Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 578


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However, Ron was not happy for too long. When he turned his eyes to the morning class, his excited face suddenly became very ugly, and the expression was like eating a fly!

Because Moody’s Defense Against the Dark Arts surgery class, they also need to spend a Snape potion class.

“I wish we could skip this potion class…” Ron complained.

Harry also agrees.

“If you are willing to spend more time to do some pre-class preparations, Professor Snape can’t catch your handle.” Hermione retorted.

“Save it, even if we don’t make mistakes, he will find other reasons!” Ron said, saying that the preview is impossible. The preview is impossible in this life!

Snape also lived up to Harry and Ron’s expectations and kept a dark face in class.

As long as there is a slight mistake in the process of making potion, Snape will suddenly appear behind them, and then skillfully deduct points, plus a mockery of splitting the head and covering the face.

It wasn’t until Neville accidentally burned cauldron in the potion class that he distracted Snape’s attention and blocked them.

But it also made Snape flies into a rage in class, severely punished Neville for confinement, and opened a large bucket of long-horned toads before lunch, otherwise he wouldn’t want to eat lunch.

When receiving this order, Neville almost cried out on the spot.

“Gosh, did Snape take gunpowder today? I didn’t see Cauldron when Neville broke it before…” After coming out of the potion class, even Hermione felt that Snape had done too much this time Too.

“I think he has been in a bad mood recently!” Ivan shrugged, guessing.

A few days ago, the dream that Harry explained to Dumbledore, the old professor would most likely relay it to Snape.

After hearing that the Dark Lord has recovered some strength and is planning any conspiracy news, Snape can be happy when he gets up.

In addition, during the gradual recovery of Voldemort’s power, the Dark Mark engraved on Death Eater will become extremely hot from time to time. This kind of prediction is enough to make every two sides and three knives, avoiding the Ministry of Magic trial of Death Eater. .

Thinking of this, Ivan is frowned again because he suddenly remembered that Dougt also had Dark Mark on him.

Although according to the information I learned before, Dougt is loyal to Voldemort not at all, but if this thing is not solved, it will be a trouble after all!

This makes Ivan realize that the tasks issued by the system still need to be completed, such as the rectification of Knockturn Alley. The reward is knowledge about magic marks, and maybe a way to crack Dark Mark can be found from it.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione will also speculate on the reasons for Snape’s so irritability. In the end, they all felt that it was related to Moody robbing Snape’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching post this academic year.

After all, they all knew that Snape had coveted the position for years, but Dumbledore stopped him from succeeding.

Ron even felt that the curse of the Professor Against Defense Against the Dark Arts was related to Snape, maybe he was secretly casting the curse to let those professors bad luck, so as to drive them away.

“He felt like he couldn’t deal with Professor Moody this time, so he would be so angry!” Ron solemnly vowed said, almost making Harry and Hermione believe it.

Ivan lamented the heavy burden on Snape’s shoulders. In addition to being undercover on both sides, he was also responsible for carrying various pots…

After having lunch, in order to grab a front row position, Ivan and the others hurriedly took the textbooks to the classroom of Defense Against the Dark Arts.

There are obviously not many people who think the same way. When they entered, half of the people in the classroom were already sitting. Ivan and the others had to find a relatively front seat to sit down.

After a while, a sound of “poo” wooden feet came from outside the door, and then Moody’s silhouette appeared at the door of the classroom.

He arrived at almost 1 point and stepped on the time of class!

“Put up the textbooks, these things are not available in my class!” Moody leaned on the cane and walked to the middle of the podium, leaving the “dark magic: self-defense” that Harry put at the table “Guide”, said roughly.

hearing this, young wizards put away the textbooks one after another, and then looked forward to staring at Moody.

According to their experience in contact with professors of Defense Against the Dark Arts in recent years, professors who only teach this subject often do not work well. Like Moody, those who let them put down textbooks are prepared to teach some real skills!

Moody routinely took out the roster, and each and everyone started to roll. The normal right eye moved down the list, and the strange blue magic eye turned around unsteadily, staring at each responding student, Keep their appearance in mind.

“Very good, it seems not at all naughty ghosts dare to be late in my first class.”

After the last young wizard answered, Moody said with satisfaction, and then threw the roll register to the lecture table, stepped on the wooden legs for a few steps, Seamus sitting in the first row could even see clearly To the fine scars of Moody’s face.

“Before I came to Hogwarts, I received a letter from Lupin who introduced me to the basics of this course and told me that he taught you how to deal with those nasty dark magic creatures last year.

I believe that you have mastered a lot of basic knowledge. Lupin told me in the letter that you have a good grasp and can all face Boggart, Red Cap and Hinkypunk alone…

So I won’t teach this in this year’s class. This school year we need to focus on the protection of spells! “

Moody’s speech is very fast, and his slightly hoarse voice is not very pleasant, but the young wizard listening to the audience does not care about this, because what Moody said makes them very interested.

Especially when Moody mentioned Lupin’s praise in the letter, the young wizards all showed a proud look. In the Defense Against the Dark Arts class last year, they successfully defeated a lot of monsters. .

Several little witch asked curiously about Professor Lupin’s current situation.

Moody not at all meant to answer, but the voice turned and asked suddenly. “How much do you know about dark magic?”

After Moody’s words fell, only Hermione raised her hand high, but Moody’s magic eye was keenly aware that Hermione kept looking at the other side with his eyes closed, and others were also uninterested in answering questions. Looks like.

When he was feeling strange, Ivan’s voice came.

“I understand a little bit, Professor! Ministry of Magic divides the offensive spells into three types of Curse, Hex, and Jinx according to the type and intensity. The evil dark magic we know belongs to Curse, such as the three Unforgivable. Curse.

However, Hex and Jinx are mostly restricted and restricted spells, and some less dangerous evil spells are also included…”

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