Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 581


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Because I was so scared by Moody’s behavior, in the next class, everyone did not dare to neglect, obediently and honestly taking notes.

Until the end of the get out of class, Hermione unable to bear asked.

“Professor Moody, why do you teach us about Unforgivable Curse?

I have seen in the book that this knowledge should belong to the taboo category. Ministry of Magic will not allow this to be taught in class, and we only have Fourth Year this year…”

Moody stopped, he looked back at Hermione, and then looked at the young wizards who were also curious, explaining.

“Good question! Normally, until graduation, Hogwarts will not teach you these things, but the current situation has changed a bit. Headmaster Dumbledore believes that you need to know more about dark magic, so that it can be protected in the future. Good yourself!”

“Obviously, I’m better than anyone for this! That’s why Dumbledore asked me to be a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts!”

Moody talked eloquently, pacing in the classroom with glared legs, and then continued to add. “Of course, I am here just to help you and teach you for a year. If the situation is stable, I will regain my peaceful retirement.”

“Professor, do you think we may encounter any danger in the future? For example, being chased by a dark wizard who can kill Killing Curse?” Seamus sneered.

“Yes! It’s very possible, Mr. Finnigan! I don’t mean to joke with you!” Moody looked at him seriously, “You shouldn’t regret the knowledge you learned when the danger really came.” Not enough!”

Moody’s words made Seamus dumbfounded, and he didn’t reply for a long time. Moody ignored him, looked towards others in the classroom, and warned.

“When I was Auror, I saw a lot of innocent people like you, and some of them were intern strikers who followed me.

At that time, Shield Charm was a must-have magic for the striker, but there were always people who didn’t care enough, and when they actually faced the battle, they found that the magic they had was not enough! “

“They may think that their opponent will show mercy, like a wizard duel in a house.” Moody’s voice became very hoarse, and he continued sarcastically.

“Unfortunately, they made a mistake. When the dark wizard took their lives, there was no mercy!”

hearing this, several young wizard unable to bear laughed.

However, the next moment was interrupted by Moody growling.

“It’s not funny! I’m not telling you stories anymore! I guess you don’t think about the end of these people. One of the strikers was hit by dark wizard Reductor Curse in a battle, He died on the spot! We didn’t even have time to send him to the hospital… got it?”

Under Moody’s gaze, the students quickly nodded.

“Now that I understand it, I won’t write it down yet!” Moody scolded loudly.

Then there was only quill left in the classroom as he scrolled through the pages, and no one dared to ask any questions in the remaining minutes.

This situation continued until the school bell rang, and when Moody left the classroom, the young wizards were all relaxed, accompanied by fierce discussion.

“Gosh, did you just see the appearance of Professor Moody when he cast the spell? That was really horrible!” Seamus recalled the scene where Moody cast Killing Curse, and there was a chill in his heart.

“Where is the horror? Killed a spider?” A student next answered.

“That’s Killing Curse. If Professor Moody used it against you, you wouldn’t say that…” Seamus said excitedly.

Except for a few who support the young wizard to show their bravery, other students are talking about those spells in awe.

The only one who is excited about this is Malfoy. When he passed Ron’s desk, he deliberately rushed behind Goyle and Claire loudly said.

“Actually, those Unforgivable Curse are no big deal. I have taught me for a long time. I dare to assure you that I have learned before I came to school, but I have never found the opportunity to use that’s all!”

“But for some people, Killing Curse must be quite a magic, such as Weasley… God, he was shocked in class!”

Speaking of this, Malfoy coughed twice, learning from Ron’s panic in class just now, and shouted in a throat. “No, I dare not…Professor!”

Goyle and Clar followed with a silly smile.

Malfoy shouted with pride. “This is the first time I saw him afraid of this. If it is not clear, I must think that Professor Moody is preparing to cast a spell on Weasley!”

Malfoy didn’t hide his voice in any way, and naturally Ron listened in his ears.

“Malfoy! Do you dare to fight me? I can let you see if I will use those Unforgivable Curse!” Ron was trembling with rage, gnashing teeth shouted, a face became and Her hair is as red as she pulls out wand and wants to rush to go with Malfoy for a duel.

Fortunately, Hermione and Harry held Ron desperately, so that they didn’t have to compete who had the most nosebleeds…

Malfoy was too lazy to take care of Ron. He took advantage of his mouth and quickly ran away with his two followers at the rate of hard to describe-although he was not afraid of Ron, he was very clear that three to four they didn’t have the slightest Odds.

Ron, who was pulled by Hermione and Harry, scolded a few words. He resented and rebuked Malfoy for not dare to face himself, afraid of a duel with himself.

Ron’s emotions stabilized for several minutes in a row, and then he explained to Ivan and the others.

“Don’t listen to Malfoy’s nonsense, didn’t I dare to cast a spell at that time? I was afraid that as soon as I started, Professor Moody would die!”

Ron just bragged about his timidity as spelled by circumstances.

And said that once he accidentally killed Moody, Professor Dumbledore would expel him!

Ivan rolled the eyes.

Yes… As long as you get up, Moody has to kneel and beg for mercy…

Harry reluctantly echoed a few words so that Ron could pass the face without being too embarrassed.

“Ron, don’t say it, fearing Unforgivable Curse is not a shameful thing, it’s a very dangerous dark magic.” Hermione didn’t give Ron a face at all, very dissatisfied.

“Enough! I said I’m not afraid of this…” Ron seemed impatient. He started to argue with Hermione, but before he finished, he was interrupted by Hermione.

“Professor Moody hasn’t gone far. He may have heard what you just said!” Little witch pouted towards the end of the corridor.

Ron’s mouth closed immediately…because he saw Moody turning his head, blue’s magic eye was staring at them.

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