Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 567


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Hermione looked towards Ivan in surprise, and asked when he opened his mouth.

At this moment, George and Fred were squeezed over uninterestingly.

Of course, they did not come to Hermione, but cautiously looked around, then said quietly to Ivan.

“Ivan, are there any ways you can avoid the age restriction, right?”

When I was in the auditorium, Fred was keenly aware of the unusual calmness of Ivan expression.

Even when I heard the restrictions on the selection of champions, there was no change in my expression.

That’s why they came to ask for advice!

“Professor Dumbledore has just determined the age limit for the selection of champions. I haven’t said what specific choice and who will choose it? How can I do it? You too look at me too!” Ivan helpless’s hook the head, retorted.

George and Fred looked at each other, somewhat doubtful.

But it’s right to think about it. Even the rules for selecting people have not been formally determined. If Ivan can come up with a specific method immediately, it’s too much!

“I just don’t know who the fair referee of the champion will be…” George thought about Dumbledore’s words in distress, and thought of it here, he was a little bit angry.

“Why do they set a 17-year-old age limit? We will be 17 years old in April next year, which is clearly aimed at us!”

“Just yes! This is not fair, we are not worse than those graduates!” Fred also complained.

Hermione, who has been watching, is now unable to bear, and she can’t help but refute. “Professor Dumbledore must have arranged this to ensure our safety. We must know that the previous Triwizard Tournament has killed many people!”

“That was years ago, wasn’t it?” Fred Teman said carelessly. “Professor Dumbledore also said that this year’s Quiddich Cup will be very safe. They spent the whole summer preparing to make sure that every champion will not encounter mortal danger!”

“Yeah, I can’t die! But that’s for age-appropriate contestants! The professor also doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be short of arms or short legs, or that you will be covered with injuries!” Hermione panting with rage’s rebuke Tao, especially looking at Ivan with some worry.

Because she found out, Ivan seems to be keen to participate in this Triwizard Tournament!

“Oh! That’s awesome!” Hermione’s words not at all frightened George and Fred, and they clapped their palms excitedly!

For wizard, such injuries will not cause too much hindrance as long as they are treated in time…

George and Fred have even imagined in their minds that after becoming a Champion of Hogwarts, they have been hindered by a brutal and determined breakthrough, and won the scene of victory in the audience’s scream!

Just thinking about it makes people swell!

The two impatients and Ivan discussed the method of breakthrough age restriction, and proposed a seemingly reliable solution, that is, ageing agent!

Like its name, after drinking the ageing agent, the appearance of the wizard will become a lot older than the real age. George and Fred think that they can become a long time by drinking one or two drops of ageing agent. 17-18 years old look!

“I think it probably won’t work. Whether it’s a judge or a magic, it’s unlikely to be deceived by this little trick!” Ivan shook the head, persuaded.

In the original time and space, George and Fred tried to pass through the ageing agent, and the final result is very obvious. They not only failed but also received magic backlash.

This path is absolutely impossible. No one in Hogwarts can break through the magic set by Dumbledore himself. Even Ivan doesn’t think he can do it. After all, the gap is too big!

That’s why Dumbledore emphasizes in the auditorium that it is absolutely and decisive. There will never be under-aged students who will become champions of the Triwizard Tournament!

However, Ivan feels that Dumbledore is definitely going to be beaten this time, and the frontal breakthrough will not work. He still has a variety of tricks, and he has thought of three of them after a while!

The first plan, obediently and honestly grew to 17 years old in these months!

This is not impossible, provided that you own a Time-Turner.

Like last year, he spent an extra six months in the “past”, strictly speaking of which he is almost 15 years old this year.

The second solution is the crack method Dumbledore said personally. Find a young wizard over 17 years old instead of voting for yourself!

This is the simplest, just ask a reliable senior student to say it!

It’s just not very insurance.

Although Ivan is very confident and thinks that he is definitely the best student of Hogwarts, who knows how to choose people for Goblet of Fire, in case Goblet of Fire likes Cedric?

As for the third option, which is more risky, it needs to threaten or use Imperius Curse to control Barty Jr. -Crouch, let him apply Confundus Charm to Goblet of Fire, add a quota, and get himself in!

Like Harry in time and space!

The advantage is that 100% becomes a champion, but the disadvantage is that it is very risky. Barty Jr. -Crouch is not a good role to deal with!

While thinking in my mind, Ivan apparently continued to discuss with George and Fred how to break the age limit. I wanted to see if I could get some inspiration from them.

“hmph, Professor Dumbledore won’t let you succeed!” Hermione watched Ivan and the others discuss the nonstop, involuntarily lightly snorted, turned her head and ignored them, turned and walked towards the girls’ bedroom.

Ivan remembered at this time that Hermione seemed to have not agreed to go to the evening appointment, so he quickly reminded. “Hermione, don’t forget to come out at night…”

In order to make Hermione hear it, Ivan’s voice was loud.

Some young wizards who are still stranded in the common room all gossip looked towards two of them.

“Understood!” Hermione, who had reached the entrance of the girl’s bedroom, stared back at him with some embarrassment. After leaving a word, she ran back to the bedroom and almost tripped on the threshold. For a moment.

“cough cough …we didn’t bother you just now?” George looked at Hermione’s leaving back and Ivan again. He coughed twice and said very guilty.

“Of course not. I watched Hermione eat nothing at the banquet, so I prepared to bring her some snacks at night!” Ivan shook the head, explained.

“Ah… we all understand, you don’t need to explain so much…” Fred looked like a person coming over.

Even to make up for the mistakes that bothered the two before, Fred smirked and introduced Ivan to those places in the castle that were suitable for going to the night, and taught Ivan some tricks to coax the girl child happy.

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