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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 580


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Moody pointed at him suddenly, and Harry looked dazed, but Ron next to him seemed a little be eager to have a try.

“Is that what you said is true? Professor? Even if we use Killing Curse for you, you will only have a nosebleed?” Ron looked at Moody curiously and doubted Moody’s words just now.

The other young wizards also watched them one after another. Moody’s temporary modification was just too funny, and some students even laughed out loud on the spot.

“Yes, I’m right, Mr. Weasley!” Moody not at all Ignoring the students who laughed, screaming at the wooden legs and striding in front of Ron, bowed his body, close to his face, above The scar looks terrible.

“It seems you don’t believe it, right?” Moody stared at Ron, opened his mouth, and asked openly.

Being stared at by the weird blue magic eye, Ron narrowed his neck, somewhat not knowing what to do, let alone how to answer. He was just clever and amused just now.

“Right now, Weasley…take out the wand…spell me!” Moody shouted suddenly.

Ron was taken aback. He almost bounced from his seat when he heard this. The rest of the young wizards were also terrified. Neville, who was very close, shuddered a few times.

The faint laughter stopped at once, and the classroom was quiet and scary.

Ivan also looked at Moody in surprise. He didn’t expect the old Auror to come true.

Although Ron’s magic power is weak and the use spell level is even more amazing, it is after all one of the three most dangerous Killing Curse among the three Unforgivable Curse.

If Ron really succeeds in using spell, that’s not a joke!

“Did you hear me? Hurry up! Immediately!” Moody’s callused left hand slapped heavily on the table, growling at Ron.

“Teach…Professor, forget it…I won’t be this spells.” Ron looked at Moody in horror and stuttered.

“Don’t worry… this magic is not difficult, I can show it to you now!” Moody said with a smile, he waved wand against his back, and a glass bottle swooped from the drawer of the podium. It came out and fell into his hands.

Ivan clearly saw that the glass bottle contained three black spiders half the size of palms, crawling restlessly.

“Come on, Mr. Weasley! I’ll teach you how to do it!” Moody unscrewed the glass bottle and flipped it upside down and shot it on the table, shouting hoarsely, a scary scar formed when he spoke One after another folds, making him look a little nervous.

Ron once thought Moody was crazy, he moved his chair and leaned against Harry’s body next to him, so that he could stay as far away as possible.

Harry is also in shock.

Moody picked up the glass bottle, and the three black spiders immediately got out of the cage, but they did not run away, but were trapped by Moody’s magic and could only spin in a small circle.

“Hah, look at these Little Brat, lively, but they won’t be like that…” Moody gloomy said Shen, then looked towards Ron and said.

“Remember, the dark magic spells are not difficult to remember, we just need this…all good!”

Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the three spiders, which is excited and a little scared. Most of the young wizards present here witnessed the release of Killing Curse for the first time.

“Avada Kedavra! (Avada Kedavra)” Moody pulled out the wand and shouted loudly at one of the black spiders.

next moment, the dazzling green light flew from the top of wand, and the nearest Ron felt that his heart had been grasped, and a chill came from the bottom of his foot.

The green beam hit the black spider in the middle without hindrance.

There are no scars of horror, the black spider just shuddered abruptly, his body collapsed and became stiff…

Everything seems calm, but Ivan has realized the horror contained in this calm, that the magic of death is always not simple.

Is it an attack on the soul?

Ivan thought so, and then felt that it was not right. It should have taken away the life strength of the mantra.

Otherwise, Harry could not see Dumbledore in Soul World in the original time and space, Voldemort was hit by the rebounding Avada Kedavra, and the main soul did not die completely, but the soul lost the fleshy body as a carrier.

While this has Horcrux’s role, it is enough to prove that Killing Curse cannot destroy a person’s soul.

Only Ivan was the only one who looked at Killing Curse with a research mindset. The other students in the classroom stared at this scene in a daze. Several girls even covered their mouths in shock, holding back the scream they wanted to make. .

“Is it… dead?” Ron swallowed and shuddered.

“Of course!” Moody used wand to pick up the soft black spider and put it in front of Ron, grinning said with a smile. “How? Do you want to confirm?”

Ron shook his head frantically, he was already afraid of spiders, not to mention a spider that had just hit Killing Curse!

“As you can see, this is Killing Curse!” Moody held up the dead spider so that everyone could see it clearly.

“Not everyone can do this!” Moody continued. “The one who can really use its formidable power is either a wizard with high mana or an outright villain!”

“Of course, most of the time, this magic is the combination of the two-those dark wizards with high mana! This is their best magic!”

“If you meet these people, you can only pray that you are not hit… otherwise death is your end!” Moody said gruffly, and finally looked towards Ron again.

“Mr. Weasley…it’s your turn!”

“No, I dare not…Professor!” Ron trembles in fear, he feels that he doesn’t even raise.

Moody wasn’t forcing this time. His eyes were swept away by the students who were shocked by himself, and they were nodded with satisfaction.

He restored his majesty in one fell swoop!

Thinking of this, Moody looked at Ivan without looking at the edge. He was quite helpless in his heart. Who could have thought that Four Year had such a monster.

From the information he collected, Moody has no doubt that if Ivan pronounces Killing Curse to himself, he will definitely die on the spot, just like the spider.

At the same time, he also noticed that Ivan seemed very familiar with Killing Curse. Not only did he answer the question very comprehensively, but when he saw his spell casting just now, there was no slight fluctuation in his face.

Moody noticed these abnormalities in his heart, but he didn’t show all at all, continued his class without changing his face, and demonstrated the Imperius Curse and Cruciatus Curse to everyone with the remaining two black spiders!

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