Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 571


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Without a few minutes, Ivan was left alone in the common room.

That’s how a farce came to an end.

Ivan shook the head, extinguished the fire.

Fortunately, his purpose of easing the relationship with Hermione tonight is achieved, so Ivan has no intention of pursuing the troubled George and the others.

“Oh, just look at what he is doing…” Ivan murmured, walking in the corridor back to the bedroom, and opened Marauder’s Map again, ready to find the whereabouts of Barty Jr. -Crouch, Confirm his whereabouts.

However, Ivan’s eyes scanned the entire map, but unexpectedly not at all found the trace of Barty Jr. -Crouch.

“Did Crouch run out temporarily, not in the castle?” Ivan’s mind filled with doubts, but quickly overturned the idea, because a familiar name came into sight.

Alastor Moody!

“How could this be possible?” Looking at the slowly moving names on Marauder’s Map, Ivan filled with a chill in his heart.

Moody at school is actually true, not Barty Jr. -Crouch pretending…

Otherwise, even if he can find Moody’s name on Marauder’s Map, he should be trapped somewhere and not move, instead of wandering around the campus at night!

Ivan feels faintly that things have exceeded his expectations.

Is it possible that Voldemort changed his resurrection plan? But why is this? Will it be related to yourself?

Countless thoughts rise in the mind at the same time, Ivan’s brows are more and more tight, which means that he may lose the advantage brought by the “prophet”.

But what did Moody run out of at night? Ivan’s doubts came out again, staring at Marauder’s Map in his hand.

From the location point of view, Moody is wandering in a hallway of the castle. After a while, he enters the employee’s common room and stays in place. It should be ready to sleep.

“Would you like to take a look…” Ivan touched his chin and wanted to confirm the common room of infiltrate Moody, but hesitated to dismiss the idea.

Moody is an experienced and suspicious Auror. There is no corresponding layout in the room. I am afraid that you will be discovered as soon as you enter.

“Damn, what about the Triwizard Tournament?” Ivan distressedly took away Marauder’s Map. He had originally wanted to control the small Crouch to release Confundus Charm, but now this plan is afraid to be in a hurry.


2nd day In the morning in the morning, Ivan woke up from the bed yawning after a night of insomnia. After a random wash, he was ready to start a new semester.

It was raining all night, and the sky outside was still gray. The dark clouds of cyan-gray color blocked the sunlight, but it was like early evening in the morning.

“What classes are you attending today? Hmm… Herbology, protecting magical creatures, and Divination!” Harry looked at the class schedule, rummaging through the suitcase to find the corresponding book.

“I really hope that it won’t rain today, or the Care of Magical Creatures will be soaked up!” Ron looked towards the dark sky outside the window, complaining.

It’s just that Ron didn’t think so anymore, he wished to slap himself in return for a rainstorm!

Because today’s course is too bad, except for Professor Sprout’s Herbology, the other two courses are like nightmares!

Hagrid didn’t know that a creature named Blast-Ended Skrewt had been brought in from there and let them take care of it.

This kind of creature is abnormally disgusting. They look like deformed and shelled lobsters. They still have a very strong smell, which makes people really like doesn’t raise.

In the afternoon, the Divination is not so good. Professor Trelawney hinted that they will have an unknown omen this year, and also tried to predict Harry’s birth date from the planet’s trajectory, and concluded that sure It is in winter!

Finally, Professor Trelawney arranged a classroom homework, and sent each person a complex circular chart, asking them to fill in the planetary position of their birth, thinking that the direction of the planet contains a kind of Mysterious omen…

Ivan filled in a mess. He didn’t even know where the nine planets were when he was born. Then he looked around at Harry and Ron and found that they should also be filled in randomly.

In the whole class, only Hermione obediently and honestly calculated carefully according to the formula, and made precise calculations…

Although the final result looks very different from the facts…

“She must be crazy before she can talk nonsense in class. Everyone knows that Harry was born at the end of July, but Professor Trelawney thought you were born in winter, which is not allowed! “

After class, Ron just talked about being unable to bear as soon as he left the classroom. He felt that choosing Divination was definitely a bad decision!

“Even if the Master always makes mistakes, doesn’t it? Professor Trelawney had successfully predicted Peter’s escape and you know who!” Hermione justified Trelawney.

Since the last prophecy was verified, Hermione changed her attitude towards Divination, became enthusiastic, and even prophesied several times in private based on the knowledge in the textbook!

Unfortunately it’s basically wrong…

This makes Hermione somewhat discouraged, he seems not at all the prophetic innate talent.

“Who knows if it’s slanted? Maybe she was just talking about that’s all last time! You know who has been dead for more than ten years, he’s impossible is back…” Ron curl one’s lip, Trelawney class Shi Shen’s nagging appearance made him increasingly doubt the accuracy of the other party’s predictions.

“You forgot? Haven’t we dealt with him a few years ago?” Ivan looked at Ron in surprise.

“Oh, yeah! You and Harry have seen him…” Ron’s tone was perfunctory, he not at all saw Voldemort in person, and subconsciously felt that Dark Lord’s resurrection was impossible!

Professor Dumbledore and Ministry of Magic are not furnishings…

Ivan naturally saw Ron’s thoughts, hook the head, and said nothing more.

Trey Lawney’s predictions are certainly all correct.

After all, she threatens several new students every year, saying that she sees a sign of death in the other party.

Most of these words will not be fulfilled, otherwise, if many people die every year, who would dare to get Hogwarts to go to school?

However, under certain circumstances, Trelawney’s remarks are still accurate.

Especially if a word comes out inadvertently, or if it is spoken in a trance state, that is the real prophecy!

100% will be verified!

Unfortunately, the last prediction about the return of Dark Lord is a true prediction!

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