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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 574


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Dumbledore’s escaped answer made Harry stunned. He didn’t quite understand why the topic suddenly resurrected from Dark Lord to today’s dinner.


Harry wanted to continue asking, but said he was pulled away after a few words.

Ivan rushed to Harry shook the head and asked him to say less, then looked towards Dumbledore and said. “Professor, if there is no other order, we will go back first!”

“Go!” Dumbledore waved his hand wearily, watching Harry add something before everyone left. “If there is any similar news, you’d better inform me the first time!”


“So, shall we go back like this?”

Out of the headmaster room, Harry glanced back and said unwillingly, he still had a lot of questions to ask.

“Otherwise? What do you think we can do?” Ivan glanced at Harry and said helplessly.

The meaning of Dumbledore can’t be more clear. Even if Voldemort is secretly plotting something, their Young Year young wizards will not be able to help, or it would be good if they didn’t help!

If Harry and his friends broke into the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries in the original space and time, they would not be trapped in Voldemort, causing Sirius to die in tragic death.

In fact, such a result can still be regarded as the halo of Harry’s protagonist. Otherwise, you can’t wait for the Order of the Phoenix’s assistance. These young wizards who have not graduated are already in the battle with Death Eater. Wiped out.

“Ivan is right, Harry! We have done everything we can, and the remaining Professor Dumbledore will handle it!” Hermione also spoke out.

Harry opened his mouth and planned to refute it, but after thinking about it, he found that he really could not do anything.

Aside Ron comforting Harry, Ivan thought about how to tell Dumbledore about the Hufflepuff Gold Cup in Gringotts as naturally as possible.

This is the best Horcrux to deal with at present, but it is difficult to break into Gringotts with your own strength, and it is not safe to rely on the Burgker deformation camouflage.

It was so thoughtful that the four of them quickly reached the auditorium.

Before staying in the headmaster room for a while, they obviously came a little late. The long tables of the four big houses were already crowded with people eating. Ivan and the others did not dare to rush to find an empty seat. Down.

After a day of class, Ron was already hungry. As soon as he sat down, he impatient took the knife and cut a large piece of cake into his mouth, chewing on it, and then picked up lemon juice fiercely Take a sip and comfortably burp.

Ivan aimed at the shortbread cookies on the table and used a fork to fork on his plate and started enjoying today’s dinner.

While eating, Ivan didn’t forget to take a look at Hermione. When he saw little witch, he grabbed the slice of bread as usual and spread jam on it, and she understood that she had figured it out.

“God, Hermione, you started eating! Didn’t you say you would rather starve to death than the food from slave labor?” Ron also noticed this, frightened and flustered said.

“Because I already want to understand, there is a better way to show my position on the rights of the elves.” Hermione turned his head and stared at Ron fiercely.

Ron curl one’s lip, but it’s not stupid enough to continue stimulating Hermione, but deflects the body towards towards apparently a little absent Harry.

“You are still thinking about you know who? Forget them, Harry! Just think of it as a dream! No, it was a dream!” Ron exhorted.

Harry not at all words, just nodded perfunctoryly.

He wanted to temporarily forget it as Ron said, but it turned out that it was obviously not so easy to do. As soon as he closed his eyes, a scene in his dream would appear in his mind. I will never forget.

At this moment, there was a sound of flapping wings outside the door of the auditorium. Ivan heard the sound and saw that groups of owl flew in from the outside, sending a letter and item On the long table of the four big houses.

One of the owls twirled above the auditorium, and finally flew towards this side.

The expression of surprise appeared on Harry’s face, he thought it must be a letter from Sirius!

When he was a guest at Dursley’s house, he informed Sirius of his scar pain, so he desperately wanted to see Sirius’ reply.

Unfortunately, this owl fell directly on Ivan’s shoulder under the gaze he expected.

“Who sent you the letter?” Harry unable to bear asked.

“Well, I should have sent it from my mother… well, and the Daily Prophet I ordered is here too!” Ivan swallowed the steak in his mouth, and grabbed the owl on his shoulder in an unclear tone. Envelopes and newspapers hung on each other’s feet were removed.

The letter Ivan not at all opened on the spot, which may involve something inconvenient to be known by Harry and the others, so he put it away and prepared to wait to read it at night.

As for that newspaper, Ivan didn’t take this into account, and turned over in front of several people.

“Is this?” Looking at the cover of Daily Prophet, Ivan frowned involuntarily.

It was a chaotic camp with fire on all sides. A large number of people who did not know whether it was a wizard or a muggle were running away from one of their head out of fear, rendering the whole scene terrifying.

“Isn’t this the chaos that happened on the World Cup that day? It was taken by someone!” Hermione leaned over and said in surprise.

Harry and Ron heard this and looked over curiously.

After a few glances, both of them looked like they had eaten flies, because Daily Prophet not only reported the chaotic scene at the beginning, but also mentioned the Ministry of Magic’s mistakes and Sirius almost got caught.

“You are on the newspaper, Weasley!” The full-bodied Malfoy walked over with his two followers, holding a copy of the Daily Prophet in his hand, his face full of taking pleasure in The color of other people’s misfortune.

After taunting Ron, Malfoy turned his attention to Harry’s body again. “Oh, and you Harry, your godfather is almost going to Azkaban again.”

“How about I read it to you?” Malfoy ignored Harry’s and Ron’s gaze, clearing his throat and reading aloud while watching the newspaper.

“Recently, after the Quiddich world cup ended, a large-scale riot broke out. Thugs burned tents and tortured muggles for fun.

According to unknown sources, Ministry of Magic caught a former Azkaban fugitive Sirius -Black at the scene, suspected to be the culprit of this chaos! “

“Yeah, I think their suspicions are justified, and it was a coincidence that Black broke out of the prison long before he escaped from prison!” Malfoy looked at Harry playfully and chuckled.

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