Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 559


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Thinking of this, Nick -Flamel can’t help but feel a little powerless.

Don’t look at the existence of the wizard is a secret to the ordinary muggle, but the senior of the muggle is informed.

The two sides usually establish a certain cooperative relationship. Whether the status is equal depends on the balance of power between the muggle government and the magic world.

For example, in France, the muggle government has weak control over the magic world. The Ministry of Magic is nominally a department of the country, but it has a high degree of freedom and tends to complement each other. It also has a seat in the muggle’s parliament.

apart from this, the muggle government will also help cover up the existence of magic world, allowing the magic house to recruit students locally… It can be said that with the development of science and technology, magic circle can also be concealed smoothly, the help of the senior staff of muggle is indispensable .

In exchange, the Ministry of Magic will supervise domestic wizards, regulate their behavior, and send powerful Auror to protect the president and important officials, to avoid the head of muggle from some wizards of harboring malicious intentions, or even spies sent from other countries. wizard control.

Occasionally, it will deal with things that the muggle government does not deal with.

Therefore, the attitudes of various countries towards the wizard group are very contradictory. To put it simply, it is necessary to draw together and be prepared!

Courting is to resist the wizards of other countries and guarantee the interests of the country.

Precaution is the magical ability of the wizard to modify memory, read thoughts, move instantly, etc.!

No one in power wants to become a puppet in the hands of others one day.

The two worlds have always maintained a delicate balance in this contradictory relationship!

Until now, there has been no major disturbances. The International Wizards Federation Confidentiality Law, signed in 1689 and officially released in 1692, is absolutely indispensable!

The foundation of this law was the fierce witch hunt that started from the beginning of the fifteenth century.

Muggle’s persecution of male witch divisions had reached an extreme point.

Wizard was born with magical magic power, but after all, there are too few people.

At that time, the wizards all over Europe added up to less than 10,000, and they were scattered in various countries and regions. Most of them were not systematically studied, and they could only release some weak magic by instinct. , It is difficult to resist the persecution of muggle!

The implementation of the “Confidentiality Law of the International Wizard Federation” has established a refuge for each and everyone for the wizards, which has isolated the magic world from the muggle world, united the scattered compatriots, and united forces to learn magic. For a time, muggle dared to act blindly without thinking.

It can be said that this law has greatly eased the most intense bottom-level conflict between wizard and muggle, turning it into a communication between high-level officials.

However, this also caused a lot of hidden dangers, forcing most wizards to be out of touch with the times.

Since then, muggle world has made fewer and fewer actions against wizards, and turned to Huairou completely after the Industrial Revolution.

Because the elite of the muggle knows who will benefit from this delay, this warm water frog cooking method also avoids the war between the wizard and the muggle, it is perfect!

The wizards who took the initiative to hide are cocooning and self-confusing, and they are hard to say.

Who can think of just a few hundred years, Muggle World will have Heaven and Earth turning upside down changes!

Comparatively, the speed of change of magic is far inferior to technology. In addition, the wizards are trapped in a small circle, and their ideas and concepts are outdated, which leads to a widening gap.

When they finally made up their minds to make a change, they found that this state has been going on for hundreds of years, and it has become the consensus of the whole world. Change means facing greater obstacles!

Not everyone has this courage and is willing to bear the consequences!

Ignorance, maintaining the status quo and waiting for successors to deal with it have become the first choice of most magic circle leaders!

Nick -Flamel slowly sighed, reopened the “New Century Manifesto”, and looked at the beautiful vision of the communication and integration of wizard and muggle in the book, and I felt more naive.

But there is also a trace of longing…

“Peace, communication…new era…” Nick -Flamel murmured to himself, can this vision really be realized?

Sometimes Nick-Flamel remembered the conversation with Dumbledore, and suddenly felt that Dumbledore might be right. This should be the best opportunity!

Nick -Flamel flipped through the book and revisited the contents of the New Century Manifesto, and saw the words calling for change at the end, said with a smile.

“Oh, it’s good to write!”

Despite some idealism, Ivan’s philosophy is that such pure things are often the most attractive and infectious.

If it can be released on a large scale in Magic Circle, Nicholas -Flamel believes that the “New Century Manifesto” can definitely be recognized and sought after by a large number of young wizards!

“So don’t you help the child?”

In the quiet, empty living room, a faint voice suddenly sounded.

“I’m too old, 200 years earlier, my old bones might even want to move…” Nick -Flamel shook the head, looking towards a clearing of side.

An old witch wearing a loose robe is standing there, with a calm face and wrinkles all over her face telling the traces of the years. More importantly, her body is illusory and spread with a faint mist, just It’s like a ghost.

Old witch looked towards Nick -Flamel’s eyes were full of love, but then there was a little blame on the face, pointing to Nick -Flamel’s left hand, what was said in his mouth.

The surroundings are silent, and only Nick -Flamel can hear the faint sound.

“No, I can’t give it back to Albus…” Nick -Flamel shook the head rejected the old witch’s proposal and gently stroked the ring on his left hand. The black gemstone on it was very dazzling.

If Dumbledore were here, I would be surprised to find that the ring was intact and not as Nick-Flamel said it would take two years to repair it.

However, the Resurrection Stone does not hurt the core. For Master Alchemist like Nick -Flamel, it is naturally with no difficulty to eliminate those slight effects, which will not take much time.

It was said intentionally at first, because after a period of research, Nick -Flamel found that the energy contained in this Deathly Hallows was amazing, not even worse than Philosopher’s Stone.

The more he studied the more he was shocked.

In addition, Dumbledore’s enthusiasm for Deathly Hallows also made him very worried.

Nick -Flamel has seen the collection of British fairy tales, and is very clear about the story of Deathly Hallows, coupled with the research these days, does not think that the three Hallows can solve the dilemma encountered by Dumbledore.

Resurrection Stone not at all’s ability to truly resurrect people, but may become a fuse that destroys the current fragile balance, so he would rather let this Deathly Hallows be buried with his death.

However, Ivan’s “New Century Manifesto” made Nick-Flamel’s original idea shaken.

Powerful and unconstrained power usually triggers chaos, but it may not necessarily become a sword of thorns…

“Forget it, let fate decide!” Nick -Flamel hesitated, and finally sighed, he couldn’t live long anyway, the magic circle thing could not be managed, it could only be handed over to the reserve.

Thinking like this, Nick-Flamel tightened his frowns gradually, looked towards the old witch in front of him, his face became more and more calm, took off the ring on his hand, and spoke one by one in his mouth.

When I finish the last thing, I will accompany you!

Old witch’s figure slowly faded. Before disappearing, he nodded with a smile and responded to Nick-Flamel’s words.


At the same time, London’s Kingdom Cross Station,

With a burst of Space Change, Ivan’s silhouette appeared out of thin air in an alley near the station.

[Ding, after practice, the phantom Mobiliarbus has been upgraded, the current Level 6 (136400)]

“Is Disapparation upgraded? It’s pretty fast!” Ivan glanced at the skill bar of the system and said with emotion.

It seems that the frequent transmission of ultra-long distances these days can still work out… No wonder he recently felt that the consumption of this magic has been reduced a lot, and it is more handy to use.

If you have time to practice for a while, you may try to practice instantaneous movements in combat.

Ivan thought while walking towards Kingdom Cross Station, holding a small suitcase and an owl cage.

When I came here, I was in a hurry, and now there are still 5 points minutes left before the departure, but the time is more abundant.

In fact, even if you accidentally miss Hogwarts Express late, there will be no impact.

He is not Harry or Ron, at worst Disapparation directly to Hogsmeade village, and then back to school through secret passage, this is much faster than taking the train!

Stepping into the station, Ivan went straight to the nine and 40% of the platform. When he was near, he was surprised to find that he happened to be here. Harry, Hermione, and Weasley were all waiting here, seeming to say something.

Because of her sight, Hermione was the first to see Ivan.

Little witch’s face first appeared happy, and wanted to step forward, but soon thought of something, hesitated and stopped, pursing his mouth, his face was very unsightly.

“Hey, Ivan! Here!” Harry and the others also quickly noticed the presence of Ivan and beckoned.

“long time no see, Harry!” Ivan smiled and opened his hand, hugging Harry who stepped forward.

George and Fred also hugged them together, and hehe haha ​​squeezed him and Harry in the middle.

Ivan barely managed to break free, the helpless looking towards the Weasley brothers who jumped out, asking casually. “George and Fred, how is your research going recently?”

“It’s really great! Our truancy candy and automatic quill are very popular. We received a lot of orders during the summer vacation, and we worked hard for a long time to get enough goods…

There is also the portable swamp I told you last time, we have also improved it, that thing can turn the entire auditorium into a swamp! If Filch confiscates our inventory again this time, I secretly throw one to his office…”

Speaking of what a joke toy, George was so excited that he talked incessantly.

Fred next to “cough cough …” hurriedly coughed a few times and made a reminder.

George was cold behind him, turning his head slightly, and Mrs. Weasley was staring at him with a black face in his waist.

“George…I remember you promised me that your toys will not cause trouble to professors in school!” Mrs. Weasley said angrily.

Although because of her previous agreement, she reluctantly agreed to the Weasley brothers to research what a joke goods, but it is not without conditions! George promised her that they made harmless toys that were purely for fun.

“Mother, that’s what George assured you, I’m Fred… He never told me about this, you should call him the right one!” George played a customary identity exchange, Without the slightest hesitation, Fred was sold in an attempt to get through.

Fred looked at him indignantly, and the two quickly quarreled.

In the end, neither of them escaped, and was taught by Mrs. Weasley fiercely, which attracted the attention of a group of passing muggles.

Ivan looked at the scolded George and Fred, some sorry, he thought that Mrs. Weasley had accepted the magic items they made before they would ask that!

“Okay, Molly! It’s not too early, children should get on the train!” Arthur -Weasley on the side looked at the time and hurriedly persuaded Molly, who was very angry, to save George and Fred. Deaf ears.

Then, the people lined up, and the small groups were prepared to group into nine and 40% of the three platforms.

Ivan was thinking of entering with Hermione and Harry, but when approached, she was frightened by Hermione’s fierce eyes.

The confused Ivan had to turn in with George and Fred.

“Ready, time is limited, you better hurry up, three…two…one…rush!” Mrs. Weasley sent a password.

Ivan took the lead, holding his luggage and owl cage, and hurried in the direction according to the instructions, and passed through the wall to the wizard station.

Near the departure time, the wizard station is very lively, there are noisy sounds everywhere, seven or eight young wizards crowded in front of the train door and waved goodbye to their parents, a timid new student cried on the spot because he left home for the first time Got up.

Two or three seconds later, George and Fred also passed through the back wall.

“I’m sorry, George, I shouldn’t have asked that before…” Ivan said apologetically.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault, it’s the mother who is too wide…” George waved his hand carelessly.

Fred is also said with a smile: “It seems that next time we have to write a communication secret!”

“Yes! Then mother can’t find it.” George pats Fred said excitedly on the shoulder. “Fred, you are such a genius!”

“Is that necessary?! is it possible that you only know today?” Fred raised his eyebrows.

The two hehe haha ​​smiled, and it seemed that not at all had an impact on their relationship.

Or that they just made fun of it just by pretending to fool Mrs. Weasley, but unfortunately this time they didn’t succeed.

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