Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 576


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Unfortunately, Ivan was disappointed to find that there was nothing there.

“Are you observing me? Why?” Moody keenly noticed Ivan’s gaze, and suddenly turned his head around, blue’s magic eye fixed on him.

When Ivan’s expression lingered, he didn’t expect Moody’s feeling so sensitive.

But after a short stupefied moment, Ivan reacted, apologizing, and explained. “Please also forgive me, professor! I think you should also know about the rumors about the professorship of Defense Against the Dark Arts…”

“You mean that legend? The wizard who holds the position of Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts every year must have bad luck?” Moody asked.

“I think this is not just a rumor. The previous professors were unfortunately fulfilled. No one has been able to teach for more than a year!” Ivan talked eloquently and flattered, “but I miss you In this way, Legendary’s Auror may be able to break this curse!”

“Don’t flatter me, kid!”

Moody sneered and waved his hand, not eating this set. He bent down, and the weird blue magic eye stared at Ivan closely, saying word by word. “I guess this is not what you really want to say! Your eyes just told me that you are doubting me, right?”

“Why do you think so? Professor?” Moody’s words again exceeded Ivan’s expectations, he said frowns.

“I did my homework before I came, kid!” Moody grinned, and the crutches held by the right hand paused heavily on the floor.

“I have to say that Albus was really lacking in consideration… The professors of Defense Against the Dark Arts in previous years were very special, one was dark wizard, one had no skill, and one…werewolf! Listen Said they were all pulled out by you, you suspect that I am normal…”

When talking about Lupin’s identity, Moody lowered his voice so that only Ivan could hear it.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all surprised, not quite understanding how Moody knows the identity of Professor Lupin.

Ivan is not surprised. Both Moody and Lupin are members of the Order of the Phoenix, and it is normal to know each other well.

The only thing he expected was that Moody directly picked his suspicions on the surface, which embarrassed Ivan somewhat.

Fortunately, Ivan’s face is very thick, and even if it was dismantled in person, he can’t see any change on the face, he said admiringly.

“Professor is worthy of Legendary in the Auror world, and it seems that nothing can hide you! I apologize to the professor for the previous offense!”

“Hey, this flattery has several points of sincerity!” Moody sneered and then continued. “In addition, you don’t have to apologize to me for this! It is a good habit to be vigilant at any time!”

“I understand that feeling too much, Wrahles!” Moody lowered his head, his face suddenly became tense, “I have arrested too many Death Eaters in my life, and many dark wizards have fled me If you have a chance, they will definitely get rid of me at all costs!”

“So I have to do this every time…”

As he said, Moody picked up a doughnut on the table, placed it in front of his nose, sniffed it, and took out the silver knife in his arms and poked it a few times to make sure that it was not poisonous. Lost in his mouth.

“Well, these desserts look okay…I have to take some back to eat!” Moody grumbled, smashing his mouth.

Ivan watched Moody’s neurotic, cautious behavior, and was immediately speechless. So, worried about the fear of living all day and not afraid of schizophrenia?

Moody didn’t think there was anything wrong with his manners. He already regarded this caution as a habit. After swallowing that doughnut, he said it again.

“I read the newspaper a few months ago and had to say that your debate in the trial court was wonderful, Wrahles! If Dumbledore and I told you some of your stories, I can’t believe it. A young wizard can have so many Legendary experiences…”

“I dare say that if you come to the Ministry of Magic after graduation, you will definitely be the best Auror ever!”

Moody looked at Ivan with no concealment in his words.

“If there is an opportunity, I will consider it!” Ivan shrugged, indifferent expression said,

“Really?” Moody heard the perfunctory words in Ivan’s words, and there was a little disappointment on his face, but he didn’t persuade him anymore. Not forgetting to turn around to remind me.

“Do not forget to always be vigilant, kid!”

Looking at Moody’s far back, Ivan’s doubts have dissipated a lot. No matter from the manner of speaking or the sharpness, the other party is really Moody.

“It seems that we will have a great Defense Against the Dark Arts professor this year, just like last year!” Harry said with emotion.

“He is a true Defense Against the Dark Arts Master, Legendary Auror of Magic Circle!” Hermione also agreed to nodded.

Then little witch looked towards Ivan and continued to speak. “I think Professor Moody is right. Ivan, you are very suitable to be an Auror. If I become Minister of Magic, how about I hire you as Executive Director?”

“Wait, Hermione, haven’t you planned to liberate the house elf recently? How come the Ministry of Magic grows again?” Ron asked strangely.

“This is not a conflict, isn’t it? Only by becoming a Minister of Magic can you really change the wizard’s discrimination against house elf! During this time, I plan to go to the kitchen and ask more about those house elf ideas…” Hermione solemnly As vowed said, he had even considered what position to assign to Harry and Ron.

However, both of them didn’t pay attention to Hermione’s whimsical remarks, which Ministry of Magic is so easy to take.

Ivan secretly rejoiced that his words last night had some effect. At least in the near future, I don’t have to worry about Hermione taking out the “vomiting” badge and forcing them to wear it.

Thinking about it this way, Ivan turned his attention to the Daily Prophet that he hadn’t finished reading.

In addition to the photo of the Death Eater attacking the camp on the front page, Ivan also saw the scene below where Sirius was captured by several Aurors.

“Sirius is too reckless, Quiddich stadium is so chaotic, he should stay in place to protect you!” Ivan shook the head, unable to bear said.

“I think Sirius must believe that we can protect ourselves!” Harry started to defend his godfather.

Ivan rolled his eyes. At best, they were lucky. If they really hit the Death Eaters in groups, the difference between “self-defense magic” they learned in the past few years is different from Bai. ?

However, Ivan also knows how much Sirius hates Death Eater. For his character, he sees Death Eater boldly appearing on the camp outside the World Cup, arbitrarily setting fire and abusing the muggle. Also normal…

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