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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 586


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“Of course, it was my negligence!” Dumbledore laughed, and didn’t mean to embarrass Karkaroff, so he called the students around to line up and return to the castle.

Ivan realized that his tool was useless, so he returned to the Hogwarts queue and followed everyone to the auditorium.

Along the way, Ron was like a chicken blood, talking endlessly about Krum’s achievements, and looking towards Ivan with envy, and asked.

“Ivan, I just saw you talk to Krum, how do you feel?”

“Well, how do you say it? It’s kind of polite…” Ivan raised an eyebrow, replied perfunctorily.

In the previous confrontation, Krum was speechless by him but didn’t fly into a rage out of humiliation, indicating that the restraint is okay, at least without the bad things that he has been used to.

“Really? You think so too?” Ron was pleasantly surprised, as if he had found a common topic, he kept talking. “There are not many celebrities as approachable as Krum. If only I could chat with him, he might be willing to send me a signed photo…”

Hermione on the side really couldn’t stand it, so she couldn’t help but argued. “You are wrong, Ron! There are many celebrities who are approachable. There are two in front of you. You and them are still friends!”

Hermione is naturally talking about Ivan and Harry.

One of them is the youngest first-class Order of Merlin recipient, and the other is Savior from the magic circle of England. I don’t know where it is higher than the Quiddich star!

“That…that’s different!” Ron’s face flushed flushed, and he hesitated for a long time, but he couldn’t tell the difference, he had to deflect the words bluntly and boast. “I bet that all wizards in the world know Krum! He is so famous…”

Ivan was disinclined to pay attention to Ron at all. It is undoubtedly stupid to reason with a fanatical person, and he will not degenerate to compare with Krum.

But Ivan soon discovered that there are not a few young wizards as fanatical as Ron. For example, Lee Jordan, who has been a Quiddich interpreter for many years, jumped up and down in excitement when he saw Krum. Just got lost heart.

The few young witches next to them looked towards Krum and their eyes lighted up, wishing the whole person would stick to Krum’s body.

Such a scene made Ivan feel a little curious. In theory, he is a celebrity. Why has he never met his admirer in school?

Is it because the distance is too close, there is no way to reinforce the deification? Still lack that sense of mystery…

Of course, Ivan thinks this is also a good thing, without the unnecessary troubles.

Just as he was thinking about it, a system hint sounded in his mind.

【Ding, a new mission has been generated! 】

Hearing this familiar voice, a bad feeling arose in Ivan’s heart.

He hurriedly opened the task bar and saw that there was one more unfinished task on it.

[Task: Fanatic Entourage

Mission goal: Have more than one hundred followers in Hogwarts

Task progress: 4100

Task reward: legendary value*2

Task description: After initially controlling Knockturn Alley, you turn your eyes to this thousand-year-old castle. The boring study life cannot satisfy your growing ambition. You urgently need to gather enough believers in this castle to declare your evil ideas!


Note: You clearly realize that controlling one hundred young wizards is equivalent to controlling one hundred wizard families! 】

Ivan took a few glances and tried to calm his emotions. After understanding the general content of the task, I closed the system panel.

He wanted to pretend that he had never seen this task before, but after all, he still wanted to complain about it.

Am I that evil?

Ivan thought about the system tasks he had triggered over the years, and couldn’t help but fell into deep thought. Finally, I felt that there must be something wrong with the system, so that he misunderstood his own characteristics.

In addition, the four followers displayed on the task progress also made Ivan somewhat curious. He had never noticed the existence of these clusters before.

Who would it be?

Ivan turned his head and saw Ron next to him, so he was excluded first, because Ron could only be a fan of Krum.

Following, Ivan looked towards Harry and Hermione again. After thinking about it, I realized that they were also unlikely. After all, the two were friends with himself, which did not fit the description of the enthusiastic crowd.

is it possible that is the photo boy Colin and the bard Seamus? How about two more people?

While thinking in his mind, Ivan stepped into the auditorium, found a place at the long Gryffindor table, and sat down.

Ron was sitting on the side moved towards the door, and he deliberately left a space beside him.

Because Krum and his Durmstrang alumni gathered at the door, they seemed to be hesitating where it would be better to sit. They also glanced over here. To be precise, I looked at Ivan and Hermione, but Ron was stubborn. Krum is looking at himself.

However, it turns out that Ron was just whimsical, and Krum finally went to Slytherin’s seat after discussing it with others.

Malfoy and his two attendants looked very happy and welcomed Krum’s arrival. Krum did not refuse their kindness, so they sat beside them and talked with a few people.

Ron was furious when he saw this scene. He felt that Malfoy must have fooled Krum to make him change his attention.

“I dare say, it won’t be long before Krum will be able to see what Malfoy is, and now he must be talking about him!” Ron tart and mean said, then turned his head and looked towards Harry, and He discussed where these new students will live.

“If there are not enough beds, we can add a bed to Krum in our dormitory, Harry…I can even let him sleep in my bed, or sleep together! I mean…if Krum doesn’t mind …”

Ron said very excitedly, but didn’t notice that side Harry was quietly shifting his position, leaning against Ivan—Harry had some doubts whether something was wrong with Ron’s sexual orientation.

In this noisy atmosphere, all the young wizards sat down at the long tables in their houses.

The Beauxbatons students also made an early decision and chose to stay with the young wizards of Ravenclaw.

When they saw Dumbledore with Karkaroff and Maxime passing by, they all stood up and saluted, until Maxime sat down in the main guest seat before they sat down again.

When everyone was seated, Dumbledore strode to the front of the stage, where he stood, looking around.

Under the cover of unspeakable pressure, the noisy auditorium quickly quieted down.

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