Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 588


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Hermione’s remarks did not break Ron’s beautiful illusions. He still stubbornly believed that Fleur might have some kind of affection for him.

In the middle of the banquet, the door of the auditorium was opened again, and two wizards in suits walked in from outside.

They walked all the way to the high platform, shook hands with Dumbledore, and then sat on the teacher’s bench, not at all attracting too many people’s attention.

Except Ivan, obviously, who kept staring at them when they came in.

“Mr. Bagman and Mr. Crouch, what are they doing here?” Harry also glanced over there strangely.

“Which of them is Crouch?” Ivan asked.

He remembered that in the original time and space, Stinchcombe · Crouch was controlled by Imperius Curse, who was personally released by Voldemort. With all wireless cables nowadays, Crouch might be a good breakthrough!

“The tall and thin person with gray hair is Crouch, and the other is Ludo · Bagman!”

It was not Harry who explained to Ivan, but Ron. He finally looked away from Fleur, probably because Fleur hadn’t responded to his affectionate gaze for so long.

Ivan clicked nodded and looked at the faculty seat again. At this time, Crouch was sitting next to Dumbledore and chatting with the old professor very happily, almost nothing strange on the surface.

But Ivan knows that Imperius Curse can control a wizard almost perfectly, so that his words and deeds are the same as usual.

And this magic has only two flaws!

First, the brilliant Legilimens Master will be aware of the abnormality. As long as you search the other’s memory, you can find something wrong.

The second is that a wizard with strong willpower may break free of the spells on its own. For example, the two Stinchcombe-Crouch father and son in the original time and space have successfully achieved this!

The reason why I can understand it so comprehensively is because Ivan studied Imperius Curse for a period of time in order to control Nott when he was in Knockturn Alley.

The first flaw cannot be solved at all in Ivan’s opinion. Fortunately, the number of Legilimens wizards is scarce, as long as Nott stays at home to reduce going out.

It’s easy to get rid of it by yourself. In order to prevent Nott from getting out of trouble, Ivan specially arranged two werewolf wizards to stare at him at all times and regularly reinforce the Imperius Curse in Nott’s facility.

Thinking about this, Ivan quickly got into trouble again. Although he suspected that Crouch was an undercover undercover placed under Voldemort’s control, there was not enough evidence to prove him.

Know that Crouch is the head of the International Magic Exchange and Cooperation Department, with a high position and a reputation for being upright. Dumbledore has a high level of trust in him.

And with my own butterfly, the real Moody has appeared in the school. Whether Crouch is controlled by Voldemort like the original time and space is unknown… It’s no joke if you get it wrong!

The power of Imperius Curse is that Voldemort can control anyone in this school!

The only solution is for Dumbledore to use Legilimens in the auditorium to read everyone’s memory, to distinguish which are normal people and which are controlled undercover agents.

Just according to the character of the old professor, not as a last resort, obviously it is impossible to do so…

Ivan wants to distinguish by himself, but his Legilimens is far from reaching this level!

He estimated that at least Legilimens had to be upgraded to level 6 to rely on the top secret to probe the minds of most people.

Just as Ivan was thinking about it, Dumbledore, who had had a few conversations with Crouch, stood up and walked to the stage again.

“Everyone, I think you have eaten and drank enough, right?” Dumbledore’s loud voice echoed continuously in the auditorium.

The young wizards present put down their knives and forks one after another. Although some foodies wanted to continue enjoying the food, they looked forward to what Dumbledore said next.

“It looks like it’s time!” Dumbledore saw everyone’s expressions in his eyes. He waved wand again, and the messy long table returned to its original neat appearance.

Dumbledore continued. “Next I will talk about the arrangement of the Triwizard Tournament!”

Listening to the old professor mentioning the Triwizard Tournament, everyone was sitting in a hurry, and a feeling of excitement and tension gradually spread in the auditorium.

Dumbledore turned his voice, pointed to Crouch by his right hand, and said something introduced. “Please allow me to introduce two new guests to you first. There may be people who do not know them. This is Mr. Stinchcombe ·Crouch, Director of the Ministry of Magic International Cooperation Department!”

Crouch motioned to the crowd nodded, and there was sparse applause in the auditorium.

Dumbledore then introduced Ludo Bagman on the left to everyone, and thanked the two for their tireless efforts to reopen the Triwizard Tournament over the past few months.

“They will form a five-member referee group with me, Professor Karkaroff and Ms. Maxime to judge the performance of the champions.”

Dumbledore spoke, pats his hands again, and asked Filch to take the box up.

“What box?” Harry lowered his voice and curiously asked.

Ivan knows the inside story, but still looks towards Filch.

Perhaps in order to participate in this important occasion, Filch, who is usually unfrilled, also tidied up, at least put on a new robe, holding a large wooden box inlaid with jewels in both hands, with a solemn expression like It is like holding some noble sacred relic.

The young wizard craned his neck curiously, wanting to see clearly.

Dumbledore continued. “Each item in this year’s Triwizard Tournament has been carefully reviewed by us. It is divided into three items. We will examine the champion’s ability from various aspects, such as their magical talents, whether they have the courage and meticulous reasoning ability… …”

“After each event, referees will give corresponding scores based on their performance. The points obtained from the three competitions are added together, and the champion with the highest score will win the Triwizard Cup! As for the champions selection The process of…”

While Dumbledore was speaking, Filch had already reached the high platform and cautiously placed the box on the table in front of him.

Dumbledore pulled out the wand and knocked it three times on the lid of the box. The box opened slowly, and a wooden goblet that had been cut very rough appeared in front of everyone.

Dumbledore pointed at it with wand, looked towards everyone present, and spoke word by word. “The selection process of the champions will be carried out by the most impartial selection, it is…Goblet of Fire!”

Along with Dumbledore’s words, a lot of blue and white flames gushed out from the mouth of the cup…

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