Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 557


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After excluding the options of escape and surrender, there is only one way left!

That is to increase your own strength as much as possible. Once the situation is critical, use the daring loyalty curse. As long as he upgrades the magic level, and integrates more types of Bloodline, Ivan feels that the successful counterattack of Voldemort is no problem…

Because of this, Ivan hesitated how to deal with this “New Century Declaration”.

From the booklet’s two-finger width and the depth of the content, it is not difficult to see how much effort Gleason as the editor spent on this.

Only daily hard thinking and meditation, not afraid of staying up late to the bald powerhouse, can complete it in less than two months…

If I now write a letter with strict refusal and request to burn the book, it will undoubtedly make Gleason feel chilled, and even resentful…

When the hearts of the people are scattered, the team is not easy to bring…Ivan understands this truth deeply, so treat this matter carefully!

“Then it can only be modified!” Ivan thought for a long time and finally made a decision!

After considering for a while, Ivan slowly wrote down, first of all, in praise of the progressive ideas set forth in the book with praised tone, and said that Gleason’s understanding and summary of his words were in place.

But at the same time, Ivan also mentioned in the letter that the contents of the first and second parts of the New Century Declaration are not very satisfactory and need to be revised, and hinted that Gleason should focus on explaining the concept and weakening it. Among them is the idea of ​​personal worship.

Yes…it is weakening, not completely removing!

Although personal worship has many drawbacks, if it is well controlled, it is not unusable.

For example, during the World War of Muggle, both sides of the belligerent countries used this method. The difference is the degree of difference. The most extreme example is to count the mustache…

Ivan does not want to be deified, but he can be a pioneer, using this layer of identity and the ideas promoted in the New Century Declaration to enhance the team’s sense of identity.

No way. Compared to the Order of the Phoenix and Death Eater, who have operated for several decades, the wizards on his side are all pulled up temporarily from Knockturn Alley. If you want to guarantee loyalty, you must think a little bit more. Ideas.

In a sense, Gleason is indeed a personal talent. The idea of ​​brainwashing with a brochure is very good, but unfortunately the talent is used in the wrong place.

If the other party is a Death Eater and changes this booklet into a pure blood theory, then Voldemort will definitely to be wild with joy and lead him as a confidant…

However, he does not need such an extreme idea here, so these contents must be reformed!

“It’s really troublesome…” Ivan threw the book aside, murmured in distress.

He is a person who is not very good at management. Compared to being surrounded by a lot of people, he is more used to fighting alone, so he has no worries.

If it weren’t for Ethia to recruit people in Knockturn Alley because of some misunderstandings, he really wouldn’t think about developing forces.

The goodwolf wizards, such as Fren, Walker, etc., were just to test the effect of wolfbane potion, and to prevent the dark wizard of the harboring malicious intentions in Knockturn Alley.

But now that this is the end, Ivan can only go on with such a black head.

After all, with his current strength, there is a big gap with Voldemort, far from being able to rely on singles to fight alone.

In the original time and space, McGonagall, Slughorn, and Kingsley once held Voldemort briefly during the Hogwarts World War I, which shows that in the battle of wizards, the number is not completely useless.

It is still necessary to have more trusted helpers, at least to help contain a large number of Death Eaters.

Ivan lay in bed exhausted, thinking about the strange snake face after the resurrection of Goblet of Fire and Voldemort to be held this year, and I didn’t know how long it took before I slept deeply.


2nd day, morning.

Ivan was awakened by a loud noise, and eyes opened and saw a bunch of small alchemy creatures beating on the bedside table. Obviously the sound he just heard was made by these Little Brat.

Ivan frowned, just wanting to complain a few words, saw these “small turnip heads” pushing a large clock over.

The time above points to ten points 20 points…

“It’s already so late!” Ivan’s complexion changed, only to realize that this group of alchemy creatures kindly wanted to remind themselves.

“Thank you, Wu ka ka…” Ivan said apologetically and quickly sat up with a carp.

After quickly getting dressed and washing up in the bathroom, Ivan grabbed his luggage at the fastest speed, lifted the owl’s cage and rushed downstairs.

He can’t do it quickly. Hogwarts Express departs at eleven o’clock. He has just been wearing clothes and washing for several minutes.

Thanks to the fact that he has prepared everything he needs to bring a few days earlier, no need to temporarily pack things.

“See you next year, Wu ka ka!” Ivan energetic and bustling went out. When closing the door, I did not forget to open the mouth and said goodbye.

The alchemists in the room waved at Ivan, and Urala shouted goodbye in their mouths. After the door was closed, they piled up to form a small robot 70 cm high. Beds and cleaning the room.

After stacking the beds and putting everything after one after another, the alchemists noticed a book thrown in the corner unexpectedly and gathered together curiously…

At the same time, Ivan walked downstairs, passing by the living room, and saw Nick -Flamel coming out of the studio.

“Wrahles, if I let Wu Ka ka call you, I am afraid you will miss this year’s train…” Nick -Flamel looked at the clock on the wall and said jokingly.

“I’m sorry, Teacher, I thought about things a bit late yesterday!” Ivan scratched his hair awkwardly. Because I thought about Voldemort before going to bed last night, I ended up with a noseless nose in my sleep The snake face… was ugly and amazing, and almost didn’t scare him.

“Then you’re going to be faster…Now, I’ll leave you breakfast, and eat a little more before you go!” Nick -Flamel smiled and pointed to the polenta and a few slices of bread on the table, opening Said.

Ivan ordered nodded, took the bowl of polenta gu lu gu lu and drank it cleanly, grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it in his mouth, while running out, he said goodbye to Nick -Flamel .

“Teacher… See you next year!”

Nick -Flamel looked at the back of Ivan’s hastily leaving, and the funny smile took the head and said nothing more.

Running all the way to the courtyard outside the hut, Ivan thought of Kingdom Cross Station in his mind and waved wand vigorously to pronounce the spell.


A vortex of space swept Ivan in instantly.


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