Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 582


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Moody obviously ignored Ron’s nonsense, and after a glance at him, he hurried away on his wooden legs.

Ron slowly sighed in relief, and then felt that the appearance he was afraid of was very shameless, so he suppressed his voice and explained to Harry and the others.

Ivan stared at Moody’s away back, and suddenly remembered that Moody Self-destruction in the previous class had been coaching for exactly one year, which was consistent with the curse set by Voldemort.

Is it a coincidence?

Still, Dumbledore wanted to try whether he could avoid Voldemort’s curse on the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

After all, the biggest effect of this curse is to prevent each professor from teaching for more than a year. All kinds of accidents are just derivatives of achieving this goal.

If Moody leaves by himself a year later, maybe the curse will not be directed at him like this…

If this is the case, maybe Moody can leave this position as safely as Lupin.


In the next few weeks, nothing happened in the castle, and Harry completely forgot the scenes in his dreams, because the heavy lessons had already weighed on him.

Especially the Defense Against the Dark Arts class by Moody!

The Legendary veteran Auror divided each class into two parts. First, he explained some dark magic or common offensive magic protection techniques, and then the intense and exciting actual combat exercise.

Moody asked the students to break the curse he personally cast according to the method given in the class. If someone behaves badly, he is ruthless, and the one who breaks his head and covers his face is just a reprimand.

Even so, Moody’s courses are very popular.

After all, there are too few practical courses that can be carried out, not to mention that they can often learn many useful protection skills from the Defense Against the Dark Arts course.

What makes a lot of young wizards feel a headache is that Moody will leave a lot of homework after class before the end of get out of class, usually to let them give a method of self-defense in a certain situation.

There is no way to write casually, because Moody will pick people in class and practice on the spot to test the feasibility of this method.

For example, in a homework after class discussing how to defend against the Tarantallegra curse, Seamus suddenly had a thought that he could roll and hide first, and then sprint to the opponent and break the opponent’s nose with a punch. To the effect of defeating the enemy.

However, in the actual combat drill, Seamus was hit by Moody’s spell before he could roll, and finally did most of the tap dance in the class and almost broke his leg.

So that when attending the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, everyone is always in a cycle of fear of being named and expecting to see others having fun.

“So how do we deal with Disarming Charm and use Impedimenta? But I wrote about this last time. Or look for cover? Hide under the table? God, what if Professor Moody hits this time ?”

In the morning, in the common room of Gryffindor, Ron watched the collapse of homework after class this time, shouting, especially Moody hadn’t allowed them to write similar defense methods too frequently.

“Ivan, can you show us how you wrote it?” Harry also had a headache, and turned his head to refer to Ivan’s answer.

“Are you sure you want to copy my homework?” Ivan said with a weird face, pushing the homework book directly.

Harry and Ron looked up immediately, their faces suddenly became very embarrassed, and it read randomly [We should use Disarming Charm at a faster speed to achieve the goal of countering our opponents. 】

“That’s OK?” Harry looked at Ivan speechlessly.

“Which time did my method fail?” Ivan shrugged covered the homework and prepared to hand it in tomorrow.

Harry and Ron looked at each other in blank dismay, and finally sighed in distress. This is why they collapsed every time. They simply couldn’t do the resisting methods written by Ivan, and they couldn’t copy them. .

In the beginning, Ivan was to save trouble, and there was only Shield Charm in the list of countermeasures. I wrote this every time.

Until Moody couldn’t bear to order them not to write the same thing every time, Ivan gave up this panacea defensive spell, and because he didn’t want to bother his brain, the answers he gave were more nonsense.

For example, if you encounter a dark wizard attack, it should be subdued and sent to Azkaban as soon as possible.

If you kill the opponent in advance, you can effectively remove the threat posed by the opponent, etc…

Don’t say they feel nonsense, even Moody thinks so, but after personally verifying in class, Moody has to admit that these methods of Ivan are very useful…

So in the recent Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Moody simply let Ivan be an assistant, using offensive magic to test other people in the school.

Unable to get help from Ivan, Harry and Ron had to turn to Hermione for help, but the little witch didn’t give them face at all, so he closed the homework and stared at them.

“You should think of a solution yourself. Professor Moody said in class that we cannot expect others to protect ourselves!”

The two were completely gone, so they had to lower their heads and think hard.

Looking at the distressed Harry and Ron, Ivan secretly shook the head. With such a good Teacher as Moody, neither of them is easy to learn. It is really hopeless!

From the perspective of the growth of the students, Moody is definitely the most competent Defense Against the Dark Arts professor he has ever seen, even more than Lupin!

After all, Moody is more severe, and his work is also swift and decisive, almost forcing the students to grow up quickly.

If you learn this all year, not to mention what a good fighter you become, but at least you will not be at a loss when encountering unexpected situations, and you will have the ability to protect yourself.

Of course, Moody’s aggressiveness is probably also related to Dumbledore’s secret instruction.

The only thing that surprised Ivan was that in the past few days, Moody not at all called everyone up to test whether the test of each and everyone could resist Imperius Curse.

But it’s right to think about it. It should be a quiz specially made by Barty Jr. -Crouch for Harry, so as to understand how different Harry is and be able to defeat Unforgivable Curse.

It took more than half an hour for Ron and Harry to finally get Moody’s homework after class, and then a few people went to the auditorium to prepare for lunch.

When a few people walked to the hall, they unexpectedly found that a large group of students was blocking the door, squeezing around a big notice erected at the foot of the marble stairs.

“What happened?” Ron curiously asked.

Ivan squeezed in and took a look. An announcement was posted on the wall. It said about the Triwizard Tournament. It mentioned that representatives of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be held on Friday, October 30th. Arrived at six in the evening.

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