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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 572


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Thinking of this, Ivan’s brows tightly knit came up, and Trelawney’s prediction undoubtedly proves that Voldemort is planning the resurrection at the moment.

It’s just that the process may not be what you think…

Harry on the side also had some expression trance. He gently stroked the lightning scar on his forehead, recalling the dream he had had during the summer vacation…


A shout interrupted Harry’s thoughts. He turned his head and saw Ivan staring at him worriedly.

Hermione and Ron also noticed Harry’s anomaly, and immediately ignored the argument, and looked over.

“Do you have any concerns? Harry? It’s about you know who?” Ivan asked.

Harry hesitated, not knowing whether to say it.

“Some things, I suggest you better not hide in your heart, are we friends? Maybe I can help you maybe…” Ivan comforted with a soft tone.

The problem with Moody this time made Ivan realize that his advantage in familiarizing with the plot is getting weaker and weaker. If he doesn’t want to be pitted, then he has to look for clues again.

Harry is a good breakthrough here. If he remembers correctly, during the summer vacation in the original time and space, Harry should have dreamed about what happened in the Riddle mansion.

As Ivan thought, Harry said hesitantly.

“About two weeks ago, I had a very strange dream at home… I saw a dark room with a fire next to it. Then… I saw someone talking in the room through the door slit, one of them was short The man should be Peter, and the other one seems to be Voldemort’s voice…”

“What? You said you saw Peter, and you heard the volt…you know who talked?” Before Harry finished speaking, Hermione asked in surprise.

“That’s a dream, isn’t it? It’s not surprising that anything can appear in the dream!” Ron refuted before Harry answered.

“no! It seems a little different this time…” Harry shook the head, again touching the scar on his forehead, and said slowly. “After I woke up from my dream, this scar hurt badly. Last time I was facing Voldemort a few years ago…”

“Really? Are you sure?” Ron’s eyes widened and he looked at Harry in disbelief. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but finally swallowed the words that he had reached.

“This must be some kind of foreshadowing!” Hermione said firmly, “I have seen in textbooks of divination that some wizards can produce certain things when relatives and friends are about to be in danger. Kind of induction! Dream is one of the most common…”

“You mean that Harry and you know who are relatives or friends? Come on, this is really funny…” Ron said with a sneer, he felt that the textbooks of divination were not reliable at all. It’s all fools.

“But they are the enemies in the prophecy! Is this also a connection, isn’t it?” Hermione interrupted Ron’s words directly, and then didn’t look at him, holding Ivan in one hand and Harry in the other, and headed to the headmaster Direction of the room. “Let’s quickly notify Professor Dumbledore!”

“You guys wait for me!” Ron hesitated and followed along.


After running for a while, when the four people in gasping for breath reached the entrance of the headmaster’s office, they were dumbfounded because they didn’t know the password in the headmaster room yet.

After thinking about it, Hermione spoke probed.

“Cockroach Clusters…”

“Ice lemon juice…”

“Toffee finger cake?”

The huge Gargoyle completely motionless is still stubbornly stopped in front of everyone.

“How about trying zi zi honey candy?” Ivan turned to his voice, one of Dumbledore’s favorite foods.

ka-cha …

Just after Ivan spoke, Gargoyle, the janitor, shook slowly, exposing the stairs.

“Let’s go…Looks like we have good luck!” Ivan laughed and walked in first.

When going up the stairs, Harry and Ron unable to bear spoke out and asked. “How do you know this can open the door?”

“Because Professor Dumbledore usually uses some favorite sweets and drinks as a password!” Hermione explained, and then turned to look at Ivan.

It was when Ivan saw the password of the headmaster room last time that she thought of this.

The four of them quickly entered the headmaster room while chatting.

After many days, everything is as usual here.

The only difference is that many documents and newspapers are stacked on the central desk.

Ivan glanced at it as she approached. Except for a few copies of Daily Prophet, everything else should be about Goblet of Fire.

“Wrahles, is there anything you guys have come to see me at this time?” Dumbledore turned the document over quietly and closed it. The eyes under the half-moon glasses scanned Ivan and the others and asked.

“Professor, that’s it. I had a very strange dream during the summer vacation…” Harry gritted his teeth and repeated all the words he had said to Ivan and the others before.

When he heard Harry talk about the scene he saw in his dream, Dumbledore’s expression became more and more dignified. Of course he knew what that represented, which proved that Voldemort’s power was recovering, so that he could establish a certain relationship with Horcrux…

“How did you see that scene?” Dumbledore suddenly asked.

Dumbledore’s dignified expression made Harry a little nervous. He swallowed and stammered.

“I seem to… seem to be lying on the ground and looking up, Professor!”

Crawling and walking on the ground, like… a snake!

This thought was filled with in Harry’s mind, but he didn’t say it because it was so weird!

Listening to Harry’s reply, Dumbledore’s frowned eyebrows were loosened, his body leaned forward to stare at Harry, and he continued to ask gently. “Then do you remember what they specifically said in the dream?”

Ivan is also staring at Harry closely. He needs to know what has changed in that dream before he can decide what Voldemort will do next.

“They mentioned the World Cup…a ​​guy named Nagini and also mentioned me…” Harry tried very hard to remember that scene again.

But now more than two weeks have passed since the dream, and the memory becomes hazy as if he was covered with a veil. The harder he tries to grasp the details, the faster they will be It slipped through his fingers.

Only the most profound scene remained in memory. Harry’s complexion became worse and worse, and cold sweat rose from his forehead. The lightning-like scar seemed to be faintly painful again.

Finally… Harry was almost terribly loudly shouted.

“I also saw them in that room…killed someone!”

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