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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 555


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Ivan waited a little bit curiously.

A few minutes later, Esia walked out of the house, still holding a book in her hand.

“This is what Gleason asked me to hand over to you a few days ago. I think it’s a good write-up. If you have time, take the time to see if it works…” Isia handed the book to Ivan.

Gleason? Ivan thought about it, and had no impression of the name. I just remembered seeing it on the list of people Dougte gave him. He was one of his subordinates.

Ivan took a look at it, and the cover of the new century was engraved with golden red lines on the cover.

The background is a painting, which looks like a hand-drawn style. The scene is outlined only with black and white lines. It can be seen that the wizard is not tall. It is surrounded by a group of people and is standing in the center. Left hand, what action is being done.

The pure black surroundings have left a line of white lines that extend from the man’s left hand, seeming to represent endless light… There are also a few wizards kneeling under his feet as if they were called .

Ivan frowned, a little doubt that this book is a cult brochure, but how does he feel so familiar with this scene?

However, when I opened it in the middle, Ivan realized that it seemed to be a philosophy book mixed with some religious ideas.

[He was born with great wisdom…]

[He is the only light in the darkness and will surely lead us to prosperity…]

After scanning a few lines, Ivan curl one’s lip, he has never been interested in such books, and even suspects that Gleason is a fanatical religious element, intending to pull him into teaching…

In view of the special book title and Isia’s suggestion, Ivan closed his backhand and decided to take a moment to read it when he went back.

If it’s the same as he thought, then he has to consider kicking Gleason out of Knockturn Alley so as not to confuse other wizards.

“Mother, it’s not early, I’m afraid I have to go back.” Ivan put away the book and looked at the clock opening on the wall again.

Isia rubbed Ivan’s hair a little bit reluctantly, but didn’t say anything to keep, just reminded Ivan not to forget to send her a regular letter when she arrived at school.

“Of course…I will remember! One month…not once a week!” Ivan solemnly vowed replied.

“It’s strange if you can remember! How many letters have you sent me in the past few years? And you promised me every Christmas, which time did you come back?”

Isia stretched her hand angrily and flicked Ivan’s forehead, instructing Ivan to write down and hang it in a conspicuous place, otherwise he would surely turn around and forget.

Ivan helpless shrugged, how can this be blamed?

Every year, Hogwarts will have a lot of messy things to deal with. Around the Christmas and Christmas two years ago, he is either starting to merge the new Bloodline or is being pitted by Dumbledore. How can he get back after helping him sweep the tail?

And this year Hogwarts is going to host the Triwizard Tournament, Voldemort is secretly planning a resurrection. Will he be able to come back for Christmas, Ivan also has no bottom, simply dare not give any guarantees, and can only fool around in the past…

After saying goodbye to Isia, Ivan performed Disapparation and returned to Nick-Flamel’s mansion.

This long-distance spatial displacement twice a day, even if Ivan’s magic power reserves have exceeded the average adult wizard, still can’t bear it.

Fortunately, London is not too far away from Paris, otherwise you have to squeeze him out!

Ivan shook the head, walked all the way from the courtyard into the house, a group of small alchemy creatures shouted shhuaa~ Family.

Ivan is not surprised. For more than a month, he has been familiar with the alchemy creatures and magic plants here, and the relationship is very close.

“Wu ka ka…Teacher?” Ivan looked around at the silhouette of Nick -Flamel, and looked towards those “small carrot heads”.

The latter all pointed him to the direction of the studio. Ivan suddenly understood that it seemed that Nick-Flamel was a little fascinated by research, not at all came out to drink afternoon tea as usual.

“What the teacher is studying…” Ivan looked at the closed door in the studio on the first floor and guessed secretly.

He used to think that Nick -Flamel was repairing Deathly Hallows-Resurrection Stone at this time, but when he entered the studio for consultation yesterday, he accidentally saw this Master Alchemist drawing a drawing.

Although I only had time to look at it, Ivan turned away, but because he was so impressed, he clearly remembered a strange device on the drawing.

The thing that draws magic power to guide the magic power, the center is a groove, inlaid with a bright red irregular stone, and he has seen Philosopher’s Stone looks exactly the same.

Obviously, what Nick -Flamel is devoted to researching is related to Philosopher’s Stone, not the Resurrection Stone that he had expected!

But if he remembers correctly, Philosopher’s Stone has already been destroyed. What’s the use of studying this?

Is it still said that the destruction of Philosopher’s Stone is actually fake news?

Even if this is the case, Ivan finds it strange.

Because Dumbledore once explicitly asked Nick -Flamel to “repair” an item, he would have guessed that it was related to Resurrection Stone.

Other things simply do not correspond.

Ivan touched his chin, suspecting that Nick-Flamel might be studying multiple things at the same time, but after thinking it over carefully, he felt unlikely.

Dumbledore was very anxious at the time, and wanted to shorten the “repair” time as much as possible. With the friendly relationship between the two, Nick-Flamel should not share the energy by studying other topics.

Alas… forget it!

After thinking for a long time, Ivan didn’t understand it. Ivan had to take the head and leave it behind. Anyway, he couldn’t control the things between these big guys.

After teasing the alchemical creatures and pouring water on the weird green plants, Ivan went straight back to his room and opened the “New Century Manifesto” curiously.

Turning on the first page, I saw the golden red above, the magnified preface, Ivan suddenly stunned.

【We should use a wizard’s magic level instead of bloodline to measure his value. Bloodline theory is nothing but the humble opinion of the ignorant… here is magic circle, magic is both powerful! 】

“Wait, isn’t that what I said? Why is it in this book?” Ivan was very strange. After looking at the signature below, it was indeed his own name.

The cover… Ivan suddenly thought of something, and turned it over again to take a look, only to remember that it was the scene where he killed Rhys Nott in the conference hall more than a month ago.

“No?” Ivan already had an unpleasant feeling when he saw this. He hurriedly turned the page and continued to read a few pages, his expression changing unpredictably.





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