Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 575


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Malfoy’s words made Harry irritated. If Hermione and Ron stopped him, they would almost be unable to bear and smashed the plate in his hand.

“Did you want to fight again? Malfoy?” Ivan slowly lowered the newspaper in his hand and glanced at Malfoy, which was also somewhat helpless.

How many times has this happened? Malfoy always remembers to eat or not to fight, or is Harry really so attractive?

“You…” Malfoy’s pale complexion suddenly turned red. He wanted to take a few harsh words so as not to weaken in the imposing manner, but when Ivan showed signs of wand, he immediately came to his mouth. Swallowed.

The previous lessons taught him a deep understanding of the gap in strength between the two sides.

“I just came to congratulate Weasley’s father and the Azkaban fugitive on the newspaper that’s all…” Malfoy finally dared to add an eccentric sentence, and then took his two followers angrily to leave.

At this time, Ivan said suddenly. “That’s all thanks to your father taking the lead in making trouble at the World Cup, isn’t it? Otherwise it won’t cause such misunderstanding…”

“Bullshit!” Malfoy’s loudly shouted voice was loud, and there was a panic expression on his face.

Harry was also surprised towards Ivan, not understanding why he said that.

Ron is an expression of excitement, “Ivan, you must have found something right? I knew Malfoy and his father were not good!”

Ivan not at all ignored Ron, but kept paying attention to the change in Malfoy’s expression. When he saw the excited look of the other party, he became more affirmative of the previous guess.

Most of the chaos in the Quiddich World Cup was planned by Lucius -Malfoy…

“You guys are slanders! My father stayed in the tent that night, and he didn’t go anywhere!” Malfoy yelled loudly.

But his words are obviously not persuasive, and Hermione quickly found the loopholes, sarcastically refuting.

“Really? With such a big mess, your father is still sleeping in the tent? Then his heart is really big enough!”

Malfoy was speechless immediately, and only after half a ring did he support us. “I father he usually sleeps a lot…”

“Don’t lie to us, Malfoy! I heard that your father used to be a Death Eater, didn’t he?” Ron continued to question, and even overheared himself at home to find out whether it was true or false. The gossip news was all told.

“When you know who lost power at the beginning, your father lied that it was controlled by Imperius Curse, and this was a lucky escape…”

“Death Eater? Who is talking about Death Eater?”

A burst of hoarse voice suddenly interrupted the conversation of several people. The crowd looked in the direction of the voice, but Moody limped from the other end of the auditorium towards this side.

Moody got closer and closer, the scary scar on his face twitched from time to time, and the large blue magic eye on the left turned more frequently to the left and right, sweeping over Harry, Ron, Malfoy and the others , And finally stopped on Ivan.

“I heard Death Eater just now! Tell me, who said it?” Moody asked aloud.

Harry, Hermione, and Malfoy were all taken aback by Moody’s overreaction. Ron’s body was trembling and he didn’t dare to say anything, because he couldn’t figure out whether he was right or what Moody’s attitude was. how is it.

Judging from the rumors he heard about Moody these days, the new Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts surgery seems to have a problem with his brain. He is nervous all day long and doubts everything around him… That year, he retired from the Ministry of Magic because Moody could not clearly distinguish between a normal handshake and an attack.

Ivan thoughts move, preparing to test Moody, but Malfoy took the lead.

“We were talking about Sirius -Black…Professor! That you know who’s running dog, Azkaban’s fugitive…” Malfoy’s eyes gu lu lu turned, and fiercely looked at Harry with a glance, and then said.

“Want to lie to me? You’re very tender, kid! I know that Black, he’s not a Death Eater!” Moody roared loudly, the cane in his hand was heavily paused on the ground, making a dull sound, hitting Broken Malfoy’s words.

After waiting for Malfoy to reply, Moody slapped his head as if remembering something. “Ah…I know who you are talking about, it’s Lucius -Malfoy!”

“Listen kid! I know your father Lucius and I know what kind of virtue he is. Such a person should stay in Azkaban!

You better not let me know that you and your father have a virtue, otherwise Azkaban may have to add another prisoner, and I will keep staring at you in school! “

Moody said intimidatingly, the words were very sharp, and he did not care about Malfoy as a 14-year-old imp.

“Are you threatening me?! You’re done! I want to tell me father to fire him!” Malfoy stepped back, looked at Moody in fear, and finally hit Goyle and Clar Body.

“Go! Imp…Go home and tell him! I want to see how Lucius has a few guts!” Moody spit in disdain.

Malfoy deflated his mouth, daring not to refute at all, and took his two attendants to escape in a hurry.

Looking at Malfoy’s hasty escape, Ron couldn’t help but laugh, and Harry said Moody, looking towards the side, gratefully.

“Thank you, Professor!”

“It’s nothing, child! When Dumbledore came to me, he told me to take good care of you at school. I can’t let a Child of Death Eater lean too close to you! Who knows what is wrong in his mind? …” Moody waved his hand and continued in a low voice.

“I have seen some Death Eaters, and the best thing they do is disguise, put on a harmless to humans and animals, which is similar to yours, and then suddenly use Killing Curse sneak attack while you are not paying attention!”

Harry, Ron, and Hermione felt that Malfoy didn’t have the guts, but they were still very helpful for Moody’s maintenance.

Several people even thought of Lupin from the previous school year, and their attitude towards Moody has changed 180 degrees. At least not because of some rumors and those scary scars on Moody’s face.

Ivan not at all because Moody relaxed his guard a few words of maintenance,

In his opinion, even the name I saw on Marauder’s Map yesterday is not enough to confirm the identity of the other party 100%.

So after the arrival of Moody, Ivan looked at the 60-year-old Auror in front of him, especially glanced at Moody’s waist in an attempt to find the possible existence, filled with Polyjuice Potion’s hip flask…

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