Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 568


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“Come on, Ivan, you can do it, we won’t disturb you!” George pats Ivan on the shoulder, and then walks away with Fred on the shoulder.

Ivan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh for a while, but also stopped them lazily to explain, and simply went back to the dormitory with their blind thought.

As soon as I opened the door, Ivan heard a voice of discussion before entering.

Closer, I found out that Ron, Harry, Seamus and the others were discussing the champion of the Triwizard Tournament, and even Neville said a few words weakly.

It seems that the young wizard who received this honor will have more than he thought.

Ivan secretly hooked the head. Everyone except Hermione estimated that they had forgotten the dangers mentioned by Dumbledore. If they let them know that the first task of the Triwizard Tournament is to fight Dragon, I don’t know if they could even mention it. Can bear such interest.

“Ivan, did you and George come up with a way to break the age limit?” Ron hurriedly came forward and asked after seeing Ivan coming in.

Harry, Seamus and the others also looked towards Ivan.

“Not yet, how can it be so easy?” Ivan hesitated and expressed a fluster of expression.

Although he already has some clues, he does not intend to disclose it.

As a result, the Triwizard Tournament is too dangerous, and it is also related to Voldemort’s resurrection plan. Even the leading Cedric among the graduates has hung up. It is really not what the Fourth Year’s young wizard can handle.

Second, he felt that Ron’s big mouth was really unreliable, and Seamus was a bard running a train full of mouths. Many of his Legendary deeds were blown out by Seamus forcibly!

If they understood the way to break the age limit, it goes without saying that this method will be spread throughout the school in a few days!

When it reaches Dumbledore’s ear, he will definitely plug the hole. In this case, Ivan thinks he will be blind!

So he was just fooling around casually, and by the way, George and Fred seemed to be trying with an ageing agent to divert Harry and the others’ attention…

“Age-increasing agent? This is a good way!” Ron’s eyes lit up, and he said that if George succeeded, he planned to do the same!

Ivan did not participate in the discussion of Harry and the others anymore, but walked to his suitcase and took out a piece of parchment paper full of amendments.

He wrote it last night, because today he got up too late, and he didn’t have enough time to hand this thing to Aisia in person.

“Dobby!” Ivan pats shouted.

next moment, house elf Dobby will appear in the open space next to the summon.

Ivan put the parchment in the envelope and submit it. “Give this to my mother, prepare some other food, and send it to me at 10pm!”

“Yes, sir!” Dobby solemnly vowed clicked nodded, took the thing, snapped his fingers and disappeared.


At 9:50 points, Gryffindor’s boys’ bedroom was silent.

The tiredness accumulated by the train for a day has made those energetic young wizards have to go to bed early.

Ivan got off the bed lightly so as not to wake Harry and the others who had fallen asleep, slowly opened the door and walked towards the common room of Gryffindor.

The thunder was loud outside the window, and the big raindrops hit the glass with a crash-bang sound.

Depending on his good eyesight, Ivan can see clearly in the dark. After entering the common room, he accurately waved wand to light the fire place.

“Incendio! (Incendio)”

The flames of orange red rose, driving away the cold and darkness of the rainy night. Ivan went to the armchair in front of the fire place and sat down. Dobby also put each and everyone’s plate on the table in front of Ivan.

“Strange, it’s ten o’clock, hasn’t Hermione yet arrived?” Ivan looked at the clock and murmured in confusion.

When Ivan suspected that Hermione had forgotten this, he heard a sound from the stairs above.

About a few seconds later, Hermione in a nightgown walked down the stairs, his face reddish under the fire flames.

“It’s so late, what do you call me to do?” Hermione looked around and saw that there were only himself and Ivan in the common room and asked softly.

“I haven’t eaten all night, aren’t you hungry now?” Ivan smiled and pointed to some snacks on the table and said. “Well! This is for you!”

After being reminded by Ivan, Hermione noticed that there were several dessert plates on the table.

Like Ivan said, one hungry afternoon and one evening, little witch has long been stomach rumbling with hunger, but kept sticking for a while.

But even so, Hermione did not immediately start, but hesitated and asked quietly. “Have these snacks been taken from the kitchen?”

Obviously little witch still cares about the food made by “slave labor”.

“I specifically asked Dobby to do it, which is not slave labor? I paid the salary!” Of course Ivan knew Hermione’s idea and gave up his hand and said.

“Of course not!” Hermione smiled slightly at the corner of her mouth, and the brown eyes stared at Ivan for a while, then whispered “Thank you”.

“Hurry up and eat, and it will be cold after a while!” Ivan replied with a smile.

“Yes!” Hermione ordered nodded, and sat down beside Ivan with pleasure, picked up a fork and picked up a piece of syrup fruit pie and ate it in a small bite.

Ivan sat next to him, just watching it, and occasionally accompanied him to eat a few pieces.

Small witch seems to have been bathing for a while, and there is a good smell spread on her body, which makes Ivan’s nose tickle.

Because Ivan’s eyes were so staring, Hermione seemed a little helpless, and his cheeks were hot with the warm wind of the stove.

She opened her face slightly and was too busy to change the subject. After complaining to Ivan that she returned to the bedroom, she explained to Parvati the anti-discrimination house elf concept but was laughed at.

Although some unhappy things were said, Hermione’s face always had a sweet smile on her face. Ivan had forgotten to write to her before, and she was already thrown aside.

Ivan was able to take care of her hunger and specially prepared snacks in the evening, which made Hermione feel warm.

She even thought about Ivan’s summer vacation. There was nothing urgent about it. She didn’t forget to send the letter on purpose, just like last time…

“Sir! Your snacks!” Dobby put the last two plates of snacks on the table, and then packed up the empty plates.

The arrival of Dobby interrupts Hermione’s thoughts.

Little witch remembered the anti-discrimination “big cause” again. She looked at Dobby and then Ivan, and said with emotion. “If all wizards treat Dobby like you do, just treat house elf!”

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