Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 570


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Ivan’s words made Hermione pause. Seventy or eighty thousand Galleon is undoubtedly an astronomical figure in her eyes.

After a long time, little witch stuttered. “But house elf’s hard work is worth so much, isn’t it? If you hire a wizard, it’s more expensive than that!”

“That’s right, they have to take care of the teachers and students of the school in detail, and the wizard can’t do it!” Ivan said with a smile, not at all totally denies Hermione’s words.

However, before waiting for Little Witch to be happy, Ivan heard it continue. “Did you ever think about it? If so many house elf left their masters and gained freedom, how would they live? No wizard would be willing to hire them!”

“In addition, you should also go to the kitchen to ask the opinions of those house elf, and then make a decision, if you really want to protect them, you should listen to their ideas!” Ivan said with consolation.

In fact, he did not want Hermione to waste time on such a thing, because it was a thankless thing.

As a magical creature that has been enslaved by wizards for thousands of years, the house elf group has long lost their sense of resistance, and the rest is only a morbid slave concept, and the loyalty to the master is inscribed in the bones of!

If any house elf makes a mistake, they don’t even need the owner to do it, they will punish themselves.

Ivan’s words made Hermione think of the encounter with shining. After being abandoned by the owner Crouch, there is no wizard willing to take shining. In the end, Sirius suggested that it should be left at the Black family to solve the problem.

“Also, if you really want to change something and so on, why not look at this!” Ivan suddenly thought of something, took a book from the pocket where the extension spell was cast, and handed it to little witch.

“From clerk to Minister of Magic-how does the wizard go to the power peak?” Hermione took the book in surprise, looked towards the cover and read the title.

Hermione expression looked at Ivan weirdly and didn’t quite understand why Ivan gave himself such a book?

“When you become the Minister of Magic, can you really change the situation of the house elf!” Ivan seriously suggested.

He feels that Hermione cares so much about the status of house elf. In addition to the sudden outbreak of sympathy, he is still too idle in the end!

So it’s better to find her something to do, set a big goal and so on, maybe forget about this matter calmly and calmly after a while.

“I don’t need you to say that, I will be the one too!” Hermione said with confidence in her arms.

She has seen too many things that need to be corrected in Magic Circle in recent years, such as the unfair treatment suffered by house elf, and the discrimination of muggle by the pure blood wizard, etc…

Looking at the small witch in front of high-spirited and vigorous, Ivan only remembered that Hermione was really a Ministry of Magic in the original time and space!

The liberation of house elf is probably not a casual talk.

Hermione really intends to practice his philosophy!

Of course, from what Ivan knows, even if Hermione is really the Minister of Magic, it is impossible to want to completely liberate the house elf.

Because this means working against most of the power circles in Magic Circle, it is good to be able to improve the living conditions of house elf through some laws and regulations.

“Then you will have to work hard!” Ivan did not mean to pour cold water on Hermione, but encouraged.

Although he does not agree to equalizing house elf and wizard, Ivan is not against improving their survival situation, otherwise he will not be willing to pay Dobby.

In contrast, some extreme pure-blood families enjoy the convenience brought by the house elf, and at the same time they treat the house elf as a harmful insect. It is indeed amazing enough… p>

Even the slave master of the muggle knows to take care of the slave occasionally, so as to protect his private property for a longer period of time, but some arrogant wizards do not understand this reason at all.

As Ivan thought about this, a slight noise came upstairs, interrupting his thoughts.

Ivan subconsciously turned his head and looked towards the stairs.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione not at all noticed something wrong and looked at Ivan’s movement strangely.

“Hush…” Ivan put his index finger to his mouth and made a silence gesture, thoughts move, took Marauder’s Map from his arms, opened it and glanced.

“Sure enough!” Ivan saw the name stacked on the map next to the Gryffindor common room, and his mouth twitched involuntarily.

Hermione also took a look, and then his face turned red.

Ivan stood up straight and waved wand towards the dark staircase above.

A magic power beam from Crimson flew out from the top of wand, slammed into the stairs and exploded, making a thunderous sound. There were countless sparks splashing, which was very gorgeous.

George and the others crouching there and eavesdropping for a while were so scared that they were suddenly in a mess, and several of them were embarrassed and rolled down the stairs directly.

“You guys don’t sleep at night, what do you watch us do?”

Ivan looked at George and Fred, who had choked badly, and several male witch who had only faced up in the common room, asking very speechlessly.

“We are just passing by…by passing by!” George said by touching his still-painful chest.

As he said, George Fiercely glared at Fred behind him. If he hadn’t been squatting uncomfortably, he would have to change his movements. If something happened, they wouldn’t be discovered.

“Yes! Too hungry at night, we are going to the kitchen to find something to eat!” Fred also hurriedly explained.

They heard that Ivan and Hermione will be dating in the Gryffindor common room tonight, so they can’t sleep at night, gossip and prepare to learn to observe.

Who knows that Ivan and Hermione talked about the house elf all night!

This is so weird!

I knew it was like this, and Fred thought he might as well sleep in the bedroom!

Other young wizards have also found various reasons to prove that they just happened to pass here.

“House elf also needs rest, I advise you not to trouble them at night!” Hermione glared at George and the others angrily, then looked at Ivan again, hesitated for a while, and finally said in a low voice . “I am going back to bed now!”

After finishing, Hermione didn’t wait for Ivan to react, so he hurriedly hugged the book and returned to the girl’s bedroom.

See if there is no excitement, George, Fred and the others are also rushing away, each and everyone runs faster than the rabbit, I am afraid that Ivan will cut it off.

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