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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 573


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Harry’s words stunned everyone present, and Hermione looked at him in amazement with her hand over her mouth.

“Who? Did you see who it is?” Dumbledore asked, looking as usual.

“It’s an old man, it should look like a muggle. He stood outside the door eavesdropping on Peter and Voldemort’s conversation…and then… he was found…” Harry gasped and shuddered faintly. He seemed to have put a lot of effort into saying the rest. “It’s Voldemort’s own… Killing him with Killing Curse!”

Dumbledore pondered for a moment, tapping the table with his left index finger, making a slight noise.

The spacious headmaster interior seems to be under a lot of pressure. Both Hermione and Ron were frightened by the dreams described by Harry. If Voldemort can freely use spell, wouldn’t it prove that the Dark Lord has recovered now?

“Professor, do you think this is just a dream?” Harry couldn’t stand the increasingly heavy atmosphere in the headmaster’s room, asked Unable to Bear.

“No, I think that might be true!” Dumbledore shook the head, with a serious expression, looked towards Harry and said again. “Voldemort must be planning something… and obviously this matter is about you!”

After being confirmed by Dumbledore, Harry and the others were a little nervous, and the news of Voldemort’s resurrection really exceeded their tolerance.

Ivan also pretended to have a dignified look, but he didn’t fluctuate at all.

Because he understands that Voldemort not at all’s true resurrection, he only got a baby-like body with the help of Peter. He is still very weak and he can’t even move on his own.

However, another key piece of information was revealed in Harry’s words, that is Voldemort’s seventh Horcrux-the snake named Nagini has been made.

In other words, the remaining Horcrux has been increased to three…

Thinking of this, Ivan gave Harry a quiet look.

The Hufflepuff Gold Cup hidden in Gringotts and Nagini, the serpent following Voldemort, are all protected, but they can be destroyed by finding the right way.

However, Harry’s Horcrux is extremely tricky.

The practice of letting Voldemort eliminate Horcrux himself in the original time and space seems to Ivan to be very uncertain and accidental…

There are only two options for apart from this. Either study Horcrux to find a way to strip the soul, or you must kill the Horcrux carrier Harry…

As Ivan was thinking, Dumbledore also noticed the dignified expression of everyone, and he said comfortingly.

“No need to worry too much, Harry! According to what you have seen and heard in the dream, I think Voldemort has not been able to fully restore his strength, otherwise, he has probably reunited his followers, and Not hiding somewhere with Peter!”

Dumbledore’s gentle words seem to have some kind of magic power, soothing the hearts of Harry and the others and calming them down.

“Do you remember some more specific details?” Dumbledore looked at Harry and asked again.

Harry remembered hard, but in the end still shook the head, he couldn’t think of anything more.

“Don’t worry, you can think slowly!” Dumbledore stared at Harry’s eyes, and the words became light.

Harry found that Dumbledore’s eyes seemed to have some kind of light, and then his brain became a little dizzy. He seemed to fall into that dream again, and he became that crawling again in the dream. The snake…

Legilimens …

Ivan suddenly realized this, and immediately started Occlumency. Then he realized that Dumbledore not at all meant what he meant, and he relaxed again.

Compared to the previously secret use spell, Dumbledore performed more clearly this time.

But it’s right to think about it. Today’s form is much more severe than in the original time and space. Dumbledore is already in a comprehensive weak position. Not far from death, Voldemort is about to restore his strength and return.

At this particular juncture, every news about Voldemort is extremely important, and it will probably decide the final success or failure!

Ivan also wanted to know if there was any key information in Harry’s dream, and his eyes were moving between Dumbledore and Harry.

Harry seems to be caught in memories at the moment, a faint expression of surprise and joy emerged on Dumbledore’s face…

It’s a pity that this emotional change lasted only for a moment. When Ivan looked back, Dumbledore’s complexion returned to the same calm and composed look as before, making Ivan wonder if he had misread it before. .

Don’t wait for Ivan to think about it, Harry woke up from that groggy state and shouted loudly.

“I remembered that a witch named Bertha Jorkins was missing, and Peter did it! They also planned to find another servant and try to get rid of me!”

Harry said in a hurry, as if slowing down would forget those dusty memories, and then turned his head suddenly to say to Ivan.

“And Ivan… they also mentioned you!”

“Me?” Ivan pointed to himself with some surprise.

Harry nodded and recalled. “Yes! Voldemort looked very angry when he mentioned you! It was just that I was far away, not at all I heard what they said specifically!”

Ivan frowned and was hated by someone like Voldemort, but it was not good news.

Ivan also has a new understanding of Dark Lord’s caution.

Before the real resurrection, the main body and Horcrux’s induction is weak. Voldemort or Voldemort confirmed the news that the Horcrux diary was destroyed in the original time and space from Lucius-Malfoy.

Except Horcrux, Ivan feels that there are not many things that make him arrogant… presumably the two dungbombs.

But… as long as you remember to hate for so long?

Harry will still randomly recall various details, no matter whether it is useful or not, it will be thrown out, and even the description of the furnishings in the room will be described as much as possible.

At the end, Harry’s words began to become abnormally hoarse, and he stopped until there was no clue to squeeze.

“I only know so much, Professor!” Harry gasped and said dryly.

“You did a good job, Harry! This will be a useful piece of information!” Dumbledore looked at Harry with admiring eyes and said softly.

“Then what should we do next?” Harry asked anxiously, and after learning that Voldemort was trying to target himself, he urgently wanted to do something.

“Hmm…you need me to think about it,” Dumbledore thought for a while, then looked up at the clock on the wall again, as if finally thinking of something, he said.

“Ah, that’s right! It’s almost time for dinner…I think the best thing you should do is go to the auditorium to fill your stomach, and then take a good rest…”

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