Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 560


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Looking at the two like living treasures, Ivan helpless hook the head.

The three of them just waited for a while at the entrance. Harry, Hermione and the others walked through the wall one after another, and Bill, Charlie, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley followed.

Everyone was doing the last goodbye in front of the train, Mrs. Weasley kindly embraced everyone.

Charlie said with a smile while hugging Ginny to say goodbye to her. “I don’t think we will be separated for long…maybe I will meet you again soon!”

“Why do you say that?” Fred asked strangely.

“You will know when you get to school!” Charlie shrugged, and then added. “By the way, don’t tell Percy that I mentioned this…you have to know, this is ‘top secret information, and it’s only when the Ministry of Magic thinks it’s appropriate’.”

“If there are any choices, I really hope I can go back to Hogwarts to go to school this year.” Bill on the side also looked at the Hogwarts Express with emotion, looking sad.

The mysterious look of the two of them satiated the interest of everyone, and made George, Harry and the others very curious.

“What the hell are you hiding from us?” George stared angrily at the two, asking indifferently.

However, no matter how he asks, Charlie and Bill are inconvenient to disclose secrets, which makes George and the others very depressed.

Ivan not at all get involved, because he knows what Charlie and Bill are hiding, is the Triwizard Tournament to be held this year!

Although “events” such as fighting Dragon, fighting Merpeople, and entering a maze can only be regarded as small scenes, for other wizards, they are indeed thrilling and exciting events that are worth the big deal!

wu wu …

Just when Bill and Charlie were about to be annoyed by George and the others, a high whistle sounded, and the steam was drifting down the train chimney to the sky. Mrs. Weasley quickly interrupted the conversation. They caught up with the car.

“Really, they must know something, but they want to hide from us.” Ron dragged his luggage on the aisle of the train, grunting in his mouth.

“Yeah, it’s not fair!” Fred also echoed his dissatisfaction. Charlie and Bill picked up his curiosity, and half of the words made him tickle.

Harry wasn’t too curious about this matter, but turned to look at Ivan and asked. “Ivan, where did you go during the summer vacation? Why didn’t you come to The Burrow, Sirius also bought you Quiddich tickets, but it’s a waste…”

“Yeah, you missed this year’s Quiddich World Cup! That game was so exciting! You really should check it out…”

Ron listened to Harry mentioning Quidditch match, and quickly rushed up, talking about the wonderful match between Ireland and Bulgaria in the World Cup!

Especially when he mentioned Krum, Ron was very excited. He said aloud how Krum used Wronski Feint on the stadium, and successfully deceived Ireland’s Seeker Aidan Lynch, causing the other party to fall heavily. On the ground…

“After that, Krum successfully got the gold snitch and ended the game!” Ron finally concluded, fanatically like he himself caught the gold snitch in the World Cup.

“But I heard that the Irish team won the victory, didn’t it?” Ivan replied casually, wanting to test whether his butterfly has affected the progress of the game.

If he remembers correctly, the Bulgarian team’s Krum managed to capture Kim snitch in this game, but he still lost the game because the score was lower than the Irish team.

“That’s not to blame Krum, isn’t he? He has done well enough… all the other players of the Bulgarian team did not cooperate well!”

Ron called Krum aloud loudly. At the end of the game, the score difference is very small. Bulgarian Beater scored two more goals and Krum can defeat and win…

Ivan rolled the eyes. I didn’t want to hear Krum’s glorious record. I looked straight towards Harry and explained. “Professor Dumbledore gave me a special training this summer, and I really don’t have time to watch Quidditch match.”

Ivan is not easy to disclose anything related to Nick -Flamel, so I only dumped the pot to Dumbledore.

Anyway, the old professor will not explain even understood, and don’t worry about the risk of being disassembled.

“Originally, it’s no wonder you didn’t reply to us all summer!” Harry nodded said.

“Reply?” Ivan was startled.

“Yes! We didn’t wait for you when we Quidditch match, we sent you a few letters, but after waiting for a long time, we didn’t wait for your reply!”

Harry made an explanation, and then smiled and told Ivan the anecdote that happened when they were guests at The Burrow.

For example, once they finally waited for an owl, Hermione mistakenly thought that Ivan’s letter was very happy to get it, and it turned out that it was Sirius’s own…

Harry talked endlessly, but before he finished speaking, Hermione was scared to shut his mouth by the fierce eyes.

Ivan’s head was stunned, and he finally remembered what he had forgotten. It turned out that he had written to Hermione when he had forgotten the summer vacation!

But this can’t blame him completely.

Originally everything was fine, after all, who knew that going back home had so many messes.

One of his young wizard unfathomable mystery who just went to Fourth Year became the king of Knockturn Alley. Every day he was forced to fight with those restless subordinates, his head was getting bigger, and how could he remember writing something.

“I’m sorry, Hermione, Professor Dumbledore took me to a very special place, so I can’t receive your letter at all, and my owl can’t fly out…” Ivan said very humbly.

“Then you should inform me before you go…I mean, inform us!” Hermione looked very upset, and the brown eyes stared at Ivan, refuting.

Ivan was completely speechless. He directly forgot about this matter, and of course impossible informed Hermione.

Without Ivan’s response, Hermione couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“So you just forgot again, right? You do this every time…” Little witch angrily lighted snorted, put his face away, hugged his luggage, and walked towards the empty box in front, still heavy when passing by Ivan Bumped his shoulder.

“Gosh, Wrahles, you forgot all of us!” George came up pretending to be angry and fiercely rebuked Ivan.

The same is true for Fred. The two sang the Ivan and yelled at Ivan, speaking loudly so that Hermione could hear it.

But Hermione didn’t look at them. She walked straight into the box and slammed the door.

The Weasley brothers stopped, and gave him a helpless, self-seeking look.

They did this just now. In addition to scolding Ivan to calm down Hermione, they also wanted Hermione to know that Ivan was not deliberately targeting her. Even their friends did not wait for a reply, and it was likely that they were delayed.

However, it seems that it doesn’t play a role…

“Alas… we can only do so much, please persuade!” Fred looked like a person coming over, pats Ivan’s shoulder, and then pulled George to find a place.

Of course Ivan can understand the kindness of George and Fred. Looking at the closed door of the carriage where Hermione is located is also a headache. How can I forget the matter of writing a letter?

Harry and Ron both hesitated to step forward. They both saw Hermione’s face just now, and no one wanted to go in and touch the mold.

“Ivan, do we have to go in?” Harry asked when he noticed that the train was whistling again and was about to start.

“Otherwise, how about we find another empty box?” Ron suggested.

Ivan shook the head. He reached out and pushed the door of the box open. He looked around, and Hermione was sitting on the right corner, turning a thick book quietly.

Despite hearing the door push, Hermione didn’t lift the head.

Ivan hesitated and sat down next to Little Witch.

Behind Harry and Ron also walked in, trembling with fear sat down opposite Ivan and Hermione. I wonder if it was an illusion, they always felt a kind of hard to describe pressure spread in the carriage…

The weird silence lasted for a long time, and the slightly crowded box echoed the click of the train as it ran, and from time to time the sound of Hermione turning the pages.

It’s just that Ivan, Harry, and Ron didn’t notice it. Hermione turned the pages of the book much faster than usual, and sometimes failed to notice when several pages were folded together.

“Sorry, Hermione, I promised to write to you during the summer vacation this year, but I forgot about it!” Ivan hesitantly broke the calm and said again.

Since this incident was originally caused by his mistake, Ivan will naturally not take into account the face problem, and sincerely apologize.

“So what…then what?” Hermione stopped turning the pages of the book, and there was some annoyance on her face.

Sorry? that’s it?

During the summer vacation this year, she thought Ivan came to the Quiddich World Cup and waited with joy, but Ivan did not appear on the day of departure.

Hermione is very disappointed. I want to know why Ivan didn’t come. I look forward to Ivan’s letter to her and tell her all about it.

As a result, she waited for two months and got nothing!

Ivan opened his mouth and tried to explain, but the words stuck in his mouth and could not speak.

He usually finds countless reasons to stun each other for a while, but today I don’t know why it failed here.

“Yeah, you always do that, the year before last year, this year…I will forget every time!” Hermione said sarcastically.

“Okay, it was my fault the year before…but weren’t we staying together during the summer vacation last year? Besides, you know, in that case, I’m not in the mood to write.” Ivan is very helpless Replied.

“What?! You stayed together for one summer vacation last year?” Ron looked at the two in shock.

Harry also glanced back and forth between Ivan and Hermione with strange eyes.

“Can’t it?” Little witch’s cheeks flushed red, threw the book in his hands on them angrily, and stared at them fiercely with those brown eyes.

“OK…OK!” Harry and Ron nodded frantically like chickens peck rice, and swallowed back what they wanted to ask, mumbled in dissatisfaction.

Ivan is obviously the one who angered her. Why should I get angry at them?

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