Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 584


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When Ivan and the others arrived, the entrance hall was already full of people, and the Prefect and Filch of each house were trying to maintain order.

“Don’t be crowded, line up!” Professor McGonagall shouted loudly, then turned his attention to Ron and Parvati, sternly reprimanded.

“Weasley, correct me your hat! And Patil Young Lady, you have to remove that ridiculous thing from your hair.”

Ron hastily twiddled his hat, and Parvati on the side was frowned unhappy, but removed a large butterfly headdress from the braid.

Professor McGonagall went on to correct a few seniors who were not well-dressed before looking towards the crowd and saying.

“Okay, everyone will follow me! First Year students are ahead…”

Under the leadership of McGonagall, everyone quickly stood in line on the big lawn in front of the castle.

This meeting was already at the end of October, and it was just in the evening. The weather was getting colder. From time to time, a cold wind blew past. Several thinly dressed young wizards shivered together.

However, a little bit of cold wind didn’t affect everyone’s enthusiasm at all, everyone looked at the distant driveway, or discussed in a low voice.

Even if Prefect screams, they can’t calm them down.

“It’s six o’clock right now? You said how will they come? Take the train like us? Or use a broomstick?” Ron looked at his watch and asked with expectation.

“It may also be portkey or Disapparation, after all it is so far away!” Harry guessed and said that he remembered that before the Quiddich World Cup, audiences from various countries arrived using portkey.

Disapparation can also achieve similar results, if the students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang can successfully perform this magic.

“Impossible is Disapparation! I have seen in a section of Hogwarts school history that magics against Disapparation have been applied near the castle!”

Hermione refuted the speech, and then didn’t know what he thought of, and continued with dissatisfaction. “Only house elf’s magic will not be restricted, they can walk freely in the castle to serve the wizards who live here!”

Seeing that Hermione is about to mention slave labor again, Harry and Ron quickly cut their faces, pretending not to hear.

Ivan quickly changed the subject and pointed to the distance. “Don’t be noisy, look over there, it should be Beauxbatons!”

Hermione froze a few people, immediately looked towards the direction pointed by Ivan, and vaguely saw a black spot appear on the horizon.

“What’s that? A group of Hippogriff with winged beasts?” Harry squinted hard to see clearly, but the distance was so far away that he couldn’t see clearly at all and could only guess.

The young wizards around you will also notice the abnormalities in the sky, and lifts the head and look at it.

The black spots on the horizon are getting bigger and bigger, and gradually everyone clearly sees a huge monster passing through the clouds, flying over the Forbidden Forest and flying down towards the side!

“Gosh, what do I see? A castle is flying in the sky!” a First-year student screamed in amazement.

“Fool, that’s obviously a carriage, a flying carriage!” Ron retorted excitedly.

Just under the eyes of everyone, the huge monster had flown over them.

It was a pink blue carriage that was as big as a house, with many gorgeous decorations hanging on it, and a badge printed on the door, which looked like two golden-bright and dazzling crosses Wand.

Twelve silver-winged manes with wings pulled it flying in the air.

The horses look very majestic, their pupils are scarlet, and they are pulling the carriage to fall quickly.

A large shadow shrouded the students below. The young wizards standing in the front row hurriedly stepped back a few steps to avoid being hit, but before they stood firm, the ground shook violently-huge The carriage landed in a place where they were less than one meter in front of them.

Then the door was opened again. A boy in a light blue robe jumped off the carriage and fumbled to open a golden spiral staircase. Then a middle-aged witch with a magnificent makeup walked out of the car. Came out.

When I saw her, the students present were sucked in a cold breath, even Ivan was no exception!

Because this witch is so tall!

Compared to the old professor standing at the front, Ivan thinks she is as tall as two Dumbledore!

Of all the people Ivan has seen, only Hagrid can compete with this witch in height.


Ivan thought of Hagrid’s remarks in the original time and space. Although the female headmaster Maxime of Beauxbatons firmly denied this, it seems that it should be now.

Normal people are unlikely to grow so tall.

Know that the tallest person in the muggle world does not exceed three meters, Hagrid and Maxime are more than four meters high!

As a wizard who also received the magical creature Bloodline, Ivan is interested in Maxime somewhat.

He knows too little about Bloodline. He only got some understanding from the book “Bloodline Origin” and many notes left by Slytherin.

So Ivan thinks maybe what breakthrough can be found here at Maxime.

However, judging from the other person’s tall body, Maxime’s encounter should be similar to Hagrid’s. It’s probably that the parents and the giant have some intimate relationship with each other to create such a half-giant.

In the description of “Bloodline Origins”, it is the lowest way to get Bloodline!

Most of the aliens generated in this way are due to accidents. After all, few wizards will taste this way.

He, Tom-Riddle, and one of the ancestors of the Dumbledore family used a lot of high-end techniques. They used potions, contracts, and other means to seize the power of magical creatures and turned them into used ones.

Just as Ivan was distracted, Dumbledore greeted him with a smile and greeted Ms. Maxime.

On their huge carriage behind them, they walked down more than a dozen students. They were around 18-19 years old in terms of age. Most of them were girls. Each and everyone looked gorgeous, wearing gorgeous silk robes.

Ivan stared at them and wanted to find the legendary half-veela.

It’s just that some girls with Beauxbatons wrapped their heads with scarves and headscarves. Ivan didn’t even know who was Fleur, but saw her younger sister Gabrielle.

Because this little girl is young and short, it is too obvious in the crowd…

“Are you looking for something? Ivan?” Hermione suddenly interrupted Ivan’s thoughts, pursed her lips, her face looked not pretty.

“Look at the excitement that’s all, this is the first time I have seen students from other wizard schools!” Ivan laughed, turning his head back, and replied freely.

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