Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 561


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Seeing Harry and Ron’s “tragic situation”, Ivan suddenly realized that he was wrong, and quickly closed his mouth, pretending to look at the owl cage hanging on the side.

Hermione lightly snorted, and recaptured the book she threw away from Harry, and then glanced at Ivan, irritated that Ivan unshakably shook things out last summer.

Especially seeing Ivan is now unresponsive, little witch is even more angry…

Ivan’s face is helpless, he can’t talk, he can’t talk.

It’s really troublesome…

Ivan has a headache. Although he lived for 18 years in his previous life, he spent a large part of his time in hospital beds in the next few years. Sick seedlings like him really have no coaxing experience.

You can’t rely on the vulgar bridges seen in movies and TV shows, right? Then he will definitely be killed!

Just as the car was about to fall into a long silence again, a familiar dragging sound drifted in from the open door.

“…Do you know? Father really considered sending me to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. He knew the school’s headmaster.

Ah, you know what he thinks about Dumbledore-that guy likes mudblood so much-Durmstrang simply doesn’t allow those who are indiscriminate. But mother does not want me to go so far…

My father also told me that Durmstrang’s attitude towards dark magic is much more reasonable than Hogwarts. Durmstrang’s students are really learning dark magic, unlike us, they are learning some broken defense…”

Ivan turned his head and looked out of the carriage.

Malfoy, dressed in a Slytherin robe, raised his head proudly, and was walking through the aisle of the train with his two escorts, slamming Hogwarts’ shortcomings and injustice with his mouth, posing a toe high Arrogant look.

When passing by this carriage, Malfoy increased his voice deliberately and said strangely. “Oh, of course! For some people, Hogwarts is probably the best place because they can only go to school here!”

Two of his followers, Goyle and Clark, giggled in a timely manner, and they all echoed.

“Malfoy!” Ivan frowned. Of course he could tell who Malfoy was mocking, but when he pulled out the wand, he was pulled by one hand.

“Do it here, do you want Gryffindor to be deduct points?” Hermione glared at Ivan with dissatisfaction and walked to the door of the box on tiptoe, pulling the door gently to prevent Malfoy’s voice from coming in.

But this time Malfoy has gone with Goyle and Clare. He has just seen Ivan pull out wand’s movements, of course he doesn’t want to stay in the same place and be beaten.

“He likes Durmstrang so much, let him go, we can’t wait for him to transfer!” Hermione returned to his place, smashing the book in his hand on the table, looking panting with rage, I don’t know if I poured the anger just now on it.

Harry was not willing to stand up as a target when Hermione was breathing out, but after holding back for a while, he was still unable to bear looked towards Ivan and Ron, and asked.

“Where is Durmstrang and a magic school? Why does Malfoy want to go there?”

“Well, I have heard about this place.” Ron said vaguely.

Ivan actually explained to Harry, “Durmstrang is one of the three magic houses in Europe. It was established in Northern Europe. The specific location is very mysterious. I heard that only the students and employees there know.”

“Also, the most famous place in that place is just and honorable learning dark magic!” Ivan added.

“Are you saying that they will teach dark magic when they are in class?” Harry looked very surprised. He had unimaginable places where just and honorable taught dark magic. “Don’t Durmstrang become a gathering place for dark wizard?”

“Don’t say that, learning dark magic does not mean that it is a dark wizard… that depends on how you use it. You must know that during the wizard war, the Aurors were also allowed to use Unforgivable in the battle with the Death Eater. Curse!” Ivan corrected Harry’s ideas.

Powerful wizards are somewhat dark magic, just use it.

Of course, it also makes sense for Hogwarts to prohibit young wizards from learning dark magic. Many dark magics require users to gather some negative emotions, and the powerful destructive power is also easy to indulge in!

In order to change the subject and relax the atmosphere, Ivan said a lot about the three big houses, and inadvertently asked about Harry and the others’ encounter at Quiddich stadium.

Harry and Ron have no intention of concealment, repeating to Ivan their thrilling encounter after watching the Quiddich Cup.

Like the original time and space, when they were sleeping in the tent at night, a riot broke out on the venue.

A large number of wizards wearing black robe and black masks and masks on their faces came out of nowhere, unscrupulously lit the venue tent, and used magic to tease and torture nearby muggles.

Ivan knows the inside story and knows that it was an action by Lucius-Malfoy and Death Eaters who hated muggles.

“Sirius said that those people must be Death Eater and troubled them… I ran to the woods with Ron and Hermione to take refuge, and encountered a strange house elf…”

As Harry said, he could still see a little bit of fear in the face. There were a lot of thugs in that group. Use spell was carefree. If they accidentally hit them, they might not have the ability to resist.

“You said Sirius troubled them?” Ivan raised an eyebrow, which he didn’t expect.

“Yes!” Harry ordered nodded, but he was not at all in the woods at the time. He saw the specific process and only saw the flashing light when the spell was flying.

Next, I don’t know who read the weird spells, a huge green light flew into the sky, and turned into a huge skeleton, and there was a meandering snake from the skull’s mouth. pop up.

Recalling the horror scene, neither Harry nor Ron could not help shrinking his head. Hermione couldn’t be angry at this time, and added very seriously.

“According to Mr. Bagman, it’s Dark Mark! During the last wizard war, Death Eater caused chaos and killed the wizard. After the muggle, this logo is usually launched in the sky…”

Listening to Hermione and the others, Ivan touched his chin and fell into contemplation.

Dark Mark should have been released by Barty Jr. -Crouch, it seems that some things are not at all affected by the flapping wings of his butterfly!

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