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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 566


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young wizards are frightened and disgusted, but Alastor Moody with crutches didn’t converge on his imposing manner, magic eye looked around the audience unscrupulously, and unexpectedly saw a dare to face him. Young wizard.

I was stared straight at by a weird magic eye. Ivan not at all felt a bit, but looked at each other with great interest.

If he is correct, the “Moody” in front of him should be a guy disguised by Barty Jr. · Crouch as Polyjuice Potion.

Ivan has to sigh, Barty Jr. · Crouch is really bold!

You know, Dumbledore is Leggilimency Master, and he can read each other’s thoughts just by looking at each other.

This means that as long as the old professor rises, Barty Jr. Crouch’s disguise will show up in minutes!

Of course, Ivan is also clear that the old professor will not spy on other people’s thoughts at will, unless it is related to an important layout, or a major event related to Voldemort.

Not to mention that Moody is still an experienced Legendary Auror. It’s possible to use Legitimency to be perceived by the other party, so before “Moody” is exposed, Dumbledore reasonable in every circumstance is unlikely to invade this Old Friend’s brain.

Barty Jr. · Crouch may have looked at this point, coupled with his trust in his acting skills, he made such a risky plan!

When Ivan looked at Moody, the other party had already looked back and walked all the way to the high platform.

Dumbledore held out his left hand and Moody shook it, whispered a few words, and then invited him to sit in an empty seat on his right.

Moody was not at all polite. After sitting down, he pulled over a few delicacies deliberately left on the table.

He first sniffed his nose nervously, took out a knife he carried with him and poked a few times, and finally poked in from one end of a sausage, and ate it with a big mouthful.

Dumbledore seems to have become accustomed to Moody’s nervous look, and soon faced everyone, and happily told them that this is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts operation class Teacher-Alastor · Moody!

Only a few applause sounded from the audience. Everyone was stunned by Moody’s appearance and behavior. Just staring at him intently, few people echoed.

Perhaps it was found that everyone was not interested, and Dumbledore began to speak.

“Ah… let’s continue the topic just now! The Quiddich Cup will no longer be held in this school year. Instead, we will be very honored to host another very exciting event!”

“This event has not been held for more than a century. I am very honored to tell you that the Triwizard Tournament will be held in Hogwarts this year!”

Dumbledore’s intonation is not high, but it is like throwing a boulder into the lake, setting off a huge wave in everyone’s heart.

No one even paid attention to the new professor Moody. Fred De Weasley stood up excitedly and said in surprise.

“Heavens! Are you kidding me? This is impossible!”

Some informed young wizards, both excited and a little unbelievable, Dumbledore reaffirmed this statement and explained the Triwizard Tournament.

Simply put, this competition was founded more than 700 years, the purpose is to promote the exchange between the three magic schools in Europe!

In the past, it was held every five years. The rule is that each magic school chooses a brave man. Some dangerous and exciting magic envy the game. Finally, he scores the most. honor!

However, this kind of event was finally interrupted due to too many deaths. Finally, with the efforts of many parties this year, the Triwizard Tournament was able to resume!

“Triwizard Tournament…” Ivan whispered, touching his chin.

In his opinion, this is an opportunity to obtain legendary points, but he has not thought about whether to participate in it or not. Unlike Harry, he didn’t have Crouch to help with his hands and feet. Even if he tried to throw his name in, Goblet of Fire might not choose him.

During Ivan’s contemplation, Dumbledore has finished talking about the Triwizard Tournament.

The atmosphere of the entire auditorium has become eager, many young wizards begin to stir, everyone wants to be the champion of Dumbledore’s mouth to represent the whole house!

“We are going to participate!” George and Fred are very excited, especially when Dumbledore said that the winner of the competition can get a thousand Galleon prizes, their eyes shine!

“I don’t know how to choose the champion, do you draw by luck?” Ron is also a little moved, whether it is glory or gold Galleon, he is very tempted.

However, Ron is still self-knowledged. If he is selected by his academic performance, he is definitely not a play!

Only a lottery is possible…

“Come on, Ron, such an important game would not use such a perfunctory way! Professor Dumbledore is also impossible to allow a poor champion to represent Hogwarts, which is shameful to the school!” George shattered Ron without hesitation. fantasy.

“Maybe it’s a duel field to see who can play best!” Fred made a slightly reasonable guess. After all, Professor Dumbledore said that this kind of game seems very dangerous.

“Then we have no chance?” George looked distressed towards sitting on the side of Ivan, but he had seen Ivan use spell, really want to match, I am afraid no one in the school is his opponent!

“Ivan, will you participate in the Triwizard Tournament?” Fred asked quickly.

“If it can be selected!” Ivan shrugged, replied casually.

“Then we have no chance?” George and Fred said with a sigh, they both felt that if Ivan was going to run, he would probably have no chance.

What makes them even more desperate is that Dumbledore soon announced the selection criteria for the contestants!

“I know that you are all eager to win the Triwizard Tournament trophy for Hogwarts, but for safety reasons, the participating schools and the Ministry of Magic agreed that an age limit should be set for this year’s competitors!”

“We will only allow students over 17 years old to sign up!” Dumbledore’s expression is very serious.

“It’s not fair!” George and Fred shouted in unison, Dumbledore’s words undoubtedly broke their last hope, because they were only a year away from 17 years old.

Dumbledore ignored the protests of George and Fred at all and raised the tone. Each minding their own business said that this move was set up to protect the champion. Ministry of Magic does not think that wizards under 17 years old can Cope with those dangerous competitions!

Ivan remained calm throughout. He knew the rules of the competition long ago, and of course there will be no mood swings.

Dumbledore said the precautions and then announced the end of the banquet, ordering the Prefects from the major houses to return to the bedroom with new students and students of all grades.

Along the way, everyone was talking about the Triwizard Tournament, and Ivan also echoed a few words.

When I returned to the common room, Ivan directly intercepted Hermione who was about to return to the bedroom, pulled the little witch aside, and hesitated and said quietly.

“Hermione, remember to come out at 10pm!”

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