Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 554


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“Injecting willpower into alchemy items is an extremely special gold hand method. No one can help you in this process.”

“However, your innate talent is very good, experience a few more things, I think you will experience it!”

Nick -Flamel looked towards Ivan, doing the final summary.

Hearing this, Ivan was lost in contemplation, and he gradually realized what he was missing.

Different from Nick-Flamel’s imagination, he is not without experience.

If one year ago, Ivan felt that he might be able to use the power of hatred and try to make a powerful dark magic method item.

However, since I got Time-Turner and figured out the entire process of development, this powerful negative emotion has become much weaker, and some memories are buried in my heart.

Ivan doesn’t want to remember those painful scenes anymore. It is obviously impossible to break through bottleneck with this.

“I understand, Teacher, I will return to school on time!” Ivan quickly adjusted his emotions.

Although Hogwarts’ course has not helped him much, he still needs to take the course.

Standing here can’t cause emotional fluctuations, let alone get academic grade points in class, which can be used to speed up the learning process, and it’s not a loss.

Seeing Ivan finally figured it out, Nick -Flamel nodded with a smile.

He focused on reminding this point, in addition to making Ivan aware of his own shortcomings, he also did not want Ivan to devote himself to learning, and at this age excessively pursue strength improvement, thus ignoring some of the more important thing.

After making a decision, in the next few days, Ivan took some time to return to Diagon Alley to buy this year’s learning tools in addition to his daily studies and experiments.

Originally, Ivan wanted to get a taste of the French style. He bought materials at the magic circle in Paris. As a result, the books he bought were all in French, and they were not the same set of Hogwarts textbooks.

On the last day before the semester, Ivan specially went back to Knockturn Alley, and changed into an owl form to look at the status of those wizards, and then said goodbye to Essia in private.

No way, he was already scared by those brain-filling monsters. Before Leggilimency was improved to read the memory at will, it was better to avoid it.

“It’s hard to come back once, why don’t I stay a little longer… I have lost so much, all the dark circles are out, are you not used to living with your new Teacher?” Isia squeezed Ivan’s On the cheeks, Ivan looked at Ivan’s eyes distressedly because of the faint dark circles formed by staying up all night.

“No, I am used to living there, and I have learned a lot…” Ivan hurriedly took the head and described his experience these days.

From the alchemy creatures and magic potted plants seen after entering the door, to the later analysis of alchemy, Ivan said very detailed, but selectively omitted the related topics of the existence of Dumbledore and the meniscus pendant.

Will this affect Nick-Flamel in seclusion?

Ivan is not worried, because Isia knew that he was visiting the Master Alchemist in the past two months, and if you want to get to this residence, you must have the corresponding coordinates, so it will not cause anything. Hinder.

The only thing to worry about is the spread of some secret knowledge.

Fortunately, after these days of understanding, Ivan found that Nick -Flamel not at all portals is not the kind of wizard that hides knowledge and teaches people to keep one hand.

So Ivan had tried his tone a few days ago, and now he dares to tell Esia about his conversation with Nick-Flamel.

Under Ivan’s slow narration, Isia quickly fell into it, especially when he heard Nick-Flamel’s explanation of the nature of magic and alchemy, his face was shocked.

“What the heart thinks is reality…” Aisia muttered.

“Well, Teacher told me this is the end of magic!” Ivan said.

Isia will not question Nick-Flamel’s exposition of magic, but this statement is so wonderful that she has some doubts. Is there a wizard that can do this?

Thinking is done, omnipotent, can’t it be called a person?

“By the way, did you just say that Mr. Nick -Flamel has not formally accepted you as a disciple?” Aisia thought of Ivan’s previous words and asked strangely.

“That’s right, Teacher gave me a test, saying that when I pass, I consider the matter of admission.” Ivan helpless shrugged.

“Really? Then you have to work hard… what is the test?” Isia said with a smile, not very worried.

In her view, since Nick-Flamel is willing to teach so many core knowledge to Ivan, it proves that the other party intends to accept his own child as a discipline.

“Well…it’s a very special alchemy item repair…” Ivan fooled the past and was scolded, and he didn’t intend to talk about the meniscus pendant.

Isia didn’t ask much, but thought it was not disclosed. She believed that Ivan’s cleverness would certainly not be stumped by a small test.

Ivan also hurriedly changed the subject and learned about the current situation of Knockturn Alley, especially wanting to know if the restless dark wizard has made any moths.

“The training is going well, it’s already a bit like that, the number of Law Enforcement Team has increased to ten people…” Isia spoke eloquently, giving Knockturn Alley what has happened in the past two months in a few minutes. Said it again.

The work of transforming and recycling the protective ring is also steadily proceeding. It is expected that the protective items originally ordered by Ministry of Magic will be replaced by almost almost one year.

Ivan ordered nodded, as long as there is no problem.

Then Ivan handed over his gold refining notes collected during this time to Aishia, which recorded a lot of secret door setting techniques. Asked out.

Unless there is a Master Alchemist at the same level to check carefully, otherwise impossible sees that these protective props are passive.

“With this knowledge, we can implement the plan when the time comes to be more secretive.” Isia took the gold hand record and turned it over for a few glances.

Ministry of Magic Department of Mysteries There are also many capable people. The secret doors they figured out by themselves are not necessarily secret enough, and they may be discovered.

No need to worry now, because there is no Master Alchemist in the Ministry of Magic that can match Nick -Flamel.

No, we have no plans at all!

Ivan rolled the eyes, wanting to explain, but before he could speak, Esia seemed to think of something, and suddenly said.

“You wait here first, I almost forgot to give you something!”

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