Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 589


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The flames suddenly rising from the mouth of the cup shocked the young wizards in the front row.

Dumbledore continued to speak, and continued to speak. “Participants who want to run for champion, please write your name and school name on a piece of parchment after the banquet, and throw them into the Goblet of Fire.

I will give you twenty-four hours to think about it and decide whether to run for the election. At this time tomorrow, Goblet of Fire will select three candidates from all the candidates that it thinks are the best The champion representing the three major schools! “

“As for tonight, I will leave this cup in the foyer so that you can touch it…”

Dumbledore talked freely, talking about various precautions for selecting champions, and then specifically mentioned that this year’s champion candidates have age restrictions and students under 17 years old are not allowed to participate.

After speaking, Dumbledore looked towards the audience again and asked. “That’s probably all I have to say, any of you have any questions? If not, then the banquet tonight is over…”

Just then, a voice rang.

“Professor, how exactly did Goblet of Fire select champions, and what are the specific criteria? How to ensure that it selects the best students?”

Dumbledore turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound, and found that the questioner was Ivan.

However, other young wizards are also very interested in this question. Although no one asks it boldly like Ivan, each and everyone stares at Dumbledore, waiting for his answer.

“This is a very complicated process, involving many aspects.” Dumbledore explained in a vague tone, “What I can tell you is that in the past, the places in Triwizard Tournament were also determined by Goblet of Fire. , The facts have proved that the champion selected every time is enough to convince the crowd, I think…this should prove its reliability!”

However, this did not convince Ivan, and he continued to ask. “If it is as you said, Goblet of Fire will automatically select the best students, then why do you limit the age of the participants?”

“If a lower grade student is selected, doesn’t it prove that this student is better than those higher grade students and is more suitable to become a champion?”

Ivan has always been very surprised about this. Wizards over 17 years old are basically graduates. Their strength is powerful, but who can guarantee that those five Sixth Year young wizards will have any genius.

For example, Snape created the powerful spell of Sectumsempra during Fifth Year, and Tom-Riddle of the same age has a use spell level comparable to the elite Auror.

From the perspective of protecting the contestants, the so-called age limit is totally unnecessary…

Ivan’s question is like throwing a boulder on a calm lake. For a while, the auditorium becomes lively. Many young wizards who are dissatisfied with this rule are talking in private, and their voices are getting louder and louder. .

George and Fred De are even loudly clamoring that they are no worse than senior graduates, demanding that the age limit be removed for a fair and just selection!

“Quiet!” Dumbledore raised his hand and blessed himself with the Sonorus spell, and the next moment, a thunderbolt-like sound, covered the noise of everyone.

Wait until the auditorium slowly recovered calm, Dumbledore explained.

“Regarding the age limit, I can answer you right now. That’s because Ministry of Magic and our referee members agree that adult wizards over 17 years old will be more capable of completing the three high-intensity Challenge!

Especially they are sober enough to be responsible for every decision they make! “

While speaking, Dumbledore deliberately emphasized the words “adult” and “responsible”.

Ivan suddenly understood that both the Ministry of Magic and the school wanted to shirk responsibility as much as possible.

After all, 17 years old in the magic circle means that the wizard has grown up and has the right to make decisions on his own. In addition, he is voluntarily participating in the competition. Even if he died accidentally on the field, he said that the past will not cause too much trouble. Bad influence.

It’s different if you switch to a minor wizard. If something goes wrong, the officials who prompted the reopening of the Triwizard Tournament are likely to be held accountable.

The angry people don’t care whether the other party is willing or not. In their opinion, the minor wizard has no ability to measure danger.

Although I understand this, Ivan still brace oneself to ask the last question in order to successfully participate in the competition to obtain legendary points: “Professor Dumbledore, if a wizard who is not enough age puts his name into the cup, will Goblet of Fire recognize it? “

Dumbledore’s complexion became very serious: “This is what I just want to remind you, Triwizard Tournament is not a trifle, don’t take part in it rashly.”

“Once the name you put into Goblet of Fire is selected and becomes the champion representing this school, then Goblet of Fire and you will form a contract that must be abided by, and all champions must adhere to After finishing the game, there is no option to regret!”

Dumbledore did not answer Ivan’s question head-on, but the young wizards in the audience understood it, meaning that Goblet of Fire does not tell whether the contestant is an adult or not, as long as the junior students just put their name in it. The possibility of entry!

“This is awesome!” George and Fred were hugging together excitedly, as if they saw the 1,000 Galleon bonus beckoning to them.

Other young wizards who are aspiring to participate but suffer from insufficient age also cheered together, as if they had been successfully elected to champion.

The Karkaroff and Maxime on the VIP seats are frowned, which is different from what we said before!

They couldn’t help wondering if Dumbledore had changed his mind temporarily so that the genius wizard from Hogwarts could play.

Just as the two were about to refute, Dumbledore suddenly raised his left hand and waved wand, a string of golden flames burned all around the table.

Everyone didn’t understand what Dumbledore was doing. When the flames dissipated, they found an extra circle of thin gold lines on the ground with a radius of about ten feet, enclosing the Goblet of Fire.

Dumbledore pointed to the line in everyone’s surprised eyes, and stayed for a long time on George, Fred and the others, before finally looking towards Ivan, and said emphatically.

“In order to prevent underage students from not being able to withstand the temptation, I arranged an age line around Goblet of Fire. Anyone under the age of seventeen is impossible to cross it!

So I implore some of you to give up all the thoughts in your mind, there is no need to waste your efforts! “

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