Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 565


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After Ivan explained, Hermione was nodded with satisfaction.

Harry grinned awkwardly, but he knew the treatment Ivan gave Dobby, and it was better than nothing.

“How could this be possible!” Nearly Headless Nick’s wide-eyed eyes, floating in in midair, his body shook, and he didn’t want to believe Ivan’s words at all.

“For house elf, wages and vacations are an insult to them… they just love to work!” Nick mumbled.

“No creature would naturally like to work!” Hermione glared at Nick, and then solemnly vowed continued.

“They must be forced by the wizard. Isn’t Ivan’s house elf Dobby the one who is receiving salary and having vacations? If we…”

“Dobby is a very special house elf, Hermione!” Ivan interrupted Hermione’s words, looked at her seriously, and continued to open the mouth and said.

“I always respect Dobby’s wishes, it wants salary and vacation, so I will give it! Similarly, I also respect the ideas of other house elf!”

Hermione’s words choked at once, and after a while he stuttered. “But then… that’s not their real idea…who doesn’t like a free life?”

She had seen Sparkle and Kreacher before, and of course she knew the ill-fated “slave” concept of house elf, but she thought it was the result of long-term slavery by the master and should be corrected!

“Freedom?” Ron chuckled, eating a creamy pudding, and not forgetting to interject. “If you really talk freely with those house elf, they will be terrified!”

As he said, Ron poured another big sip of orange juice, smashed his mouth, and said again. “Also, Hermione…what do you do with that heart? Isn’t it bad like now?”

“Of course not good! Didn’t expect our convenient life in Hogwarts is based on the pain of house elf!” Hermione said arrogantly, putting all the knives and spoons in his hands. Down.

Hermione couldn’t eat a bite at the thought that the dinner was made by the exploited house elf.

Looking at Little Witch seems to be hungry all night, Ivan helpless persuaded. “Isn’t it necessary? Hermione? Just like you want to make some changes, you have to step by step, don’t you?”

“This is the 1st Step I did!” Little witch said firmly.

Ivan shrugged, and did not persuade any more, but slowly picked up a delicious syrup fruit pie and put it in his mouth, taking a bite.

The pie is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a fragrant aroma and a thick syrup on the inside. The sweet is just right, but not too greasy.

“I don’t see you in a summer vacation, their craftsmanship is so great!” Ivan ate with a mouthful of oil and an unexplained word, and then used a fork to fork a shortbread and put it on Hermione’s plate. “Are you sure you want to do something?”

Hermione pursed her lips and made an afternoon train. Her stomach was empty.

But in the end, little witch endured it, pushed away the plate in front of him, and glared at Ivan angrily, as if who ate a shortbread, who would betray the anti-discrimination house elf The same as life.

“Okay, I think you should be full and drunk!” About an hour later, Dumbledore stood up again, and he waved wand just like at first, taking the dishes on the table, remaining The food was swept away.

“It seems that you really have to be hungry all night!” Ivan whispered.

“I would rather starve to death than eat something made by the elf slave labor!” Hermione glanced at him angrily.

On the stage, Dumbledore’s mouth twitched a few times. He obviously heard Hermione’s words, but he pretended to be a completely unknown look.

Mainly to remind new students not to go to Forbidden Forest, and to prohibit the use of dangerous magic “toys” in the castle.

When it comes to Dumbledore, he glanced at George and Fred. He has received many complaints from Filch in the past two years.

George and Fred looked guilty under the eyes of Dumbledore. They glanced at each other and immediately decided that when selling “toys”, the must must be more subtle and must not be caught!

After glancing at Dumbledore, he turned his eyes back, looked towards the young wizards in the auditorium, and announced a heavy news.

“apart from this, I have to tell everyone very regretfully that this year Hogwarts will no longer hold Quidditch match!”

“Why?” Harry’s eyes widened in surprise, excited and almost knocked down the candlestick on the side.

The other Quiddich players performed similarly. There was a burst of discussion from the four big houses on the long table. Many people looked anxiously at Dumbledore, waiting for his answer.

Dumbledore raised his hand and pressed it down, beckoning everyone to be quiet for a while, cleared his throat and spoke again. “That’s because there is a large event that will start in October and last for the entire school year, occupying much of the teachers’ time and energy… Therefore, we have to make some adjustments!”

“But I believe that you can all have a lot of fun. I am very happy to announce to you that this year is at Hogwarts…”

Dumbledore’s loud voice echoed the entire auditorium, but at this moment, a rapid door knock interrupted his words.

The young wizards in the auditorium turned their eyes together, even Ivan was no exception.

Under the eyes of everyone, an old wizard was standing at the door with a long cane in his hand and a black travel cloak wrapped in his body.

His legs and feet didn’t seem to be very good, so he limped forward, the crutches in his hand came to the ground, and there was a loud noise. The entire auditorium became silent because of his arrival, only outside the window The torrential rain and thunder thundered in my ears.

In a flash, another lightning flashed across the sky.

Under the dazzling flash of light, the old wizard opened his hood and shook out his sparse gray hair, and presented the scary, scarred face in front of everyone.

The most striking is his two eyes, one big and one small look very uncoordinated.

Normal black eyes stare at Dumbledore on the stage in front of him, while the other strange blue eye is constantly rotating towards all directions, glancing at everyone on the field.

As the man drew closer and closer, there was a sudden inhalation in the auditorium, Harry and Ron unable to bear shrank their necks, and the young wizards sitting in front of them also dragged their chairs and moved back. .

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