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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 558


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After bidding farewell to Ivan, Nick-Flamel took the drawing and sat on the sofa in the living room. While drinking morning tea, he pondered the improvement ideas of the device.

At this moment, the sound of “dong dong” coming down the stairs suddenly sounded on the stairs not far away, which sounded very fast.

Nick -Flamel turned his head strangely, and saw a small robot 70 cm high holding a book and jumping down the stairs quickly.

Perhaps because the height is not too high and too anxious, the small robot failed to step on the steps at once, his body suddenly lost his balance, and fell heavily on the next step, just like this. “Rolled down from above.

The alchemy creatures that make up the robot shouted loudly, their hands out clutching their companions, but under the influence of inertia, there were still many peripheral alchemy creatures that were thrown away When I went out, when I finally hit the ground, I even broke up and broke into pieces…

Seeing this scene, Nick -Flamel shook the head, it seems that these alchemical creatures have to be improved.

Scattered “radish head” quickly regrouped after a few seconds of confusion.

However, they are not at all combined together, but instead of moving like an ant, the thick booklet was lifted up and moved slowly to Nick-Flamel.

“What is this?” Nick -Flamel picked up the booklet curiously, and was attracted by the picture on the cover.

The “New Century Declaration”?

Nick -Flamel glanced at the booklet’s name, “unable to bear, frowned”.

The little alchemists are chirp chirp twitter twitter. Although they sound like meaningless words like “Urala”, Nick-Flamel can accurately hear them. The meaning to be expressed.

“It turns out that you found it in the corner of Wrahles’ room…” Nick -Flamel ordered nodded, it should be something Ivan forgot to bring…

Nick -Flamel pulls out wand and wants to use spell to notify Dumbledore and ask Fawkes to pick it up, and give it back to Ivan when he arrives at school.

Just looking at the picture on the cover of the booklet, Nick-Flamel hesitated.

This kind of thing that is easy to carry around and painted with strange patterns always reminds him of the catastrophe that spread across Europe several decades ago.

When Grindelwald rose to the magic circle in Europe, he often promoted his ideas through speeches and brochures.

This “New Century Manifesto” seems to him to be the same thing. Nick -Flamel can’t help but worry that Ivan will be fooled by others.

After all, a young wizard of 14-15 years old is in the process of shaping the Three Views, and it is very easy to be influenced by some extreme concepts, so as to move towards the evil way. Leave it alone.

Thinking of this, Nick -Flamel tried to open the pages of the book, and then saw the preamble above.

【We should use a wizard’s magic level instead of bloodline to measure his value……——Ivan -Wrahles 】

Nick-Flamel’s complexion slightly changed after seeing the content of the preamble and the final signature.

Nick -Flamel had thought that this “New Century Manifesto” was intentionally handed over to Ivan to confuse and influence him, but didn’t expect the opposite situation. The content of this book was written by Ivan himself, It seems that I intend to use this to clarify a certain idea…

“Is it anti-bloodline?”

Nick -Flamel raised an eyebrow. From the few words in the preface, he guessed something. After hesitating for a moment, he continued to read it.

The more Nick-Flamel’s expression becomes, the more serious the expression becomes, but it soon becomes a thoughtful look.

Because he found that what was written in the “New Century Manifesto” was not simply opposed to pure blood, and did not mean to kill the pure blood wizard, but advocated equality and weakened the advantages and influence of pure blood wizard as much as possible. .

Some of the ideas set out in it also make Nick-Flamel very interested, aiming at the shortcomings of magic circle nowadays, and it seems to incorporate some of the ideas of muggle.

As for the length of Ivan’s deification, Nick-Flamel not at all understands that personal worship is the most commonly used method for emerging forces.

“True didn’t expect Wrahles can have such profound thoughts at this age…” At the end, Nick -Flamel slowly put down this booklet, and the words of unable to bear expressed emotion.

A young wizard suddenly have a thought It is normal to change the magic circle. The really rare thing is that Ivan can dialyze the reason and give some solutions.

“Are you a genius?” Nick -Flamel murmured to himself.

He remembered his conversation with Dumbledore last year, and it’s no wonder that the strongest wizard in England paid so much attention to Ivan -Wrahles, even somewhat dreaded.

Now he understands it…

Since I have been in this mansion for a month and a half, Ivan has behaved gently and politely, like a precocious big boy. Without this “New Century Manifesto,” Nick -Flamel simply could not imagine that Ivan actually hides it like this Big ambition!

This pretense and forbearance is really shocking!

“No, no, it shouldn’t be pretended.” Nick -Flamel shook the head rejected the idea just now. He lived more than six hundred years, naturally there is a way to look at people, a young wizard in his tens There is no reason to hide him no matter how disguised.

There is no conflict between being ambitious and gentle and polite…

“Unfortunately, it’s still tender…” Nick -Flamel looked towards the booklet on the table, sighing.

The idea of ​​ignoring bloodline and equality of all people with the theory of ability is too idealistic. It is no problem to shout slogans at ordinary times. If you want to really implement magic circle with great resistance, you will inevitably be opposed by all parties.

Of course, in Nick-Flamel’s view, these are all small things. With Ivan’s innate talent, Magic Circle will no longer have opponents after ten years. At worst, it will be crushed.

Importantly, Ivan wants to completely reform the magic circle and promote the communication between the muggle and the wizard. This will touch the bottom line of many people and break the hundreds of years of tacit agreement between the muggle and the wizard, resulting in unpredictability. s consequence.

Know that the signing of the secrecy law separates Wizarding World from the muggle, it is not just an initiative in England or a region in Europe, but the consensus of the entire magic circle!

In these hundreds of years, many smart people can see that the balance of the power of wizard and muggle is gradually tilting towards the latter.

If you want to fight, there are not many wizards that break the tradition, and Grindelwald is only one of the most radical in the past 100 years!

But these people failed without exception…

Those in power who extinguish the flames of reform are certainly not fools, because the isolation of muggle world and magic world is precisely the mildest they can think of…and the only feasible move!

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