Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 587


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A crowd of young wizards stared at Dumbledore on the stage, and Ivan was no exception.

Especially, he knew that Dumbledore was involved in Horcrux’s plot, and now it is highly probable that the potion was hanging, so he expressed concern about the old professor’s physical condition.

But I don’t know if it was an illusion, Ivan found that Dumbledore’s breath was not weakened at all, it was even stronger than before…The magic power emitted by accident was enough to shock everyone in the auditorium.

Is it back to light? Ivan thought silently in his head.

On the stage, Dumbledore’s eyes swept across the auditorium, and then said with a smile. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, ghosts… and of course-our guests! I welcome you to Hogwarts with great joy…”

With Dumbledore’s opening, the pressure spreading in the auditorium disappeared without a trace, and Ivan and the others sighed in relief.

The faces of the students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were not very good-looking, and they agreed that this was Dumbledore deliberately giving them a predicament.

A girl from Beauxbatons sneered even more.

Dumbledore continued to give his congratulatory speech just as if he hadn’t heard it. After several minutes, he entered the topic.

“The champion selection of the Triwizard Tournament will officially begin at the end of the banquet. As for now… I think what you need more is to cook and eat!” Dumbledore said, waving the wand in midair. Be lighter.

The blazing flames in the fireplace rose up, and the billowing heat dissipated the severe cold at night. The students who had waited for several hours in the cold wind before felt shocked.

Then appear out of thin air on the long table of the four big houses, each and everyone disc, which is filled with a variety of rich dishes.

Different from the past, Ivan was surprised to find that there were a lot of unseen delicacies on the table, probably French and Nordic dishes, probably to satisfy the students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.

Ivan tried to eat too, and it feels pretty good. House elf’s cooking skills are nothing to say.

The warm indoor environment and the delicious food on the table successfully made those foreign students who have just arrived to put down their tension and guard.

The students of Durmstrang took off the fur cloak outside, revealing their sturdy physique and the scarlet school gown.

The Beauxbatons girls also unwrapped the scarf that covered their hair hood or part of their face, and began to enjoy dinner.

However, this caused some minor disturbances, because after one of the girls took off her scarf, the students of Ravenclaw next to her were dumbfounded, and many boys stared at her fascinatingly.

Some people were even so fascinated that they accidentally knocked down a goblet full of drinks, and the drinks were spilled directly on several students nearby, and there were several screams in the seats of Ravenclaw.

The Beauxbatons girl smiled when she saw the scene of “unable to bear” covering her mouth. Under everyone’s gaze, expression freely chatted with several girls and seemed to enjoy this focal point of ten thousands. a feeling of.

The sudden scream also caused more people to look away, and Ivan naturally did the same.

Although I have never seen myself before, but after a glance over there, Ivan found the half-veela Young Lady in the crowd-Fleur · Delacour!

Ivan looked at each other curiously, Fleur can only be regarded as a good-looking girl in terms of looks, but the magic is that she has a special temperament, like a magnet, which makes people Can’t remove eyes.

Ron on the side was even more staring, staring at Fleur in a daze. He didn’t even hear Harry calling his name.

I don’t know what we’re talking about, Fleur, who is at the long table in Ravenclaw, suddenly looked over here, and his eyes stayed on Ivan’s body for a while. Those blue eyes were very bright.

When Ivan was looking at him at the moment, Fleur couldn’t help laughing, revealing a mouthful of neat white teeth.

“Gosh, she’s looking at me!” Ron’s excited voice was a little out of tune. When Fleur’s gaze was swept across, his body trembled constantly.

Oh, this is a heartbeat feeling!

In just a few seconds, Ron’s mind was full of thoughts, especially when he saw Fleur smiling at him, Ron even thought of the child’s name in the future.

However, Fleur’s gaze did not stay on them for too long, and soon turned around and looked towards Hufflepuff’s head table.

Ivan noticed that she was looking at Cedric.

Ron also noticed this, his face flushed red, and his heart was very uncomfortable, as if his beloved Goddess suddenly moved to fall in love.

“Is she that good-looking?” A voice suddenly rang in their ears.

Ivan turned around and saw Hermione staring at her with her mouth pursed. She used a knife and fork to poke several holes in the steak in front of her…

“Oh…you mean the Beauxbatons girl? Um…just so so!” Ivan coughed slightly, and said with a calm expression.

Hermione’s face Much better looked at it a bit, but before she could speak, the average Ron was cry out in surprise that was unable to bear.

“No way, Ivan? You actually think she looks average? I’ve never seen such a…so beautiful girl! There is no such girl in Hogwarts…”

Ivan rolled the eyes and didn’t agree with Ron’s words.

However, Veela’s temperament bonus is really powerful, and he was slightly affected just now.

Ivan looked around and found that most of the little wizards in the auditorium were affected. He stared at Fleur, only a few dozen wizards were not affected too much.

For example, after looking at Fleur, Cedric of Hufflepuff just raised the goblet and gestured at the other party.

For another example, Harry, although he is also staring at Ravenclaw’s long table, he is obviously looking at Qiu Zhang…

“She smiled at me just now!” Ron was still immersed in Fleur’s charm each minding their own business, recalling that smile, he thought he could remember it for a lifetime.

“Don’t be silly, Ron, she’s not looking at you!” Hermione interrupted Ron’s fantasies directly. She looked back at Fleur and saw that the other party looked away from Cedric as she expected. Looking at the students of Durmstrang, they added.

“She just wants to know who her opponent will be!”

Ivan also ordered nodded. As a candidate for Beauxbatons, it is normal for Fleur to ask Ravenclaw students for information.

The most famous young wizard in Hogwarts is himself. This is probably why the other person looks at him, but due to age issues, Fleur probably thinks he is unlikely to choose, so he will watch Cedric.

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