Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 562


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When Ivan was thinking, Harry’s words kept talking about what happened afterwards.

Shortly after Dark Mark rose to the sky, Stinchcombe Crouch, Director of the International Magic Exchange Cooperation Department of Ministry of Magic, and Bagman, the host of the Quiddich World Cup, drove over.

The thing that annoys Harry the most is that these people mistakenly believed that Dark Mark was released by himself, because his wand was accidentally lost and appeared in the vicinity.

Some Auror who maintains order on the court also captured Sirius in an attempt to accuse Sirius of causing chaos with those dark wizards wearing masks.

“How can they injustice us so much, Sirius just wants to catch a troubled person and ask what is going on, but those Auror don’t care about the black robe wizard who escaped, so I caught him first!” Harry’s body trembled, and he looked very angry.

Ivan’s expression became a little weird, and poor Sirius almost got caught in Azkaban again…

But it’s also strange that Sirius appeared so coincidentally.

As a serious wanted criminal of the original Ministry of Magic, how long did Sirius clear the suspicion? Run to the stadium of the World Cup to watch stadium like a good man.

It happened that a large-scale riot broke out there, and it was suspected that Death Eater did it. The Auror who arrived happened to see Sirius in the vicinity, and of course they would doubt him.

“Later? Sirius is all right?” Ivan asked curiously.

Harry shook the head, they explained for a long time, and the Aurors carefully checked Sirius’s wand to confirm that he did not set fire, nor released spells that tortured any muggle.

In addition, Ron’s father Arthur -Weasley was willing to guarantee Sirius, and Stinchcombe -Crouch was relieved to release Sirius…

I heard this, Ivan secretly hooked the head.

Stinchcombe -Crouch should know that Dark Mark’s things are related to his child Crouch, but still want to rely on Harry and Sirius.

I have to say that this honest, jealous former chief of the executive department has turned into the most hated look he once had in order to protect his child in order to obey his wife’s will.

Ivan couldn’t help feeling in the heart, and kept talking on the mouth, he continued to ask for more details.

Talking all the way, the train was driving continuously north, and the rain was getting heavier and heavier. The sky was dark and the windows were covered with water vapor, so the magic lights were also lit during the day.

I just hit this bad weather right after school, and destroyed a lot of the young wizard’s good mood. Ivan looked out of the window faintly. Bean-sized raindrops spilled from the sky, and the dark clouds were hit by lightning from time to time. There was a violent rumbling sound.

Harry, Ron and Hermione don’t mention the bad past at this time, but instead guess what Bill and Charlie are secretly hiding.

Several people guessed the meeting, but they all felt wrong, and Harry turned to look towards Ivan who had not been involved in the discussion.

“Ivan, what do you think?”

“Guess what to do? Isn’t it understood at school? The joy of life lies in the unknown!” Ivan yawned and replied casually.

He had long known that he was going to host the Triwizard Tournament this year, but it was not at all a suitable source. He told Harry and the others in various ways, but he could not pretend to be unwittingly guessing.

Harry and Ron looked at each other in blank dismay. Hermione looked at Ivan suspiciously. She thought Ivan must have known something and was deliberately hiding them.


Hogwarts Express let out a long whistle, interrupting everyone’s thoughts, the speed of the train beneath him gradually slowed down, and the towering castle in the distance was vaguely visible.

Obviously, they are almost there!

“Let’s go!” Ivan got up and packed his luggage and walked out of the carriage with Harry and the others. When he reached the exit, the train stopped.

The rain outside was heavy. Ron stepped out of the car and covered the owl’s cage with the hem of the wizard robe so that the rain would not drip onto his new pet.

“This weather is terrible!” Ron complained.

Ivan stopped Hermione who was about to get out of the car, jumped out of the car, pulled out a wand and transformed a large umbrella, then looked towards small witch and said.

“Now you can come down!”

“Transfiguration, how did I forget this!” Hermione murmured in annoyance, not at all rejecting Ivan’s kindness, coming down from the car and shrinking into Ivan’s umbrella.

After such a long interval just now, coupled with the behavior of a gentleman like Ivan, her anger disappeared.

“Wait, what shall I do?” Harry and Hermione seemed to be preparing to leave together, reminding Harry unable to bear in the car.

Ron, still in the rain, was even more embarrassed. He knew Ivan could change his umbrella, so he came down late.

Ivan turned his head, only to find that he had forgotten Harry and Ron. With his empty right hand pats forehead, it was necessary to enlarge this umbrella so that Harry and Ron could come in together.

It’s just that before waiting for Ivan to do anything, Hermione glared at Harry and Ron and said. “Professor McGonagall taught you three years of transfiguration, can you not change an umbrella yourself?”

After talking, Hermione grabbed Ivan’s wrist and pulled him away.

Leave Harry and Ron shiver coldly in the cold wind and heavy rain.

“Hermione made a mistake, and it wasn’t that we forgot to send her a letter…” Ron complained dissatisfiedly.

“Forget it, let’s do it ourselves!”

Harry shook the head, contributed a coat, and performed transfiguration with Ron. After a while, the patch finally became an irregular umbrella. The color was divided into several large pieces, which looked like it was using branches. Support a rag.

However, neither Harry nor Ron dislike it, and they will be satisfied as long as it can protect from the rain.

The two of them struggled to hold their umbrellas and ran along the path at Hogwarts Station to the parking beside the road. They finally caught up with Ivan and Hermione and returned to school in a car together.

carriage passes through the gate with winged wild boar sculptures on both sides, and drives along the spacious car cultivation. The hu hu’s wind blowing carriage has a sway.

Ivan looked at the front with a thin rain curtain. The quaint castle is getting closer and closer. You can see many brightly lit windows shining vaguely behind the thick rain curtain…

About ten minutes later, the carriage stopped under the stone steps in front of the two oak gates. Ivan several people walked down the carriage in turn and walked toward the entrance of the castle. They could still hear the strange calls and The noise…

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