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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 564


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Harry just wanted to defend himself. He thought Sirius would not be knocked down by a curse, but thinking about the encounter between Chino and Lockhart at the age of one or two, and Lupin unfathomable mystery’s resignation at the end of the semester during the Third Year, Then he closed his mouth again.

With this delay, the separate house ceremony has already begun. Professor McGonagall led a long row of First Year new student to the top of the auditorium, and placed a triangular stool on the ground in front of the new student, and then on the stool A shabby, dirty, patched wizard hat was put on it.

First Year new student stared at this quirky hat in a daze, and others looked at it one after another.

For a time, there was silence in the auditorium.

Then a crack near the brim opened like a mouth, and hat suddenly sang:

“That was more than a thousand years ago, I was just woven into shape,

There are four Renowned Wizards whose names are still in use today:

The brave Gryffindor from the wild swamp,

The beautiful Ravenclaw comes from the peaceful riverside,

The benevolent Hufflepuff from the open valley,

The shrewd Slytherin comes from that quagmire.


Sorting Hat’s quirky singing resounded throughout the auditorium.

When I heard the sentence “Four founders have injected me with ideas, and I will choose and evaluate them from now on!”, Ivan thoughts move.

According to Nick-Flamel, injecting his thoughts and willpower into the magic item is a rather advanced gold hand method, which is where he now learns the bottleneck of alchemy.

Just when Ivan was thinking, the singing of the separate house had stopped, and there was a warm applause in the auditorium.

McGonagall unrolled a large roll of parchment and read it according to the above name. The new students who were read stepped forward to pick Sorting Hat, sat on the stool, and waited for hat to make a decision.

Ivan glanced away after a few glances, but unfortunately he was not a new student and could not get in touch with Sorting Hat, otherwise he could use the system identification function to see the truth of that hat.

Harry on the side was not as leisurely as Ivan, and was constantly harassed by his younger brother Colin who was lower in his First Year. Despite being very impatient, Harry responded perfunctoryly.

After about ten minutes, as a new student named Kevin Whitby was assigned to Hufflepuff, the separate house ceremony finally ended.

Professor McGonagall Pack Sorting Hat and small stools and move them away.

Professor Dumbledore on the teacher’s seat slowly stood up. He looked at all the students smilingly, spread his arms, and made a welcome gesture.

“I have only two words to say to you,” Dumbledore’s thick voice echoed in the auditorium, and he stretched out wand, tapped in midair, and said aloud.

“Eat it!”

As Dumbledore’s words fell, the empty plates on the long table were suddenly filled with all kinds of food.

“It’s finally this time!” Ron hurriedly grabbed the spoon on the side, dug a spoonful of mashed potatoes, and stuffed it in his mouth. After a whole afternoon of trains, his stomach was already hungry. Too.

Ivan also let go of those complicated thoughts and started to enjoy the big meal in front of him. He cut a delicious and juicy steak and chewed slowly in his mouth.

Nearly Headless Nick wanders around them, and seeing them gorge oneself is unavoidable and somewhat greedy, but ghosts can’t eat the food of living people, so they can only watch like this.

“Hey…you guys are really lucky today, you have to know that the party at night is almost soaking up.” Nearly Headless Nick said sourly.

“What’s the matter? What happened?” Ivan glanced at the ghost with a squint and swallowed the steak in his mouth.

“Earlier in the kitchen earlier, Peeves was deliberately making trouble and arguing about that thing, you know, Peeves always wanted to attend the banquet!”

Nearly Headless Nick shook his head sighed, the neck with his skin did not look firm, and almost threw his head off. Ivan and the others got worried about him.

Fortunately, his head didn’t fall down finally, paused, Nearly Headless Nick continued.

“You should know that Peeves’s virtue is completely uncultivated, and when we see what we eat, we throw it everywhere. We held a ghost meeting to discuss this. The fat cultivator advocated giving him this opportunity—but Bloody Baron strongly disagrees, I think he is very wise to do so.”

“No wonder Peeves will make trouble at the door…” Ron smashed his mouth, usually Peeves didn’t have the courage to fool them outside the door of the auditorium when he first started school.

“Then, Nick, what did Peeves do in the kitchen?” Harry asked curiously.

“It’s not the same old way,” Nick shrugged. “It’s just a lot of destruction. Peeves messed everything up. The pots and pans were thrown everywhere, and the whole kitchen was flooded with soup.

The poor house elf were so scared by it, they drove Peeves away together, and had to make a dinner again, which almost delayed the banquet today! “

“That’s bad enough! Fortunately Peeves was kicked out…” Ron said happily, if Peeves really succeeded, everyone would be hungry all night!

Don’t cry…

Hearing the words of Nick and Ron, Hermione inadvertently knocked over the tall gold goblet in front of her, pumpkin juice was continuously poured on the tablecloth, and the white linen was dyed into a piece of orange-yellow for up to Several feet, but Hermione didn’t even bother.

Harry and Ron looked at Hermione in surprise, and Ivan also turned his head, vaguely remembering something, and secretly shouted in his heart.

“You just said… there is a house elf here?” Hermione did not look at Ivan and the others, but stared at Nick with a high tone of voice.

“Yeah? Shouldn’t you still say that?” Nearly Headless Nick looked at Hermione strangely, not understanding why she had such a big response, but still replied faithfully, with a little pride in the words.

“Britain does not have more house elf in any house, there are more than one hundred house elf in Hogwarts!”

“Then why can’t I see it?” Hermione frowned, she had only seen a house elf in Hogwarts a few years ago-it was Dobby.

“cough cough …” I didn’t wait for Nearly Headless Nick to answer this time, Ivan coughed twice, attracted everyone’s attention, and then helped explain.

“Hermione, house elf is the best “helper” of the wizard. It can be said that it is a versatile housekeeper. There are so many young wizards in Hogwarts, and always need some house elf…”

“Then they get paid, do they have holidays?” Hermione not at all was fooled by Ivan and continued very seriously. “There are sick leave… allowances, do they all have?”

When I saw Dobby before, Hermione not at all realized the low status of house elf and thought it was similar to steward.

But she had contact with Shining and Kreacher during this summer vacation, only to realize that the lives of these poor little brats are harder than slaves!

“Sick leave and allowances? hahaha…” The floating ghost is like hearing some funny news, almost laughing and distracted, the wheeled wrinkled collar is crooked, the head rolls down, and is still attached to the neck by an inch or two. The dead skin and muscles hang, hanging in the air danglingly.

“They don’t need that, Granger!” Nick put his head suspended in midair back on his neck, and fixed it with a rounded collar, “house elf does not need sick leave and allowance!”

“That is to say, they have nothing to do and have to work hard every day? Isn’t that a slave labor?” Hermione panting with rage said, then turned back to look towards Ivan and continued to ask.

“Then Dobby…”

“Yes! Of course there is!” Ivan quickly nodded and interrupted Hermione’s words, “Dobby can get a salary every month. I took a vacation last year and gave it a good rest. A few days!”

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