Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 563


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On the steps to the door, Ivan saw the young wizard squeezed at the entrance to the castle. They cursed loudly, and then rushed towards the castle with their heads in twos and threes.

“What are they doing?” Hermione couldn’t help but be surprised, but then saw a big red balloon filled with water fall from the ceiling and hit the head of a bad luck wizard.

With a bang, the water polo blasted directly, drenching the bad luck little wizard, and even the young wizards on the side were inevitably affected.

“Damn Peeves, get away!”

There was a burst of shouting from the crowd, but they were greeted by more water-filled balloons and the funny laughter.

Ivan raised his head and looked up. He was short and wearing a bell hat Peeves floating about twenty feet above their heads, with many water-filled balloons in his arms.

“Hey, devil’s heads!” Peeves giggled, right hand grabbed a green balloon and directly hit another bad luck’s head, again causing a small range of chaos.

Some of the younger wizards who came under heavy rain and were soaked were almost crying out of anger, but Peeves didn’t mean to stop at all. He also stared at Ivan who had just entered the door. There is Hermione.

Hermione and Ivan are the most special among the students present. Both of them are dry. Only the corners of the robes and the shoes can see some traces of being wet with water.

Peeves’ eyes turned gu lu lu, remembering the misery he was teased by Ivan last semester, and suddenly screamed, left and right hands grabbed a water polo and threw it towards Ivan.

Of course Ivan also saw this scene. Immediately there were some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Peeves really remembered whether to eat or not, so he took out wand and pointed it.

A red magic power beam flew out and exploded in midair, also detonating two water balls.

Several witch below screamed and hid aside so as not to get watered.

However, the scattered water flow not at all fell under the influence of gravity. Instead, it was converged into a stream of water under the drive of magic power, just like a water cannon, which quickly rushed to the location of Peeves.

For ordinary ghosts, such physical attacks do not at all have much effect, but only pass through them.

But Peeves is an exception. It can touch entities to pick up things. Strictly speaking is not a ghost, but a special Spirit Physique.

So as it should be by rights, the water cannon directly hit Peeves and stumbled him.

The angry Peeves at first also tried to resist throwing more water polo over, but it turned out that this was just to provide Ivan with “ammunition”, and it didn’t take long for Peeves to be beaten in the successive water cannons. away like a rat.

Hermione remembered the spells that Lupin taught in Defense Against the Dark Arts last semester, and he held up wand and pointed to Peeves.


Several balloon bags that were broken in the ground suddenly shook, and they flew up and stuck to Peeves’ face. Peeves, who could not see things, just hit the wall.

A few young wizards of the Fourth Year also followed the use spell, and others quickly joined in.

“Ahhh ~stop hand…stop hand! I surrender!” Peeves couldn’t hold it anymore. He made a harsh scream and rushed straight into the auditorium, although these attacks could not cause any harm to it, but could be It is uncomfortable to play too much.

“Okay, stop for a while, children!”

While some young wizards were still interested, Professor McGonagall’s voice was heard from the auditorium. While Peeves was taking advantage of the distraction, the body swooped out of the window opening.

Professor McGonagall glanced at Peeves, who had fleeed, not at all, and turned his attention to Ivan, saying with appreciation.

“You did good, Wrahles! I think with this lesson, Peeves will be willing to stop for a while!”

“I just solved some minor troubles!” Ivan replied modestly.

“Very good, Gryffindor plus 5 points!” Professor McGonagall was very satisfied and nodded, shouting loudly, and then looked towards others.

Although it didn’t feel very good when it rained all the way and was harassed by Peeves when I entered the door, most young wizards also had a high interest because they just ran away the nasty naughty ghost .

Professor McGonagall did not skimp on the words of praise. He praised a few words and greeted Prefect to take everyone to the auditorium.

Probably in response to the upcoming Triwizard Tournament competition, the interior of the auditorium has been specially decorated. It is even more magnificent than before, with hundreds of candles floating in the air above the table to capture the golden plates and stemware shining.

Young wizards above Second Year sat under the leadership of Prefect on the chairs of the head table in order, all around the floating ghosts politely greeted them and welcomed them back to school.

Nearly Headless Nick drilled directly from under the dinning table. His shaking head startled the young wizards on the side, and then fluttered to them, said with a smile.

“Good evening, everyone!”

“What’s so good? It’s awful, I really hope to separate the house soon…so I can go back and change my clothes.” Harry complained, he and Ron were not as lucky as Hermione, and their bodies were probably half wet. The shoes are full of water, which is very uncomfortable to wear on the feet.

Ivan was looking at the staff table at this time, looking for Barty Jr. -Crouch posing as Moody, but he didn’t see his silhouette.

“Is the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts this year’s technique class yet to arrive?” Hermione also looked over there, saying a little strangely.

“Probably will come later, of course, it may be that they can’t find the right person.” Ron said spit.

Hogwarts’ Defense Against the Dark Arts professor usually insists on resigning in less than a year, which is no secret in the British magic circle. Ron wonders if this is the reason that no one is willing to apply The position of this professor.

“It would be great if Sirius could come here to teach! Lupin is the best Defense Against the Dark Arts professor I have ever seen, and I believe Sirius is the same!” Harry said expectingly.

“I advise you not to think so, Harry! This is not a safe job!” Listening to Harry saying this, Ivan rolled the eyes, you are pushing Sirius into Fire Pit!

Not to mention that Sirius officially convicted the crime a few months ago, both the student’s parents and the school manager will not allow him to teach!

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