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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 577


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After dinner, Ivan and Harry and Ron returned to the common room of Gryffindor. Hermione went to the library to read a book alone. She felt that it was necessary to learn more about the history of house elf.

“Ivan, do you have the wizard flag?” Ron just returned to the common room and happily took out the new wizard flag in preparation for a big fight.

“No, you play with Harry! He just needs to ease his mood!” Ivan directly refused Ron’s invitation, pushed the matter to Harry, and then avoided the sight of the two and sent Esia. The letter was opened, and a few casual glances were made.

[I received the letter you brought from Dobby, and the revised comments have been handed over to Gleason. He probably understood what you meant, and promised me that I will never go wrong again this time. Not careful, no worries about the newly added pure blood wizard, this time we will refer to the opinions of more people…]

Seeing the contents of the letter, Ivan was so confused that he couldn’t figure out what Gleason had learned about the amendments he had given, and what does it have to do with the pure blood wizard?

His original intention was to make Gleason delete some of the “New Century Manifesto”, but he didn’t mention anything else.

“Can’t you just stop me for a while?” Ivan murmured with a headache, rubbed his forehead, and then read the entire letter.

The second half of the letter is different from the first half. They are telling some trivial things, but what Ivan expected is that it specifically mentioned that this year Hogwarts will join Beauxbatons and Durmstrang to hold the Triwizard Tournament competition.

And the information given is very detailed, and even lists a list of five referee members, and speculates that a certain level of the game may be a dragon-because there is accurate information that the Ministry of Magic is negotiating from Romania Get some relatively gentle dragons from the dragon farm.

Finally, Isia also mentioned regretfully that only young wizards over 17 years old are allowed to participate in this competition. Otherwise, she believes that there is absolutely no second champion for Hogwarts except Ivan.

“Strange, how did they know about the Triwizard Tournament?”

Ivan raised her eyebrows with some doubt, and then thought about it to be Dougert’s news!

During the negotiation of the Ministry of Magic, Dougt volunteered that some of his friends worked at the top of the Ministry of Magic and could get first-hand information to ensure that they are in a superior position in information. .

It seems that Dougt’s intelligence network is still useful, and can even hear the specific content of the game.

After reading the contents of the letter, Ivan folded the use spell and burned the envelope to ashes so as not to be accidentally seen by others. Then, Ivan went back to the bedroom and took out the pen and paper from the drawer, and wrote the letter in his discretion.

After accidentally forgetting to write back to Hermione, Ivan made a deep reflection. He knew that he would easily forget these things when he was busy, so don’t delay it.

“Marx, send it to my mother!” After finishing the letter, Ivan opened the owl cage, tied it to Marx’s feet, and commanded.

As a maverick owl, Marx does not like to stay in a public owl shed, where it will fight other owl.

In addition, Marx is very clever and will not bark, so Ivan normally leaves it in the bedroom.

After “gu gu ~” received the command, Marx was very lazy and nodded.

It has been locked in the cage for several months. I haven’t received the task of sending the letter once. I eat and sleep every day, and eat and sleep. I almost forget that I can fly. .

“You eat too much fat, Marx!” Ivan watched Marx flap his wings and almost didn’t fly. He was a little worried if this owl would fall out of the sky halfway.

However, Dobby should cook and wash dishes at home, and he is too far away to sense his summon, so Ivan only chooses to use this original method of sending letters.

Exactly…this fat owl should exercise a bit…

As Marx’s silhouette disappeared into the distance, Ivan reached into his pocket and took out the damaged meniscus pendant.

Ivan stroked the conspicuous crack in the pendant and thought of Nick-Flamel’s words.

He certainly knows what it means for the Master Alchemist to return to Hogwarts.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and the others are all their friends. If they are in danger, they will naturally have the idea of ​​protecting each other. As long as the protection emotion is injected into it, it should be able to repair the meniscus Pendant.

Ivan also tried to use the brain to supplement Dafa to achieve all this, such as imagining a critical moment and wanting to inspire this emotion, but it is useless!

“Inject pure and strong emotions…” Ivan muttered to himself, but was clueless, so he had to put this matter down first.

He has more than one thing to do this semester, and repairing the meniscus pendant is just one of those’s all!

apart from this, he still needs to get enough legend points to complete the next Bloodline fusion, in order to deal with the future crisis of Dark Lord’s resurrection.

Finally, the practice of Leggilimens must not be dropped. Ivan, who is a summer holiday, doesn’t want to experience it again next year…

Only if he has a thorough grasp of Legilimins and has the ability to read and remember memory, can he calmly restrain those mind-filling monsters.

After sorting out his thoughts, Ivan suddenly found that he was estimated to be busy this semester.


In the next few days, Ivan temporarily gave up the idea of ​​tracing Moody, devoted himself to learning and research, and ordered Dobby to buy some little white mouse for his practice of Legilimins.

In fact, the “little white mouse” originally scheduled by Ivan was Barty Jr. -Crouch. In this case, whether it is to obtain information or practice magic, there is no delay, it is perfect!

Not to mention Barty Jr. -Crouch is still a wizard, much easier to use than a real little white mouse!

But because the other party is not at all disguised as Moody, Ivan can only disappoint this idea.

Hogwarts is also calmer than he imagined. Nothing happened. Those bad predictions didn’t seem to exist. Even Harry slacked a lot. The strange dream was even forgotten by him. Rear.

“very good, this afternoon there will be Professor Moody’s Defense Against the Dark Arts!”

On Thursday morning, Ron, who was looking at the timetable, yelled in surprise. After talking with Moody in the auditorium a few days ago, he looked forward to this year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson.

Especially George and Fred, who have already taken classes, quietly revealed to him that Moody’s courses will be very “stimulating”!

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