Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 579


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“The reason why the Ministry of Magic lists some magic spells as dark magic is because these spells are generally lethal. Profound dark magic such as Killing Curse requires a strong killing intent… “

Ivan talked in the closed Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, talking for a few minutes, thinking about nothing missing, and then stopped.

“There is only so much I know…Professor!” Ivan said finally.

Moody expression looked at Ivan oddly. He asked questions only to find a dark magic for the students, but he didn’t want Ivan to finish all his follow-up.

“Professor?” Ivan asked Moody after seeing Moody not responding for a long time.

“Ah? You said it well! Gryffindor plus ten points!” Moody quickly responded with Ivan’s reminder, speaking roughly, and then turned towards the other students who looked towards.

“As Wrahles said, many dark magics require the caster to be malicious in order to exert real formidable power, which is why Hogwarts does not publicly teach dark magic…”

“I have seen many wizards with innate talent. They are addicted to the powerful power brought by dark magic, and they are fully devoted to the research of profound dark magic, so that their temperament has changed greatly…”

“In my years as Auror, I have captured at least a dozen of these wizards. They are either dead or staying in Azkaban!”

Moody’s words are very sharp, and his scarred face makes the young wizards’ hearts cold for a while.

For a time, there was silence in the classroom of Defense Against the Dark Arts, until Ivan suddenly spoke to break the peace.

“Professor Moody, do you think wizard should not learn dark magic?”

Ivan is a little curious about how this Legendary Auror thinks about dark magic.

Since he realized the influence of snake eyes and dark magic knowledge on temperament during the summer vacation, he has been entangled in whether he should continue to study.

Slytherin students also looked at Moody nervously. They had more or less learned two-handed curse, and some belong to the category of dark magic.

“Of course we should not learn those evil dark magic…” Before Moody answered, Hermione said that he could not bear to bear.

However, beyond Hermione’s expectations, Moody interrupted her directly. “no! Miss Granger, I don’t think wizard needs to completely isolate itself from dark magic…”

“You mean, you agree with us to learn dark magic?” Hermione asked in surprise. She thought that Legendary Auror, like Moody, who was so jealous, would resist dark magic very much.

“I mean we must have some dark magic knowledge to know how to deal with them!”

Moody explained, while pacing his wooden prosthetic leg in the classroom, his eyes swept across each student’s face.

After paused, he continued.

“Just now I just want to remind you not to indulge in it, and don’t try to learn dangerous magic beyond your own ability. It’s best… don’t do research privately, this is very important!”

“In fact, I proposed to your Headmaster Dumbledore two days ago to let some high-level dark magic less dangerous teaching for senior students.

Teacher teaches, it’s better than you thinking about yourself…”

Moody’s hoarse, dull tone reverberates in the closed classroom. He doesn’t think it’s a good thing to blindly block the teaching of dark magic, because these students will always have the opportunity to get in touch with dark magic.

For example, Hogwarts Restricted Section is a good way to obtain knowledge of dark magic. Every year, there are some smart young wizards who learn by reading books and master a large number of dark magic.

However, due to lack of guidance, maybe one day the road will go wrong…

After Moody finished speaking, the young wizards present quietly discussed.

Ivan feels that Moody’s philosophy is very liking to him. He always believes that dark magic does not have to hold a fearful attitude, and proper research and learning are necessary.

If you want to block it completely, headmasters of past generations will not allow these profound black magic books to be stored in the Restricted Section.

The significance of Hogwarts’s Defense Against the Dark Arts technique class may be to allow the teaching professor to guide students to carefully understand the dark magic related knowledge and protect themselves from harm.

Unfortunately, during these decades, due to Voldemort’s curse, most Defense Against the Dark Arts professors failed to play their due role.

“Okay…stop for a while, if you have any ideas, you can discuss after class, or come directly to me after class time!” Moody right hand grabbed cane and knocked heavily on the ground Knock, so that everyone’s attention can come.

“Now, I would like to ask, does anyone know what are the worst dark magic?” Moody looked towards a group of young wizards asked.

“Imperius Curse, Cruciatus Curse, and Killing Curse I just said! According to the regulations of Ministry of Magic, they all belong to Unforgivable Curse! If the person released is caught by Auror, the caster will be caught Close into Azkaban!” Ivan gave the answer at the first time.

Seeing Ivan get up again without consent, Moody’s scar-covered face was all wrinkled together, and he asked angrily. “Then do you know why these spells are listed as indispensable…”

Ivan rushed to replied this time before Moody finished.

“One of the reasons for being listed as Unforgivable Curse is that there is no corresponding anti-curse. For example, once hit by Killing Curse, the curse will be instantly deprived of life, and this process cannot be reversed!”

“Although Imperius Curse can rely on willpower to resist, but because a large number of wizards controlled by Imperius Curse in the last wizard war caused a lot of trouble for Ministry of Magic, it is also among them.”

“As for Cruciatus Curse…I think it’s probably because the magic that can torture people to death is too inhuman!” Ivan said hesitantly, finally looking at Moody.

“Is there anything else I haven’t mentioned? Professor?”

“I need to remind you that I am not teaching you alone! Wrahles…” Moody glared at Ivan. If you have finished speaking, what should I say?

“Okay, Professor, I will pay attention next time.” Ivan also felt a little sorry, but the system hint in his mind made him want to stop.

Moody didn’t know what Ivan was thinking. I thought Ivan had recognized the error, so he nodded with satisfaction, and then added.

“You just said in detail, but there is one thing I need to correct you, Wrahles! Killing Curse Although powerful, it needs powerful magic power as the foundation.

If you use me…”

Moody looked at Ivan and quickly swallowed the words when he arrived. Cane pointed to Harry and Ron beside him.

“I mean, if you say Avada Kedavra to me, most spells will not take effect, at most I may leave some nosebleed!”

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