not something that can be achieved overnight.” Nick- Flamel reminded with a long focus.

For more than a month, while being surprised by Ivan’s learning ability, Nick-Flamel was also a little puzzled by the hard work Ivan showed.

In theory, shouldn’t young wizards of this age be more enthusiastic about playing?

When Ivan asked about the magic TV before, he was still a little worried that Ivan would be addicted to the cartoons produced by the muggle. As a result, the magic TV has not been turned on for such a long time…

Nick -Flamel couldn’t understand the reason, but I attributed it to Ivan who was too precocious to restrain his desires.

“I understand, Teacher!” Listening to Nick-Flamel’s words, Ivan nodded noddingly and quickly adjusted it. In the past few days, he was really too anxious.

However, this should not be blamed on him. After all, whether it is the pressure of prophecy or the uneasy dark wizards in Knockturn Alley, Ivan is forcing Ivan to improve his strength as soon as possible.

Otherwise, once you encounter a strong enemy that is difficult to solve in a short time, the battle strength disguised by the Bloodline magic and the blessing of the enhanced magic text will be instantly dismantled!

At that time, who knows if these dark wizards will be obedient. If they collectively backlash or do some small actions in private, it will be troublesome.

So Ivan’s improvement is urgent!

It’s just that the magic of transfiguration that he is best at magic. After rising to level 6, the increase in proficiency has become slower and slower. Recently, he has reached a point of near stagnation and can’t find a way forward.

Just when Nick-Flamel is willing to teach him alchemy, Ivan is ready to find a breakthrough in this regard.

After all, alchemy, like magic, is a method of using magic power. The final form of the two different routes to the same destination is to make wizard become the god of “what the heart wants, that is, reality”!

Inject self-willpower into the alchemy item to achieve a certain effect, which is somewhat similar to the desired use spell state. Ivan feels that if he can upgrade alchemy to level 7, then there will definitely be improvements for other magic. great help.

Of course, these thoughts Ivan not at all speak out, but hide them in my heart. The various encounters at Knockturn Alley taught Ivan to shut up in a timely manner. Sometimes I say too much in front of smart people. What a good thing, maybe the brain will make up something extraordinary.

After reminding a few words, Nick -Flamel did not say anything more, and instead took out a letter and placed it in front of Ivan.

Ivan took the envelope curiously and glanced at it. He noticed the Hogwarts school badge on it and immediately guessed the envelope.

“This is from Phoenix Fawkes. I think Albus wants to remind you not to delay the start of the train. You have lived here for a month and a half, and Hogwarts is about to start the school in time.” Nick -Flamel said with a smile.

“So fast?” Ivan mumbled to himself, opened the envelope and glanced.

The content and exactly similar in the past are all told that he went to King’s Cross Station in London to take the train to school on September 1st, and the book list for the current school year is attached at the end.

The school is about to start, but Ivan is not very happy. At his current magic level, Hogwarts has little to teach him.

The most important thing is that without Nick-Flamel’s advice, the growth of alchemy’s proficiency may become very slow. If you want to break through your own bottleneck, you have to wait another year.

“Wrahles, blind mechanical learning does not provide you with much help, let alone experience this strong and pure power. If you have never experienced it, how about using it?” Nick- Flamel asked.

Hearing this, Ivan suddenly fell into contemplation.

Nick -Flamel pointed to the envelope in his hand and continued. “Hogwarts is a very suitable place, isn’t it?”


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