Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 556


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After watching it for more than an hour, Ivan roughly finished this two-finger thick booklet, and his face became extremely exciting.

This “New Century Declaration” is divided into three parts.

The first part is a summary analysis of the content of his previous speech. Each sentence is split into a single page, and at least a thousand words of comments will be marked below.

Just looking at Ivan, he felt that his scalp was tingling and embarrassing. Even the reading comprehension he had done in his previous life was not so exaggerated… This is similar to the magic version of the Bible or the Analects.

The second part is about his Legendary experience in recent years.

However, in this part of the words and sentences, there is a certain sense of deification, and even Ivan who has been changed to Ivan can’t recognize that Ivan -Wrahles, who is born with great wisdom and great magic power, will lead the wizard to create a new era. Yours refers to yourself…

It’s too exaggerated…

The last third part is based on his theory to explain the future change of magic circle, which is slightly normal to Ivan.

The book also specifically mentions that if you want to liberate the productivity of the wizard, you need to change those old ideas first, free the wizard from meaningless boring work, and invest in more meaningful magic research…

“Gleason?!” Ivan turned to the last page, and bang merged the “New Century Manifesto” into it, which was a headache to himself.

How can these people do things?

He all hid in a safe house in Paris, but he didn’t plan to let him go…

If possible, Ivan would like to drag the wizard named Gleason over to teach him a meal, lest this guy think about how to invite new tricks all day long.

Ivan was a little gnash the teeth, and after calming down, looked towards this book again, but for a while, I didn’t know what to do.

Apart from those prejudices, Ivan also has to admit that the “New Century Manifesto” is indeed a book with progressive ideas, summarizing some of his ideas very well.

The content is simple, easy to understand, and thought-provoking. It presents the shortcomings and dilemmas of magic circle in front of readers like stripping cocoons. It also puts forward some practical solutions in the analysis and summary.

Even after Ivan watched it, he also benefited a lot. From time to time, he suddenly burst out with a feeling of “I thought that way, I had such prescientness”.

As for the intentional and unintentional deifications in the second part of Legendary’s experience, Ivan thought about it carefully and realized the deep meaning.

Obviously, Gleason thought he wanted to engage in personal worship.

Ivan has read history books, and of course it is clear that in some extreme cases, propaganda in this way can greatly improve the cohesiveness of a team in a short period of time, and cultivate a group of enthusiastic and heart-warming people. subordinate.

But history also proves that personal worship is a double-edged sword. The extreme examples Ivan can think of are almost all wrong!

The reason is simple. Followers usually fanatically think that “God” is perfect and impossible to make mistakes, which leads to “God” having absolute authority, and no one dares to deny the word of “God”.

Unfortunately, all those who were promoted to God and thus supported by everyone are still humans after all…

As long as you are an individual, you will never make mistakes and make absolutely correct choices in everything!

Once an error occurs, the blind obedience of a large number of supporters can easily magnify this wrong behavior indefinitely, and eventually it becomes difficult to pack.

Ivan reached out and took a parchment from the side, holding quill in his hand, but hesitated for a long time without falling.

According to his original thinking, he should write a stern letter, rebuking Gleason’s self-proclaimed behavior, so that he can calm down and burn or seal the book.

Because according to Gleason’s idea, send a copy to Knockturn Alley’s wizards, you will definitely feel very uncomfortable in the future.

Being deified is not a good thing. It means that you need to be cautiously to maintain your own image.

When I first returned to Knockturn Alley, in order to calm down the dark wizards, Ivan deliberately pretended to be a strong and fierce look. He couldn’t stand it for just a week and was forced to hide in this safe house to take refuge.

If he puts on for a few years or more than ten years, then he must not be crazy!

In addition, Ivan is a little worried that this “New Century Manifesto” renders him too powerful. Once he can’t help it by accident, it is likely to cause the belief to collapse.

Wizards who realize that they have been deceived may not do anything crazy.

This is also why Ivan feels that this new century declaration needs to be sealed, which is too easy to cause some trouble for himself.

If you accidentally spread it and spread it on a large scale, which attracted the attention of Ministry of Magic, it would be even more finished.

According to the information he has learned from many contacts with Fudge, this Minister of Magic is a solid conservative. The ruling concept is mainly to maintain stability. Impossible will support this radical idea, and may even give it Resist and trace the source.

In the end, he will definitely find his head, because the “New Century Manifesto” was written with him as the center, and his name is clearly written on it.

Of course, in terms of his age and popularity in magic circle, publishing such a book that promotes radical reform and self-deification can only be regarded as very exceptional, and there is no clear violation of the law. The spread of books.

But if he raises a large number of dark wizards in Knockturn Alley and trains to capture the wizard market day and night and is stabbed, that is not necessarily true!

Fudge will never allow magic circle to have such a wizard legion that threatens the Ministry of Magic!

The Minister of Magic may also think that he is the next Voldemort, because this act of gathering people, promoting ideas, and engaging in personal worship is very similar to the various initiatives when Voldemort rose.

So if you can’t do it, Azkaban will be his final destination…

As for dismissing those wizard subordinates, actively show the Ministry of Magic to prove their harmlessness?

Ivan never thought about it, only a fool would do that!

In the original space-time, it has been proved many times how Ministry of Magic is unreliable.

When Voldemort is about to return and Dumbledore’s life is turbulent, it’s good that Fudge can stabilize the situation without chaos.

If he wants to protect himself, he has only two options.

Either leave all your friends and leave the magic circle in England, and find a place to hide. Either increase your own strength as much as possible, fight head to head if you don’t win, at least don’t be pinned by the resurrected Voldemort as a soft persimmon…

The third option to surrender does not exist. Ivan knows clearly that the two enemies of Voldemort must have a deep memory, which is why he actively destroyed Horcrux…


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