Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 569


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“It’s difficult…madam!” Dobby shook the head sternly, and then continued proudly. “Only great wizards like Lord Wrahles will be willing to pay us!”

“This is not necessary, Dobby! I believe that as long as we speak positively, there will definitely be more people willing to agree with this concept!” Hermione said firmly, she believes that the current abuse of house elf by wizards is completely a remnant of feudalism. Bringing out old ideas.

Then witch asked Dobby curiously again, how much salary does it get every month, and how many days off?

Dobby wanted to answer in excitement, to show the master’s greatness, but when he spoke, he thought that Ivan had ordered him not to disclose the details of his salary to others, and then he slurped his ears and said vaguely.

“Lord Wrahles gave Dobby a lot of money and holidays…God, sir is really a noble person!”

“Okay, don’t praise me, let’s go!” Ivan didn’t dare to ask Hermione to ask too much, so as not to reveal the stuffing, he quickly waved his hand and waved back Dobby.

Hermione gave Ivan a suspicious look, but said nothing.

In her opinion, since Dobby is so grateful, Ivan must be paid a lot, perhaps lower than the normal wizard.

“How come you suddenly thought of liberating house elf? Hermione?” Ivan asked curiously, and he had always been puzzled.

“Why not?”

Little witch looked at Ivan very seriously, and then talked incessantly. “House elf has paid that many for their owners… Not only do they need to undertake all the housework, but also to ensure absolute loyalty and to obey the master’s commands, but what did their efforts get in return?”

“All I get is discrimination and wanton swearing! I even read the book saying that you know who is a pinnacle, some wizards regard house elf as harm ­ful in ­sect!”

Speaking of this, little witch is very angry, she has contacted Kreacher and Shining, and also asked about their lives.

In her view, house elf is a group of industrious and loyal groups, who can become a wizard’s family partner, not a slave who is allowed to fight!

Listening to Hermione’s indignant words, Ivan was not moved, he spoke in a gentle tone.

“Since you have read the book, you should know the origin of the house elf wizard. They are creatures created by the wizard. They must serve the wizard for generations. This is the meaning of their life…”

“Do you really think so? Wizard created the house elf? They are so similar to Goblin!” Hermione retorted, paused and guessed again.

“Maybe some wizards deliberately tampered with history in order to enslave them so that house elf would sink like this forever!”

“And… they are intelligent creatures like us, and they think, should not be treated like this!” Hermione added at last.

Ivan looked at Hermione with surprise. He didn’t expect little witch that one day would question the content of the book.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?” Hermione looked a little uncomfortable after seeing Ivan for a long time. She nervously inserted a cake in front of her with a fork, and the cream all spilled on the table.

“No, it’s nothing, but it’s just a surprise that you can think of it!” Ivan laughed.

He has read that “Bloodline Origins” and of course he knows what is going on.

The house elf group is indeed not the creation of a wizard, but a magical creature that was enslaved during the wizard’s control of the magic world.

After all, the wizard is not powerful enough to create a group of magical creatures with human-like wisdom and natural use spells.

That is already the category of God!

Ivan feels that this may be the reason why the wizard group has prepared for house elf in a variety of ways, and in the last ages has been committed to cultivating slavery.

However, the wizard Senior’s approach does not at all appear to Ivan.

It’s not as good as it was now. Wizard is not a good mix in magic circle. Nowadays, the right to speak is forcibly played!

Centaur, Goblin, Merpeople… All the magical creatures that live in the magic circle need to be controlled by the wizard, including the house elf, of course!

This is the final winner’s domination of the loser in a brutal survival competition!

Like ancient Era’s human ancestors expelled lions and tigers and domesticated cattle and sheep, but house elf is highly intelligent, so it seems even more cruel!

It’s not that there are problems.

Except for Hogwarts, most house elf are monopolized by pure-blood family and become their private property. Civilian wizard simply cannot enjoy this kind of convenience.

House elf has not played their due role at all, use very limited to deal with limited spell ability, and even because of the arrogance of pure blood wizard, the overall number of house elf is getting less and less.

Despite this thought, when I spoke, Ivan was a bit troubled, not knowing how to persuade Hermione.

Tell her directly that this World is actually cruel, weak are prey to the strong is the survival rule of race, once house elf is completely liberated, they will compete with the wizard for power?

Hermione can understand it!

Ivan is very clear that the tenth year is the age when the devil heads are sympathetic and have a sense of justice. They have not been beaten by society. They usually think that their strength of oneself is enough to correct those unfair things.

Like his previous primary school meeting in the world, the whole person went away after taking a few environmental lessons, and dared to go to the lumberjack to rebuke the other party, “The big tree is so important, why do you want to cut the big tree?”

Now think about it, it’s a good thing not to be beaten.

Hermione didn’t know what Ivan was thinking, but thought Ivan agreed with her idea, and happily told Ivan about her follow-up plan.

“I am going to establish a house elf rights promotion society. Starting from Hogwarts, I will convince Professor Dumbledore to improve the treatment of house elf!” Hermione said.

“I think you’d better not do this. Professor Dumbledore agreed with impossible!” Ivan is persuaded with a headache.

“Why?” Hermione asked eagerly.

“Hogwarts has more than one hundred elves, even if it is calculated according to the minimum wage, every month is not a small expense. Even if Professor Dumbledore does not discriminate against house elf, the board of directors has also agreed to grant funds.” Ivan explained it.

If calculated based on Filch’s salary, Hogwarts will spend an additional 70,000 or 80,000 gold galleons every year!

Dumbledore, as the headmaster, is over a hundred years old this year. His health has not been good recently, and he can’t stand this shock!

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