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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 585


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“Is that so?” Hermione gave Ivan a suspicious look, but said nothing more, because other young wizards were also curious to look over there.

After talking to Dumbledore, Ms. Maxime left the carriage with the Beauxbatons students to rest in the castle.

The professors and students of Hogwarts continue to wait for the arrival of Durmstrang’s personnel.

It was getting darker and the cold wind became more bitter. Just when Ivan and others were impatient, a weird voice was faintly coming from afar.

It sounds like someone is hitting a leaky bass drum, accompanied by a slight sucking sound.

“Ah, it seems that Karkaroff is finally here!” Dumbledore shouted happily.

“Where is it?” Ron looked around, looking towards heaven, but there was nothing nearby.

Ivan was staring tightly at the Black Lake. The calm and calm surface of the lake suddenly seemed agitated at the moment, turning up huge splashes of water, and the waves hit the wet lake shore.

A big vortex appeared in the center of the Black Lake, something like a flagpole was slowly rising from the center of the vortex, followed by the high-flying sails, and the last huge sailboat directly rushed out of the water The water splashed around like a light rain.

Ivan stared up at it. The ship’s appearance looked very old, even a bit worn, like the remains of a shipwreck that had just been salvaged.

The foggy shimmer can be seen faintly on the porthole, flashing in the dark. If there are a few more skeleton pirates on the deck, it will be similar to the ghost ship in the muggle story.

Sailing all the way, the ship slowly stopped on the shore of the lake within a few minutes, and with a muffled sound, a solid wooden board extended from the boat and landed on the shore of the lake.

A group of wizards of tall and mighty walked down the board from the boat. They uniformly wore thick fur cloak and covered their bodies until they got closer before taking their hoods off.

Headed by a tall, thin old witch with short white hair, a thin chin with a goatee with a small scroll at the end, and a pair of eyes cold and sharp, but close to Dumbledore’s He showed great enthusiasm again.

“Meet again, my dear Old Partner! How are you doing recently? How are you?” The old wizard stretched out his hand with a laughed heartily, and the sound was round and sweet.

“I’m fine, thank you, Professor Karkaroff.” Dumbledore extended the hand and shook his hand.

Karkaroff held it for a few seconds before releasing it, turning his head towards the towering Hogwarts Castle and said with emotion. “Ah, Hogwarts! It’s really nice here…I regret not coming early!”

“Isn’t it too late now? You have to stay here for several months, so you can go shopping more…” Dumbledore said with a smile.

“Yes, this year’s Triwizard Tournament is going to take place for a few days.” Karkaroff nodded, and then suddenly thought of something, slapped his head, turned his head towards the students behind him.

“Oh, speaking of this, I almost forgot…Viktor, come here, warm up, don’t be cold…”

A 17-18 years old boy walked out of Durmstrang’s students. He looked very strong. The cloak on his body was painted with the emblem of the Bulgarian team.

“Don’t you mind, Dumbledore? Viktor has caught a cold recently…I can’t let him stay in such a cold outdoor for too long!” Karkaroff’s words were full of apologies, but there was a little pride on his face. Feelings.

Before Dumbledore’s response, the young wizards of Hogwarts began to commotion, and many people recognized the boy’s Legendary Seeker Krum, a world-class Quiddich star!

“Gosh, Harry, Ivan, Hermione! It’s Krum, he’s here at Hogwarts! Am I right?” Seeing the idol standing in front of him, Ron couldn’t be more excited, he shook hard next to Harry , The words are a bit incoherent.

“True didn’t expect Krum is still a student, his ball skills are so good!” Ron murmured.

“I know it’s Krum!” Harry helpless pushed Ron’s hand away. He admits that Krum’s skill is good, but it doesn’t have to be this way?

Ivan also looked at Ron in surprise, not quite understanding his behavior, but thinking of Lockhart in Second Year, he stopped talking and there were so many crazy people at that time.

Young wizards like Ron are not rare. Many young wizards are excited when they see Krum. Several senior girls complained about why they didn’t carry pen and paper with them. Go up and sign for a while.

Such comments were naturally listened to by Karkaroff, and the smile on his face suddenly became stronger.

Krum didn’t respond very much. He experienced too much on such occasions and was used to it.

“Very good, I read the report of that game, you played very well!” Dumbledore looked towards Krum, said with appreciation.

Cultivating a 17-18 years old world-class star is indeed something worth showing off, and he is not surprised that Karkaroff will specifically start in his own face.

“It’s a pity, I remember the Bulgarian team finally lost the whole game!” Dumbledore put on a regretful look.

“It’s just a tenth!” Karkaroff emphasized, complaining with dissatisfaction. “And this is not to blame Krum, he has done well enough! The Bulgarian team will definitely replace those unqualified players next time, when the time comes they will definitely win the championship!”

“That’s true, I’m here to congratulate Krum in advance!” Dumbledore was just laughed.

Karkaroff couldn’t help but raised his eyebrows, even Krum showed a smile. Dumbledore is known as Britain’s strongest white wizard, and he is naturally very happy to be praised by him.

However, before the two were happy, Dumbledore continued.

“Yes, I think there should be more communication between excellent students. Krum also needs some friends in Hogwarts, so please let me introduce you…”

“Wrahles!” Dumbledore turned his attention to Hogwarts’ team and found Ivan’s silhouette.

Ivan, who was watching the bustle, suddenly heard his name in a daze, but was stared at by Dumbledore. He responded quickly, Shi Shiran walked out of the queue, looked towards Karkaroff, and said politely.

“Hello, Karkaroff headmaster!”

Looking at Ivan who came over, Karkaroff’s eyes narrowed and his face became a little unsightly, but I still pulled a smile on Pats Ivan’s shoulder and spoke.

“Ah! I know you, Mr. Wrahles! I can hear your name in Durmstrang.”

The Krum next to him was also watching Ivan. The expression on his face had been put away, and he became very dignified.

He is well aware of the arduous task this time. He needs to overwhelm the two magic schools of Hogwarts and Beauxbatons on behalf of Durmstrang, win the Triwizard Tournament competition, and start Durmstrang’s reputation!

But Krum also read the Nordic Times report and knew that Ivan is the Order of Merlin recipient. The real value of this important identity is higher than that of his well-known Quiddich player!

Despite all the thoughts floating in his mind, Krum still looks like a handsome person. He took the initiative to step forward and said hello.

“Hello, Wrahles, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I saw a report about you in a column, and it said you got a Level 2 Order of Merlin, right?”

I heard that, Ivan’s complexion became a little difficult.

“Sorry, Krum, Karkaroff headmaster, I think your information may be wrong…” Ivan said hesitantly.

“Is it a report error?” Krum was stunned, and asked subconsciously, feeling relaxed.

Karkaroff’s expression also eased a lot, he laughed and said comfortingly. “Haha…it doesn’t matter, I understand the nature of those newspapers, they always exaggerate things habitually…”

“No, Karkaroff headmaster, I mean your news is out of date. I am now a recipient of the first-level Order of Merlin!” Ivan corrected.

Professor Karkaroff’s smiling face suddenly froze, and there was no response for a long time.

“Yes…Is it? That’s really amazing…” Krum also stammered for a long time, and the words were forcibly squeezed out of his mouth.

“Wait, Albus… I remember that the first-level Order of Merlin will only be awarded to wizards who have made significant contributions to the magic circle. How could they…how could they give a 14-year-old child?” Karkaroff was a little unbelievable , He suspects there is an inside story!

“Yes, because of Wrahles, the Merlin Knight team made a rare exception!” Dumbledore said emotionally, and continued after paused.

“Because he not only developed a wolfbane potion that can keep the werewolf awake, but also solved a major problem in the magic circle. At the end of the school year, he caught a Death Eater that had been hidden for many years, and corrected the Ministry of A major mistake by Magic!”

When talking about Death Eater, Dumbledore deliberately increased his tone.

Karkaroff’s face changed.

Ivan thoughts move, and then I remembered that Karkaroff was also a Death Eater, or that kind of traitor who betrayed Voldemort in the big trial more than ten years ago and gave out a large list of Death Eater personnel.

Thinking of this, Ivan secretly said that mumbled Dumbledore is not an ordinary bad, and is dedicated to digging into other people’s pain points.

On the surface, Ivan was polite, he sighed and said very modestly. “Actually, I just did some small work, which is really ashamed…”

Karkaroff’s corner of the mouth twitched, while Dumbledore watched him playfully, waiting for Karkaroff’s response.

Karkaroff opened his mouth, trying to say something, but in the end he closed it again, and it took a long time to say a word. “The wind is a bit strong today, let’s get in the house quickly!”

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